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There are several endings in Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted. Some of them requires the player to complete the base game, while some requires the player to do certain actions.

Normal Ending

The ending of Pizza Party with Glitchtrap.

Once the Pizza Party level in Night Terrors (which requires all the other minigames to be beaten to be unlocked) is completed, the player will be put in a room filled with animatronics and balloons. There is also a cake beside the player, signifying that it is their birthday. Glitchtrap then appears from the curtain and tells the player to follow him. If the player moves to his direction, the player will suddenly be put on a stage holding a microphone, which means that the player is now Freddy Fazbear. Hand Unit announced the arrival of Freddy, but ended up glitching out. The room lights up, revealing Glitchtrap dancing around the room, while the music is playing. The credit rolls, and the player is back at the Main Hub again.

Merge Ending

Glitchtrap merging with the player.

This ending requires the player to collect every tapes. The last tape reveals the way to destroy Glitchtrap from the game:

Let it approach you. Let it begin to merge with you. Play the music and flip the switch that will cause a hard restart of the game and flush the memory effectively killing it.
Tape Girl in the last tape.

The game will then continue. Randomly when loading into the main area, Glitchtrap will behind the main computer and will start to merge with the player. If the instructions from tape 16 are not followed, the player's view will slowly fade to purple and glitch before fading back in to the perspective of Spring Bonnie. The implication is that the merge was successful and Glitchtrap can escape from the game. The game will then fade to black and take the player to the game over room.

Trapped Ending

Glitchtrap appeared behind the door.

Again, this ending requires the player to collect every tapes. For this ending, the player must instead follow Tape Girl's instruction successfully. If the player follows the instructions from Tape 16, they will be taken to a room with only a giant door with handprints and scratches all over it. If the player interacts with a sliding hole in the door, Glitchtrap will appear on the other side. He then shushes the player before backing up into the darkness behind him. After this, the player is returned to the hub where a plush of Glitchtrap will be sitting on the floor next to them.

Mask Ending

The mask in the ending of Corn Maze.

This ending is for the Halloween DLC Curse of Dreadbear. For this ending, the player needs to first unlock the Corn Maze minigame in the Afraid of the Dark section. In the minigame, the player needs to collect every 4 keys available instead of one. Once done, the player needs to go back to their spawn zone where a basement entrance is located. The basement entrance will be unlocked once the player gets near. Entering the basement will reveal a room with broken banner and a white rabbit mask. Grabbing it and wearing it will cause the screen to fade to black, and at last bring the player back to the DLC title screen.

Going back to the Prize Counter will reveal the same mask on the counter. If the player wears it and grabs the Glitchtrap plush, several dialogues from a girl will play, speaking to Glitchtrap, saying that the plan had worked out, and that she made the mask for him.


There are only two endings in Freddy In Space 2. Both of these endings depend on how long the player takes to reach the end of the game.

Bad Ending

The end screen of the Bad Ending.

After defeating L.O.L.Z.H.A.X's final form at the end of the game, the game will finish with an end screen. In the end screen, Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy and Marionette can be seen standing, with the line "THE END" on the screen. This is considered a bad ending, as Freddy's Son is nowhere seen in the screen, indicating that he had died after being kidnapped by L.O.L.Z.H.A.X.

Good Ending

The end screen of the Good Ending.

This ending can only be obtained if the player manages to beat the game from the starting point to the end after defeating L.O.L.Z.H.A.X's final form all in 30 minutes. After the game ends, an end screen similar to the Bad Ending is shown, with Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy and Marionette, and "THE END" on the screen. However, Freddy's son can now be seen on the screen, hand being held by Freddy. This indicated that Freddy and his crews managed to save Freddy's son from L.O.L.Z.H.A.X in time.

Fury's Rage


Normal Mode Ending

In Normal Mode, the game ends with Freddy and the others looking over the city. The following quote appears on screen:

The day was won and the menace was defeated.

But, what was the ultimate goal of the battle? Our heroes worry that it was all a distraction...

