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On December 13th 2021, FNaF AR introduced the new Mixed Reality gamemode, Dark Circus: Encore! This gamemode saw the player enter the Dark Circus and fend off against the animatronics inside.


In the DLC gamemode, the player is left unequipped with any of their tools, being able to roam around the Dark Circus. The player is set with a timelimit of about 8 minutes. Within the location, there are multiple boxes on the wall with timers and lightbulbs on them.

Each box is one of two task types: Colored Wires and Number Combinations. For the wire task, a row of colored wires must be connected to their corrosponding spots. These tasks can range from two to four wires. For the combination task dial placed in the center must be used to display the correct numbers. Occassionally, there will also be arrow buttons or a D-Pad will be either with or in-place of the dial, and can be used to change the numbers as well. The amount of digits in the required code can range from one to four. Hints to the answers to these tasks are scattered throughout the location. Completing tasks will grant the player extra time, and will also act as checkpoints.

The player must complete six of these tasks. Each task will put either Ringmaster Foxy or Ballora (depending on the location of the task) into a new phase. The duo start off deactivated, but after doing one task in their location will activate and stutter a bit in their movements. After doing a second task near them, they'll become angry and begin to roar and lunge at the player. Finally, after completing all three tasks in their respective area, walking in front of them will trigger a cutscene and lead the player into an AR segment (still set in the Dark Circus location) to face off against them. Ringmaster Foxy must be beaten before Ballora, as Ballora's final task is set right behind him.

After beating both Ringmaster Foxy and Ballora, the player's screen will flash with Golden Freddy's intro assets, and the player must make their way to the room holding Great Escape Golden Freddy. A cutscene will play, and the player will have one final AR segment against Great Escape Golden Freddy to finish off the gamemode. After defeating him, one final cutscene will play, and the player will be gifted their rewards.

If the player fails a task or runs out of time, Ballora will kill them with a custom jumpscare.




  • Great Escape Golden Freddy was an exclusive skin added for this gamemode.
  • Upon their first time beating the gamemode, the player will be rewarded with Great Escape Golden Freddy's profile icon and plushsuit, as well as Golden Freddy's CPU if the player does not already have it.
  • This gamemode, once bought for $13 USD, will permantly be accessable at anytime to the player.
  • This is the second time the game utilizes Mixed Reality, with the first being Plushtrap's encounters.
  • This DLC not only introduced the idea of free-roam mixed reality segments, but also introduced cutscenes to the game.
  • Despite being a part of the Dark Circus, neither Magician Mangle nor Clown Springtrap are present in the DLC.
    • This was likely done to keep the gameplay short.
  • One room in the location holds five uniquely textured heads of Freddy, Chica, Springtrap, Toy Bonnie and Circus Baby. The heads simply act as props, but are unique in design & textures.
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