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Are you looking for the Easter Bonnie skin, a skin of Bonnie that appears in FNaF AR: Special Delivery?

Easter Bonnie is a boss that appeared in Freddy In Space 2. He is the second boss in the Cosmic Freeway stage.


Easter Bonnie greatly resembles Toy Bonnie having cerulean complexion, lighter accents on his chest and snout, apple green irises, red cheeks and two large teeth. However, he is a more bulky version and a more animal form. He also holds a gray basket with a red ribbon tied into it; and has eggs colored magenta, olive green and yellow.



CONTACT Deals damage on full contact.
EGG RAIN Easter eggs fall from the sky and do damage on contact. Can be destroyed.
EGG THROW Easter eggs are thrown at the player and do damage on contact. Can be destroyed.



Easter Bonnie isn't a difficult boss to fight, he stays completely still, while spawning a lot of easter eggs that can be destroyed. Staying near Easter Bonnie, while tanking some damage is a quick way to finish the battle, if at high health. If the player is at a low health, or doesn't want to take damage, they can choose to avoid the eggs. Freddy or Chica are the recommended characters for this boss.

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