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E-Mails is one of the mechanics in Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery. It tutorials the player sometimes and can notify the player on certain things as well. However, there are also some e-mails that wasn't supposed to be sent to the player being sent. These e-mails are used as hints for the lore of the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise.


  • Acts as a tutorial for the player, by telling the player:
    • The mechanic of the animatronics.
    • To look away when they are in Haywire Mode.
    • To shake their phone when the screen is filled with static.
    • On how does the salvaging works.
    • On how to use the Freddy Fazbear Mask.
  • Notifies the player when a friend has sent an animatronic to their house.
  • Notifies the player when their animatronic has done salvaging.
  • Notifies the player on new Remant milestones.
  • Notifies the player when a new animatronic or skin is added into the game.
  • Suggests the player on what to purchase for gameplay purpose.
  • Acts as lore hints for the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise.
  • Acts as teasers for certain characters.

Unintended E-Mails

According to the E-Mail sent by Fazbear Entertainment, there are some e-mails that aren't for the player being sent to them due to technical complications. The followings are the E-Mails:

Red Flag Reports

These E-Mails are all sent by Luis Cabrera to Ness. In these E-Mails, Luis notified Ness about the red flag reports being sent to her and Ness's searches were starting to concern Luis overtime.

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Hey, Ness,

I hope you're having a good day! It's no big deal, but I wanted to reach out 'off the radar,' and remind you about the company policy about personal internet usage. Nobody cares if you're online shopping, as long as you get your work done - I promise, I've done my share of last-minute gift-buying! But certain words and phrases trigger red flag reports so you last order got automatically sent to me: basically anything mentioning 'torture' is going to raise the alarm. So although the Viking Blood Eagle Twelve-Month Calendar you ordered is very cool, the searches that got you there did trigger a red flag.

If you have any questions about the policy, let me know. We could even get coffee or something and go over all the words to avoid.

...And now I've raised my own red flag! Good thing I'm the one who gets the notification. :-)


Hey, Ness,

Just a quick FYI - I know I mentioned trigger words, but the AI is actually a little more sophisticated than that, and of course there are people like me watching the system, too.

So, the word compliance by itself isn't going to set off and red flags, but the sentence how to induce compliance in human subjects, and how to include self-compliance(?) did actually get my attention. (I think the answer might involve chocolate chip cookies? Always works for me.)

I also thought it was strange that these were immediately followed by searches that couldn't possibly have any relevant answers for you. Did you search for 'help' by itself?

Anyway, my offer still stands if you want to go over the company policy. I'm free any day after work - we could grab dinner or coffee if you want. In the meantime you might want to do some of your more... interesting research at home.


Hey, Ness,

I wanted to see if you're doing ok. I appreciate your taking my advice about red flag search terms, if I thoughts I'd have to file an incident report on you, I think I'd just have to quit instead. So, my student loans thank you!

I do have to keep checking online activity periodically after getting a red flag report, and I was a little worried maybe something is going on with you? One day you're researching flowers and the migration patterns of bees (fascinating, right?) and the next day you type in 'How far can a human being be cut in half before losing consciousness'.

I figured, maybe you're writing a screenplay or something. But it was a little startling to see it written out. I hope you know I'm always here if you need me.


Hey, Ness,

I hope things are good! I saw you ordered three 'lifelike, human male rubber masks' and I was dying to ask what they are for - was my screenplay guess right? Are you making a movie, or putting on some kind of performance?

Everything's the same as usual for me - but I guess you know that, you see me every day at work! Maybe one day soon we can get that coffee.


Hey, Ness,

It was really great talking to you today. I think that might be the first time we've actually had an in-person conversation lol. It's weird, I feel like I know you so well, but I guess you don't know so much about me. We're just going to fix that!

I had no idea you were into IT stuff. I always think my job sounds so boring, but you were so interested it made me start thinking, hey, maybe IT is cool after all. Or maybe you're just a good listener. Anyway, it was nice to have some in-person time. Maybe we can do it again soon. I still owe you that coffee I keep saying we should get.


Hey, Ness,

Is everything OK? I came by your desk to say hi today and I don't think you even heard me. You had your face so close to the screen, that can't be good for your eyes (I know, I know, I sound like somebody's grandma). I waited for a second to see if you would turn around, but it was like you were in another world. It must be useful to be able to shout out the world and focus like that, I wish I could do it. I thought you were on a conference call at first because I heard voices.

Ness, if you ever want to talk about anything, I'm always here for you. I thought your hair looked nice today, the rainbow streaks brightened up the office - and the office is always in desperate need of some brightening!


Contracts with Fazbear Entertainment

These E-Mails are about the unnamed company leading by Anna Kwento that has a contract with Fazbear Entertainment.

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These E-Mails are a conversation between Mark Cho and Raha Salib. They talked about how they don't like the "things" (presumably the animatronics), and then talked about Anna and their low salary job.

