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But keep an eye on your pizza, CUZ' I'M A BIRD WHO LIKES TO EAT, NOM NOM NOM NOM!
— Chica, singing in the scrapped Showtime performance.

Chica the Chicken, otherwise simply known as Chica, is a major antagonist in Five Nights at Freddy's , who reappears in Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted as well as Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery.


Chica is a female chicken animatronic. Her yellow/orange coloring indicates she is meant to be a young chick. Her head is somewhat round and egg-shaped and bears a rounded beak, which resembles more of a bill with ten rectangular teeth lining her bottom jaw. In the back of her mouth is a visible endoskeleton mouth. Chica has four feathers popping out of the top of her head, giving an illusion of hair. She has thick, black eyebrows, bright magenta irises, black pupils and metallic eyelids.

She wears a large bib that covers most of her chest with the words "Let's Eat!!!" written in a bubbly, yellow font with a purple outline, also containing pink, blue, and yellow confetti-like triangles covering the rest of her bib. Just below her knees, she has bright orange calves and feet ending in two toes with white tips indicating nails. The orange part of her legs and beak appear to be made of a shiny plastic, as opposed to the fabric of the rest of her body.


In her left hand, Chica hold a plate on which a cupcake sits, with pink frosting, green eyes, and a single plastic candle on top.


The Cupcake is an object-like character from a tray carried by Chica with her left hand. It has pink-frosting with two large yellow eyes, a yellow-striped birthday candle with a vinyl candle-light, buck teeth, no wrapper, and, like other animatronics (except Foxy and Golden Freddy), has black eyelids.

FNaF VR: Help Wanted

There aren't many differences to be seen on this model of Chica that isn't on the original, but what is notable is the endoskeleton is completely different from the original, with thicker wrists. Her eyes also seem to be wider, akin to full half-circles unlike her wedge-shaped eyes on her original model. Her color is also more lighter as much as the other animatronics.

FNaF AR: Special Delivery

While Chica looks very similar to her original version in the main FNaF games, she is now made of a shiny, glossy plastic, and her overall body has scratches and stains on it. Her cupcake now has two sets of teeth, and one of the teeth is golden. It also has the ability to open its mouth and look around like an animatronic unit.

Freddy In Space 2

Chica is a yellow chicken with magenta eyes. Her hair is tied back into a ponytail, and she sports a blue and cyan body suit. In her hand, she holds a grey and black gun.


Chica was built for the new Freddy Fazbear's Pizza in FNaF 1 after the older pizzeria with the same name from FNaF 2 is closed. She is the backup singer of the animatronic band, and is also the only female character in the group.

As seen in FNaF 2 minigames, after five children had been killed by William Afton, their souls are put into the animatronics by Marionette, including Chica. And since the killed children were reported missing, the pizzeria was closed down.

As shown in FNaF 3 minigames, William Afton then found out about the trapped souls inside the animatronics, and decides to come back to the place and destroy them one by one. Chica along with other animatronics are dismantled, which causes the souls to break free. Terrified by the spirits, William runs into the secret safe room in the restaurant and wears the Spring Bonnie suit to hide from them. However, the springlocks in the suit suddenly malfunction (possibly due to the rain water seeping into the building), causing the locks to become loose, resulting in his brutal death. Finally, the souls fade away.

In Special Delivery, a rebuild of Chica is made by the Fazbear Entertainment for the Fazbear Funtime Service, along with other animatronics.

She also makes an appearance in The Freddy Fazbear Virtual Experience.


FNaF VR: Help Wanted

Chica's jumpscare.

Chica appears in three gameplay sections in FNaF VR: Help Wanted.

Five Nights at Freddy's 1

In the Five Nights at Freddy's 1 section, Chica will make her way to the player's office along with Freddy, Bonnie and Foxy, just like the original game in which she debuted. She approaches the player from the right hallway, and the player must close the right door to prevent her from entering the room. When she crosses past the office, she also might turn and enter the office instead of walking to the corner of the hallway. Thus, the player must make sure to close the door if she turns around.

Parts and Service - Chica

Chica also appears in a repair section, in which her suit is covered in pizza and infested with cockroaches. Similar to the maintenance nights in Sister Location, the player will follow the computer's voice instruction and repair Chica in this level, by removing the food stains, throwing it in the bin and spraying the cockroaches off the suit. The player must also reattach her arm, and catch the cupcake after it runs off its plate. If the instructions aren't followed properly, like throwing away the pizza in her suit in the wrong place, failing to catch the cupcake quickly enough, or eating the pizza before you're told, Chica will jumpscare the player.

Pizza Party

Chica also has a small role in the Pizza Party level in the Hard Mode of Night Terrors section. Once the player enters the kitchen, Chica will appear and approach the pizza placed in front of the player. She then disappears, and the pizza will be slowing eaten. If the player doesn't leave the room before the pizza is finished, Chica will jumpscare the player, resulting in game over.

FNaF AR: Special Delivery

Chica's jumpscare.

Chica is one of the most common characters to encounter in Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery. To avoid being jumpscared, the player must locate her static, look away while she haywires, and shock her when she charges and materializes. It is also possible, though unlikely, to obtain a Chica plush suit and CPU upon defeating her.

