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It's oh so quiet...
— One of the emails sent by Ballora.

Ballora is an antagonist of Five Nights at Freddy's Sister Location and a returning character in Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery. She is also joined by the Minireenas.



Ballora is a humanoid ballerina animatronic with a curved, hourglass figure and pale skin. She has over-exaggerated eyelashes, and blue hair tied up in a bun with a pearl-like embellishment on top. She has 2 sets of teeth; four human-like teeth and 26 very sharp endoskeleton teeth. She also has pink, shiny blushed cheeks like the Toy Animatronics. She wears a blue leotard, purple-pink tutu which has a white hem (that appears to twirl in the trailer) with golden pom-poms hanging off in the creases, and dark blue ballet slippers. She normally holds her arms in a 5th ballet position. Her eyes are always closed, except for during her jumpscare in Ballora Gallery, in which her eyes are revealed to be very small (presumably human-sized) and magenta. She is always seen standing on her toes.

Like the other animatronics in Sister Location, Ballora's endoskeleton consists of a combination of both robotic parts and thick, metal and tube-like wires that are arranged to resemble what almost looks like a layer of muscle tissue.

Ballora is 6.2 feet tall and weighs 347 lbs (188 cm and 157 kg).



Minireenas are minature mannequin-esque animatronic ballerinas with simplistic designs. They have small heads and very slender limbs. The masks on their heads are pure white and are somewhat reminiscent of the Puppet's. Their bodies are a beige color, and they wear white tutus.


Before Sister Location

Ballora is one of the animatronics made by Afton Robotics, and is an animatronic performer available for rental.

According to the blueprints in Sister Location, the Funtime Animatronics including Ballora are made by William Afton as a purpose to kidnap/kill children.

From Sister Location to Pizzeria Simulator

To escape the facility, Circus Baby decided to trick the protagonist of Sister Location, Michael Afton, the son of William. She led him into the scooping room, and "scooped" out all of his organs from his body. Combining with other Funtime Animatronics including Ballora and formed Ennard, they wore his skin and escaped to the surface, until the skin rotted away, making it unusable.

After Pizzeria Simulator

In Special Delivery, a rebuild of Ballora was made as part of the Fazbear Funtime Service, an animatronic rental service provided by Fazbear Entertainment.


FNaF AR: Special Delivery

Ballora's jumpscare.

Ballora was added to Special Delivery on August 27th, 2020 during the Dark Circus Event. On May 18th, Ballora was added into character rotation and could be encountered normally as long as the player was at least level 50. Despite this, Ballora is still not purchasable in the shop.

Ballora is one of the most unique characters in the game, and features no shock button but instead a Noise Meter. Throughout her encounter, she will play Crumbling Dreams, a music box track she is commonly associated with.

She is angered by noise and movement and will attack the player if they move too often or make too much noise. At some points, the Minireenas will begin to climb up the player's screen and block their view. The player can get rid of them by shaking the screen.

To defeat Ballora, the player must wait until she eventually charges towards the player after they've picked up 3 Minireenas. All the player must do is simply look at Ballora when she uncloaks, and she will be defeated, shocking herself. The player should avoid looking at static while Ballora's music is playing, as it produces noise that will aggravate her, leading to the player's demise.


Description Audio
The sound of Ballora moving in the workshop.
The sound of Arctic Ballora moving in the workshop.
Ballora's jumpscare noise.
Alert.png(Warning: Loud)
Arctic Ballora's jumpscare noise.
Alert.png (Warning: Loud)
Ballora's iconic music, Crumbling Dreams.
Arctic Ballora's music box, a remix of Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy.
Ballora's unused haywire sound.
Arctic Ballora's unused haywire sound.


Ballora currently has a total of 2 skins in FNaF AR: Special Delivery.

Ballora arctic ByScrappyboi.png

Arctic Ballora is Ballora's very first skin and the second member of the Winter Wonderland Event. She was released on December 10th, 2020 along with the announcement of a Community Quest within the game.


Arctic Ballora is similar to Ballora, however, she is now made completely out of ice with a few icicles sticking out of her arms & legs. She now has pink make-up & jewelry on her face & stomach, as well as her top now being changed to pink and made in a slightly different shape. Her cheeks are outlined by glowing blue circles, with small blue dashes shooting away from them. Finally, her tutu is made entirely out of icicles, and is accompanied by an icicle ruff & icicle crown.


Clockwork Ballora is Ballora's second skin, and the first skin of the Screampunk Event.


Clockwork Ballora looks nearly identical to that of Ballora, except she is made entirely out of golden gears and plates. Her crown and her shoulder pads have become large gears, and her lower legs, sections of her arm, and her pelvis are all colored a rust color. Her tutu is made up of a large rotating gear mechanism, and her top is made up of a rust-colored bottom piece and a black-colored top piece with a rose pattern on it. Finally, the gold plates that make up her face, arms, and legs are welded into a victorian style set of patterns with some red-colored indents.


Clockwork Minireena

Unlike Arctic Ballora, Clockwork Ballora's Minireena gain a skin and become Clockwork Minireena. They're similar to Clockwork Ballora in appearance, with gear tutus and a gold body. Their faces hold red blood-like stains, and their eyes glow a bright green. Finally, their arm and leg joints have gears that hold their upper arm and forearm together.


FNaF VR: Help Wanted

  • Although Ballora does not have an appearance in Five Nights at Freddy's Help Wanted, Minireena appears as an Easter Egg in Plushtrap's Dark Rooms level.

FNaF AR: Special Delivery

  • Ballora was one of many characters in Special Delivery who was leaked from old text files.
  • Ballora is one of two characters within AR who does not haywire.
    • The other is Plushtrap.
    • While she does have a haywire animation, it is there for when she is equipped with a different CPU.
  • Ballora shares a similarity with Mangle's mechanic in the sense that the player cannot shock her.
  • Ballora's jumpscare is a reference to her jumpscare in the main mode of Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location.
  • Ballora is the first and only character to include a separate character within her encounters.
    • Said separate character is Minireena.
  • Ballora does not feature a speaking role within Special Delivery despite having a voice.
    • This may have been done intentionally to tie in with her mechanic, which is based around being silent.
    • This also makes her the first new character added to not feature a voice if Freddy Frostbear is not counted.
  • When another animatronic is equipped with Ballora's CPU, they will share the same mechanic as her as normal, however the Minireenas that need to be picked up are replaced by the parts that normally appear for Mangle.
    • This may have been done to fit with other animatronics.
    • Despite this change, the Minireenas still climb up the player's screen as normal.
    • Similarly, if Ballora is equipped with Mangle's CPU, the parts will be replaced by her Minireenas.
  • The Minireenas are the only characters in the game who do not appear outside of encounters.
    • Because of this, she also never appears as damaged.
  • This is the first time Ballora is shown to actually crawl like a spider.
    • Before this, Scott had mentioned on a Steam post that Ballora does walk like a spider after leaving her track[1].
  • Since Ballora never haywires in her mechanic, her haywire soundeffect goes completely unused.
    • While she can haywire with other CPUs, the CPU ends up determining the sound effects for the haywire.
    • Plushtrap's haywire sound also goes unused for the same reasons.
  • Ballora's first skin was accidentally leaked a day early via Illumix putting up her in-game teaser before she was meant to be seen.
  • Arctic Ballora actually attained her own melody, which is a remix of the popular "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" from the Nutcracker.
  • The Minireenas oddly did not gain a skin to go along with Arctic Ballora.
    • This was most likely done for mechanical reasons.


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