Mark Cho: These things are creeping me out
Raha Salib: Seriously. We don't have room for them, I don't know why Anna agreed to take this job.
Mark Cho: $$$$$
Raha Salib: More like $
Mark Cho: lol

A very formal E-Mail title "Immediate Action Required" is then sent to Anna by Fazbear Entertainment Office of Legal Affairs. The purpose of the mail is to inform them to stop every work on the contracts.

Dear Ms. Kwemto,

Please immediately cease all work on Fazbear Entertainment properties. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Fazbear Entertainment is ordering a halt to work on all existing contracts, especially in reference to any vintage hardware. We will be in touch regarding our future course of action; please contact our billings department regarding payment for completed work-to-date action.

Kayla Stringer
Associate General Counsel
Fazbear Entertainment

Anna then informed the crew about the situation, which started another conversation.

Anna Kwento: Fazbear just ordered us to stop working. It sounds like they're halting work with all their contractors, not just us. They said they'll be in touch about 'our future course of action.'
Steven Wilson: Anna, are we still getting paid for this?
Anna Kwento: For work to-date only. Make sure you have everything logged.
Mark Cho: It'll be ok. We have other contracts.
Raha Salib: Yeah, but this was a big job.
Mark Cho: :-(

Power Tools

These E-Mails are a conversation between Daniel Rocha and Anna Kwemto. Daneil asked politely to Anna if he can use the power drill to get off the animatronic casings.

Hey, Anna,

The casings on the animatronics are really hard to get off. Can you approve me to use the power drill?

Best, Dan

However, Anna refused to let him use it, as Raha is the only one allowed to use it.

Anna Kwemto: No.
Daniel Rocha: Please? I'm serious, I can't get the casing off without it.
Anna Kwemto: Raha is only one certified. Quit asking.

After being refused by Anna, Daniel asked Raha to help him out as he is allowed to use the tool. Luckily, Raha is kind enough to agree.

Daniel Rocha: Need to get circuit boards out. Anna says you're the only one who can use power drill.
Raha Salib: 15 min.

System Glitch

These E-Mails are about the virus accidentally being spread by scanning a circuit board. This "virus" is most likely to be Glitchtrap, as the circuit board was mentioned by Tape Girl in Help Wanted. The event started with an email sent by Steven Wilson, asking other people if anyone else had a system glitch like him. However, only Anna replied with a simple "no".

Steven Wilson: Hey, guys, I just got kicked off the system. I finished scanning the last set of circuit boards Dan brought me, but now I'm locked out. Is anyone else getting this 'unknown error'?
Anna Kwento: No.

After a while, Raha Salib replied to Steven, asking about the details.

Raha Salib: Steve, which circuit board did you scan?
Steven Wilson: Whatever Dan brought me

Then, Daniel Rocha, who is the one that gave Steve the circuit board, sent an e-mail to the crew, saying that virus is detected.

Turns out that wasn't just a glitch, we released a virus when we scanned that last circuit board. It's spreading really fast, we're going to need all hands on deck.

Steve then sent an e-mail to Jim, asking if he's aware of the issue.

Hey, Jim,

We have a virus spreading through our system, and we've traced it back to one of the circuit board scenes we performed for Fazbear Entertainment. Are you aware of this issue? Can you send any guidance?


Animatronics' Development

These e-mails are sent before a new animatronic or skin is introduced to the game. They act as teasers to the animatronic's arrival.

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The two E-Mails are about the facial recognition upgrades of the Toy Animatronics being built for the Fazbear Funtime Service. This E-Mail is sent by Nora from Research and Development to the Compliance Team.

Okay, we got the new one up and running, like you guys wanted. Gotta say, though...the facial recognition upgrades aren't taking the exact effect we expected. We've got our best looking at it, now.

I would suggest getting an extension, if possible. Would hate for these to go out before they're ready.

Thanks, Nora

P.S. Still waiting to hear back about the other ones. Did anyone even see that request?

Tristan from the Compliance Team replied, rejecting her suggestion.

That's a no-go on an extension. You mentioned the other day in the sync meeting that your guys found a work-around, right?

Just go with that and hit the original dates.


Oh and I saw the earlier request, nothing I can say about them yet. (You know how it is...)

These two E-Mails are sent from Charles from the QA, telling Nora about the issue of a Toy Animatronic (possibly Toy Bonnie due to his behavior) being unable to be fixed.

We've tried everything we can think of here to reproduce the issue you were seeing with the new Toy model, but can't seem to get it to happen here.

Are you sure about the eyes changing color before the behavioral matrix went haywire?


It was only the once, the only one of the guys reported it. I've caught him sleeping on the job twice this week, too, so he's probably just imagining things.

Honestly, what's the worst that could happen?

Just note it in the log as "Cannot Reproduce" and move on to the rest, or we're never going to meet the new deadline.


These two E-Mails are sent once again between Tristan and Nora. Tristan is not happy about Nora "going over his head" due to Toy Freddy's issue and warned her.


