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When I first found you, you were nothing. You were small, pathetic. But now, you are more. Are you ready?
— Burntrap's scrapped line from the trailer

Burntrap is the final boss of the 'Afton Ending' in Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach, and the last remains of William Afton's physical body after the events of Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator.


Just like Springtrap and Scraptrap from previous FNAF games, Burntrap is a withered Spring Bonnie animatronic infused with the corpse of William Afton. However, unlike the previous two, very little of the suit remains on his body, only having the head, ears, torso, pelvis, left thigh, and left foot. His endoskeleton appears to be a mixture of the springlock, glamrock and nightmare endoskeletons, as well as being infused with tendrils of burnt flesh, and his right hand having two skeletal fingers rather than robotic ones. Finally, the bottom half of Burntrap's mask is gone, revealing his decaying jaw.


During the fight against him, Burntrap walks between three different rooms on the other side of the underground pizzeria. Gregory has to watch for which room Burntrap is currently in and press each room's corresponding button when he attempts to take control of Glamrock Freddy. Doing so causes the room to erupt into flames and damage him, stopping the corruption attempt. Failure to do so in time will have Glamrock Freddy's eyes turn purple, making him become hostile towards Gregory.

He is the only antagonist in the game to not feature a jumpscare of any kind, as he never attacks Gregory himself. Instead, Burntrap sends the broken Glamrock Chica, Roxanne Wolf, and Montgomery Gator after him. The Blob also joins in trying to attack Gregory after Burntrap is damaged a few times, though he doesn't seem to be in control of it.


After destroying each of the Glamrock animatronics that had been hunting him throughout the night and upgrading Glamrock Freddy with their parts, Gregory and Freddy gain access to a mysterious tunnel underneath the Roxy Raceway. Multiple reports from employees mentioned something underneath Freddy Fazbear's Mega Pizzaplex draining large amounts of power. Though some employees were sent down there to investigate, none seem to have ever made it back. In response, Fazbear Entertainment simply closed off the area for the time being to be dealt with some other time.

Using all three animatronic parts to go down into the depths beneath the Pizzaplex, Gregory and Freddy discover a buried pizzeria called "Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Place" heavily damaged by time and fire. As they descend further into an excavation shaft in the middle of the pizzeria, Glamrock Freddy notes that he remembers being here before: Vanny had brought him and the others down there to dig for something, but he had no choice in doing so. He can feel the others are also there, but says that they are angry and confused, before vowing to protect Gregory. They find a massive amalgamation of animatronics sleeping at the bottom of the hole, then fall through some boards in the floor into an office space below.

It is at this point that a cutscene shows Burntrap awakening and emerging from a purple Recharge Station on the other side of the building, before placing his hand on a monitor viewing Freddy and beginning to take control of him. Upon being defeated, the fire damages the pizzeria to the point that the entire cave system starts to collapse. Burntrap attempts to flee, but is grabbed by the Blob and dragged towards the ceiling, leaving his fate uncertain.


Description Audio
Burntrap's various laughs and chuckles heard throughout his bossfight.

Unused Content

Burntrap holds a lot of unused content within the files, including a death animation and data for a chase sequence. As well as this, the two lines from the second trailer were originally meant to belong to him, both being voiced by Matthew Curtis. While Matthew Curtis does still voice Burntrap in the form of his various chuckles, neither of his voice lines ever get used, leading Burntrap to remain mostly silent throughout the whole encounter. It is unknown as to why these were all left unused.


  • Burntrap is the only antagonist in Security Breach to not have a jumpscare of any kind.
  • It is unknown how Glitchtrap was able to leave his body for the events of VR, or how he re-enters it for the events of Security Breach.
  • Despite a line of dialog in a trailer clearly coming from some form of William Afton, Burntrap never speaks throughout his entire encounter.
  • Upon close inspection, it can be seen that the unused model for Spring Bonnie that was originally intended for Help Wanted was partially reused and edited for Burntrap's mask.
    • It's likely the rest of his suit comes from the model as well, though it's hard to tell due to the reference image of Spring Bonnie only showing his head.
  • Burntrap's name, while never mentioned in-game, was confirmed via his files, as well as Steel Wool's blog post for the February patch.[1]


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