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If you see the DJ, say hello. He is such a nice fello.
— Glamrock Freddy's description of DJ Music Man.

Security Breach introduces a new variant of Music Man who is much larger and acts as an antagonist against Gregory.


DJ Music Man is extremely similar in head-shape to the original, however many of his details have been swapped out, and he now has blue eyebrows, cheeks, and a stripe on his chin, as well as a pink nose, lipstick, and eyeliner with blue bags under his eyes. His top hat now holds a green stripe, the top row of his teeth are decorated to look like piano keys and the inside of his mouth has a glowing pink and white changing pattern. He now dawns a large pair of green and red headphones, and wears big cartoony gloves on his six spider-like limbs. Finally, this variant of Music Man is much larger than the original, being about a story-tall from the bottom of his head to the top, and stands over two stories tall.

His body is tear-dropped shape with two black lines going down his stomach with indents on either side. DJMM has a brown speaker located on his back that he uses to play the music you hear during his segment of the game, with a purple, quartered circle located around the speaker. On his tail end are six yellow pipes grouped in threes in a semi-circle fashion. All his joints a dark purple spheres, each leg having three joints at the socket, the elbow, and the wrist, with his neck having three at the base of the neck, midway up, and at the base of his skull.


When the player first encounters DJ Music Man, he's seen sleeping at his DJ station. After the player is tasked with turning on generators, the first of which is located directly next to his DJ station, DJ Music Man wakes up and begins to climb around the walls, sometimes ducking into the various tunnels built into the walls.

While turning on the next three generators, Music Man will wait outside the bathroom attempting to crush Gregory through one of the doorways while doing the Janitor Generator. To escape, the player must quickly run out of the room while Music Man's hand is inside the bathroom. Running out too early will kill the player. Finally, when turning on the final generator, the player must run away from Music Man as he chases them down a room filled with various junk, which DJ Music Man will occasionally throw in the player's way. After that chase sequence, for the remainder of the game, Music Man will be at his DJ booth dancing and playing music.


  • Freddy describes DJ Music Man as a "nice guy", implying he is actually quite friendly outside of the timeframe of the game.
  • DJ Music Man is the only character in the game who never leaves his designated area.
  • Despite both being forms of Music Man, DJ Music Man has no relation to the Wind-Up Music Man toys.
  • It's implied that DJ Music Man plays his boss music himself, as when you get farther away from him, the quieter the music becomes, while the opposite is true as you get closer to him.
  • DJ Music Man's first initial design was made by Lau, an artist at Steel Wool, who was told something along the lines of "Hey Lau, remember Music Man? Make him a DJ and also the worst thing you've ever seen".[1]
  • DJ Music Man's original design featured no body at all, with his limbs likely coming out of the backside of his head.
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