I heard about you trying to go over my head to my boss about the Toy Freddy issue. While I appreciate you are trying to do what you feel is your job, defining compliance and safety standards is my department, not yours.

Our product analysts have determined that the Toy Freddy issue is negligible. We'll just slap a note at the bottom of the outgoing customer outreach mails - it's not like any of the users even read those, and we'll be covered legally,


P.S. Next time you feel like going over my head, come talk to me, or you'll force me to being this up with Human Resources. Sorry to be the bad guy about this, but you're really not leaving me with any other choice.

Fine. But I want it noted in writing what my department reported.

Toy Freddy is not safe to go out to the public. The interference happening with the upgraded facial recognition suite risks rendering all the safety functions on the users' handsets useless.


The next E-Mail is about the delays of the development of the new model, possibly being Mangle. This is sent from Tristan to Nora.


I've been looking over these reports on the mobility tests for the new model and I gotta say I'm a little disturbed by the lack of progress. The original was purportedly able to move along the ceiling, and from what I'm seeing here, we're having issues getting our rebuilds to even move on level ground properly.

What kind of shop are you guys running down there? The marketing guys are lighting fires under me to promise we'll hit the launch date for this, and what I'm seeing is not filling me with confidence.


First, tell the marketing people to go jump off a bridge. They just have to write some fancy copy while we're down here trying to make their crazy promises work in reality on unrealistic budgets and completely insane timelines. We're doing the best we can.

Second, there's a huge difference between a new model based on the same bipedal chassis and one based on a...whatever you want to call this thing。 A quadreped? A spider? A tripod? The locomotion is completely different, which means the power needs are different, the hydraulic calibrations have to be completely redone, and the CPU has to be switched out for a newer one with a faster baud rate. And then on top of all that, we have to put together this "Controlled Disassembly" feature? The marketing people are crazy.

Third, GET OFF MY BACK!!! I warned management that reproducing the more exotic endoskeletons would be a problem, and they decided to go ahead and put them on the schedule anyways. They're just going to have to live with the limitations of, you know, basic physics.


These e-mails are sent between Charles and Tristan, and are about the building of Shamrock Freddy.

Hey Tristan,

Sorry to bother you, but wanted to confirm that there were no changes on the circuit board side of things?

The documentation says it's just external changes to the plush suit, but some of the testers here are swearing the behavioral matrix is kinda, well, aggressive.


The documentation is accurate, The only adjustments are external alterations to the plush suit - R&D hasn't even touched the holiday release.

What do your people think, a computer controlled animatronic can somehow get into the holiday spirit and reprogram itself? It's just a machine controlled by a circuit board. It has to do what we tell it to and nothing more.


The following emails are sent between Nora and Charles, and are referring to the development of Choco-Bonnie. It is also a continuation from the previous emails about Shamrock Freddy.

I'm heading this off at the pass before you get any ideas.


You have any other questions go send them to Tristan. I'm sure he'd love to hear from you.


Hey Nora,

Thank you for letting us know.

The testers are complaining about the aggressiveness, but I'll let them know not worry about it.


Customer Reports

The Customer Service team for Fazbear Entertainment received reports from the customer that there is a strange animatronic that wasn't supposed to be part of the service. Isolde from the Customer Service wrote an e-mail to Tristan from the Compliance Team for this reason.

Hey Tristan,

We've been getting some weird reports here in Customer Service that I don't really know how to respond to.

A handful of our more hardcore users of the service have been reporting service calls from an animatronic that isn't appearing anywhere in our database. Some kind of a vintage Bonnie model. A couple of people have mentioned a really smell from it as well.

Is it possible some old second hand model somehow made it into the deployment rotation?


Gameplay Tips


Animatronics E-Mails

Alongside the unintended E-Mails from Fazbear Entertainment or other companies, there are some strange E-Mails sent to the player from unknown sources (normally from the animatronics). These E-Mails are usually acts as teasers.

Freddy Frostbear

There are some E-Mails sent from an unknown person, which can be confirmed to be Freddy Frostbear. These E-Mails are sent before he is officially in game, stating that he is coming to the player's house sooner and sooner.

Hello new friend!

Brrrrrr! Sure is cold, wouldn't you say?! Hope your place is nice and warm!

Hello again new friend!

On my way! I'm so f-f-f-f-fun! I'm cool enough to be your new best friend!

Hello again, again new friend!

I'm almost here... Won't you let me come in out of the cold?



It's oh so quiet...

It's almost time for fun!

Can you find my friend?

Heart Stoppers

The following email was for the Heart Stoppers Event. The email led many to believe a new character would be coming as it was released after the skins dropped, however this was not the case.

<3 <3

Roses are red,
violets are blue.
Is your front door unlocked?
We're coming for YOU!
Your friends are afraid,
and you should be too.
Before you know it--
we'll be right next to you.

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