Freddy In Space 2


Chica appears as a playable character and has the ability to shoot cupcakes. She can be unlocked by rescuing her from the Galactic Factory level. Her attack has medium-high damage, low damage and low spread. Her jump height is also average.


Description Audio
The unused showtime song with Chica and others.
Chica's jumpscare.
Alert.png(Warning: Loud)
Chica's Haywire.


FNaF VR: Help Wanted

Hard Mode Chica.png

In Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted's blacklight modes, Chica is replaced by her blacklight counterpart, Neon Chica. She is the blacklight counterpart of the original Chica with trippy-looking colors (similar to Neon Bonnie), and Nightmare Cupcake replacing the original Cupcake.


Neon Chica's model is identical to her original counterpart, only colored in neon black with a slight purple outline that illuminates in the lighting within the level. She has light yellow eyes with white pupils in her dark eye sockets.


Neon Chica's behavior in game is exactly the same as the original Chica. In the blacklight mode of Chica's level from the Parts and Service mode, Chica's cupcake is replaced with Nightmare Chica's cupcake, and giant bugs crawl around the room. Gameplay is nearly identical, except the chemispray no longer works after the first spray and the roaches must be removed by hand while chasing the cupcake.

FNaF AR: Special Delivery

Ar Liberty Chica.png

Liberty Chica is a Chica skin for the Summer Event in Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery. She was put in the game on July 2nd, and is Chica's first skin in game.


Liberty Chica's design is based on the Statue of Liberty in United States. She is made out of carbon, as well as her cupcake. Liberty Chica also wields a carbon book which reads “July IV, MDCCLXXVI.” These are Roman Numerals, and they translate to “July 4th, 1776,” the day the Declaration of Independence was approved and adopted by the Second Continental Congress.

Ar Liberty Cupcake.png

The Torch Cupcake is the Statue of Liberty-themed counterpart of Cupcake. It is made out of carbon. Torch Cupcake is on fire, mimicking the Statue of Liberty’s Olympic torch. Torch Cupcake is the second custom skin counterpart of the Cupcake, the first one being 8-Bit Cupcake.


Scorching Chica is a Chica skin for the Sizzling Summer Event in Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery. She is the third skin in the Sizzling Summer event and was released on August 6th. Scorching Chica is Chica's second skin in game.


Scorching Chica's design is nearly identical to Chica, except she is now completely made of a scorching magma-like material, with fire spewing out of her body. Her eyes are a bright orange, and turn red during encounters.


The Scorched Cupcake is the scorched version of Cupcake, its design is near identical to the Cupcake except that it is completely burnt and is missing both its eyes.


Little Red Chica is a skin based off of the fairytale character Little Red Riding Hood. She is Chica's third skin.


Little Red Chica looks identical to Chica however is now gray in coloration and is wearing a red cloak. She is seen to be badly damaged, having many tears in her cloak, a multiple scratches on her body and beak and a large gaping hole showing her endoskeleton. Her bib has been colored pure white with a small floral pattern and is torn in half. Finally, she wears large black shoes, and her cupcake plate has been replaced with a large picnic basket where she now has her cupcake sitting inside.

LRCCupcakeNoBasketRender by OrangeIdol.png
Moldy Cupcake is now colored a light brown and is covered in mold. Both it's eyes are now gone and it's candle appears to be cut in half.


FNaF VR: Help Wanted

  • Chica oddly has more grayish toes in Help Wanted rather than the usual white in other games.
  • Found from the intro area of the game's Curse of Dreadbear DLC when it first came out, Chica is found with a broken model as a result when loading with Withered Chica's animation. This was later fixed upon release of the game's non-VR mode update.
  • Chica's voice provider for the as of yet unused Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Theme Song, Amber Lee Connors, had previously voiced Toy Chica in Ultimate Custom Night.
Cupcake (Help Wanted).png
  • The unused showtime feature is the only time in the series that Chica speaks.
  • During the Hard Mode variant of her Parts and Service level, Chica is seen with Nightmare Cupcake instead of her actual cupcake.
  • In the unused showtime performance, Chica is seen holding an older model of Mr. Cupcake, which goes entirely unused due to being a fan-made model that Steel Wool had put into the game.
  • In her level due to the lighting, Neon Chica's eyes appear green & blue, despite being yellow & white.

FNaF AR: Special Delivery

  • In Special Delivery, Chica is one of the only animatronics who only has metalic and growling noise in game instead of voice lines like other characters.
  • Chica was the last classic animatronic in FNaF 1 to receive a skin in Special Delivery.
    • Said skin is Liberty Chica.
  • Despite all promotional material and artwork depicting Liberty Chica's cupcake as on fire, in game it appears to only be slightly glowing orange.
  • Due to the event getting delayed by multiple days, Illumix rewarded players with a free 3D avatar icon of Little Red Chica for their patience.
  • Despite being gold in the teaser, Little Red Chica's endoskeleton is colored the normal silver.
  • Little Red Chica reuses Scorching Chica's workshop animation.

Freddy In Space 2

  • Chica's design is based off Zero Suit Samus from the Metroid series.
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