Despite the dark days and uncertain times, they remained hopeful that only good things were on the horizon.

To be continued...

Hardmode Ending

The ending of the Hard Mode features Scott's house. Scott put out a sign on his front door, saying that he is sorry, most likely about Security Breach's delay.

Security Breach has a total of 6 main endings, 5 of which are animated in a comic-book style cutscene.

Leave Ending

If the player leaves the building rather than staying with Glamrock Freddy, a comic-style cutscene will play, revealing that Gregory is homeless, and that multiple disappearances have happened. The cutscene ends with Vanny finding Gregory, and likely killing him off screen.

Fire Escape Ending

If the player gets a VIP pass, they can head back to the Fire Exit near the point where Vanessa captures Gregory, and leave through the fire exit. A cutscene then plays showing Gregory and Freddy piling up plushies. Freddy then proceeds to burn down the location before sacrificing himself to save Gregory from Vanny, revealing Vanny’s identity to Gregory. After the credits roll, Vanessa is shown to be atop the roof surrounded by flames, strangely unharmed.

The Van Ending

After going through the entire Chica or Montgomery segment, the player must go through another Wind-Up Music Man vent chase before finding their way to the loading dock. If the player decides to leave rather than use the loading dock, it’ll give the player a new ending where Gregory drives away with Freddy before Freddy deactivates. But after jumpstarting him, Freddy wakes back up and the two drive off into the sunset. After the credits are over, a newspaper is shown that Freddy was replaced by Monty, and Glamrock Mr. Hippo was added to fill in Monty's role.

Bad Ending

This ending can only be unlocked if the player does Fazer Blast, finds Vanny’s secret room, and goes back to the front of the Pizzaplex. This gives the player the option of "Vanny" alongside Leave and Stay. Gregory and Freddy plan to attack Vanny by surprise, however this leads to Freddy being disassembled by a group of S.T.A.F.F. controlled by Vanny, and Gregory proceeds to be chased by her. All S.T.A.F.F. will be replaced with variants that look like the AlphaZ Group, and Gregory must dodge all the Glamrocks and S.T.A.F.F. to find his way onto the catwalk in Fazer Blast. There, Freddy, clinging onto life, will tell Gregory to go to the control room and turn the robots against Vanny. This will trigger the bad ending, where Gregory orders the S.T.A.F.F. to kill Vanny, and Freddy, with his dying breath, tells Gregory that he’s his “superstar”.

Princess Quest Ending

If the player had played the other two Princess Quest games, once they reach Vanny's room, they can then play the third game. After completing the third game, the Bad Ending won't happen, rather, a cutscene plays where Gregory leaves with Freddy's head in a duffle bag, and Vanny is seen without her rabbit suit standing in the doorway, implying that Gregory freed her from Glitchtrap’s control. After the credits roll, an image of Gregory, Glamrock Freddy's head and Vanny is seen with the three sitting on a hill eating ice cream.

Afton Ending

To get the Afton ending, the player must use both Chica and Monty’s abilities to get to the hidden elevator shaft in the Roxy Raceway. After going down the elevator, the player finds themselves being taken below the Pizzaplex with Freddy. Freddy explains that Vanny had brought everyone down there and forced them to clear the path, and that the other Glamrocks are down there, angry and confused. Freddy expresses that he didn’t have a choice before, but now does, claiming “I am not me.”  After walking past The Blob, the player finds themselves in an office. Then, Burntrap is revealed, crawling out of a recharge station he was locked in. He then begins to try to take control over Freddy, and a bossfight commences in the style of the typical FNaF formula of sitting in an office and blocking out animatronics with doors.  To beat the fight Chica must be blocked by a door, the player must hide from Roxy, shut the vent on Monty and avoid Freddy and the tentacles. Once the fight is beaten, a cutscene will play. Burntrap is taken by the Blob and Glamrock Freddy and Gregory escape the burning Pizzaplex. After the credits, the two are shown sitting on a hill, and the game ends.

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