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Endo-02 is the animatronic endoskeleton designed for the Withered/Toy Animatronics. It first debuted in Five Nights at Freddy's 2.


It sports six rib-like metal bars and a wide mouth filled with squarish teeth. It has blue eyes and several long wires can be seen poking out behind its back. Its ears appear similar in shape to Foxy's endoskeleton ear, but more round and in different positions.


FNaF VR: Help Wanted

Endo-02 reappeared in Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted, but only in the FNaF 2 game mode. Unlike from the second game, Endo-02 has a very divergent role, as the endoskeleton has a rare chance to appear standing at the right side inside the Office for the whole night. Endo-02 can also occasionally appear under the floor from the Vent Repair level mode.

From the Curse of Dreadbear DLC, Endo-02's head appeared in the Spooky Mansion mode's "Build-A-Mangle" segment where it is randomly used for creating a mangled animatronic entertainer.



  • It is entirely possible that Endo-02 is a backup endoskeleton for Mangle. This is supported in the code as Endo-02 has two model files named "MOD_Endo2" and "MOD_Endo2_PoseForMangle."
  • Even though Endo-01 and Nightmare Endo appeared in the Gallery mode, Endo-02 was never included.
  • Revealed when using the model program, Endo-02 is evidently a reused model of Withered Freddy's endoskeleton, albeit the slightly droopy-looking eyes are fixed.
  • Endo-02 appears in the code for FNaF AR, hinting at his possible arrival.
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