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Keep your eyes close and nothing bad will happen to you.
— One of 8-Bit Baby's quotes

8-Bit Baby is an arcade-themed character that appears in Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery. She is an 8-bit version of Circus Baby, with some minor changes. 8-Bit Baby is the fourth and last arcade animatronic in the Arcade Mayhem Event released on May 28, 2020.


Out of all arcade animatronics before her, 8-Bit Baby's appearance is completely blocky to like a pixelated sprite as a 3D model. Her design is notably based on her original counterpart's Death Minigame appearance from Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location, but her eyes changed from blue to green. In haywire mode, she flashes multiple colors, but is primarily black. Her skin turns shades of periwinkle, eyes glowing yellow, a pitch-black color for her hair, dress, and shoes, a toothy grin, and glitching with countless pixelated numbers and symbols.


8-Bit Baby's jumpscare.

8-Bit Baby is much more aggressive than her normal counterpart, with behavior much like Baby. When encountered, the player has only a split second to look away when she glitches, and using the flashlight is almost invalid to find her. Watch her movements, and once she decloaks, enable the Shocker to shock her. She also has an unique death animation upon being defeated, as she will explode before disappearing.

It is also possible to obtain a 8-Bit Baby plush suit which can be placed on an endoskeleton and said endoskeleton can then be sent to salvage for parts or attack other players.


  • 8-Bit Baby is the second animatronic to debut in FNaF AR that is not a different character's skin.
    • The first one is Freddy Frostbear.
    • However, one can say that she technically debuted in Sister Location, even though she was not a standalone character in the game.
  • 8-Bit Baby is the first instance of an animatronic's minigame rendition being made into a full 3D-model and character.
  • 8-Bit Baby is the only animatronic to have her own music, which is "Turtle Crusher" from Sister Location, composed by Leon Riskin.
  • Baby's eye color are purposely changed to green to show that this Baby is possessed by Elizabeth Afton (daughter of William).
    • Baby's eye color is used to indicate whether she was possessed or not, as in Sister Location, Baby's normal eyes are green, while in the minigame, Baby's eyes were blue before she killed Elizabeth.
  • The numbers that appear when 8-Bit Baby haywires is a reference to the 1578 easter egg from FNaF: SL where slowed down versions of those numbers said by Circus Baby can play throughout the game at random.
  • Strangely in the game code, 8-Bit Baby is considered a skin, even though she is a standalone character based on the gameplay.
  • 8-Bit Baby does not disintegrate like in Sister Location. Instead, she gains an annoyed face and explodes once defeating her.
    • The explosion is very reminiscent of the way Mega Man dies in the original Mega Man games.
  • 8-Bit Baby is one of three non-skin animatronics who never appears damaged.
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