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Animdude, or Animdude: The Revenge is a reoccurring character in FNaF spinoff games. He appears as a secret boss in Freddy In Space 2 and as a spawnable ally in Security Breach Fury's Rage.


Animdude: The Revenge highly resembles the original Scott Cawthon boss from FNaF World, having the same cyan color. Within Freddy in Space 2, he does appear in a more complex form, in which has more building blocks in his body. In Fury's Rage however, he is seen to be more rounded and buff.

In Fury's Rage, he gains a more humanoid appearance, no longer being made out of blocks. However, his body is still segmented, and his head is still a cube. There are also the "Mini Scotts" which appear much smaller, with a large head and short limbs.


Freddy in Space 2

Animdude in this game is known as "Animdude: The Revenge" in reference to FNaF World. He acts as a secret boss, which can be found in Cosmic Freeway. He is an upgraded version of the original Scott Cawthon boss from FNaF World. He rewards the player with the Airplane Trophy.

Security Breach: Fury's Rage

In Fury's Rage, Scott is seen at the beginning of the game dreaming about making it in fear of the fanbase attacking him after Security Breach's second delay. He decides to insert himself into the game as a way of them seeing him as an ally rather than an enemy.


Freddy in Space 2


Animdude: The Revenge sends his body parts and other falling blocks across the screen, the player must use the middle platform to their advantage, if they aren't using Foxy for his high jump, and even then the blocks may be tricky to avoid. The player must destroy every block that makes Animdude: The Revenge's body to defeat him.

CONTACT Deals damage on full contact.

Fury's Rage


Scott when spawned walks from left to right, dealing large damage by smashing enemies into the ground. He can be spawned after picking up Mini Scotts. Scott is also a part of the process in getting all three stars, as to get the third star on the game screen, the player must play the entirety of Hardmode without using a single Scott in the entire run.



  • The way he attacks in Freddy in Space 2 may be a reference to the Yellow Devil from the Mega Man series.
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