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Ennard is the final antagonist of Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location and reappears in Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted.


Ennard is a humanoid animatronic whose body is disfigured with protruding messy wires. Unlike the other Funtime Animatronics, he possesses no suit, wearing only a white metallic mask with a striped yellow and green party hat, and a large, round red nose. His face is segmented into four pieces. His only other accessory is a single red button at the center of his chest. Animatronic eyes dangle off his body in several places. his fingers are thick tubes with small wires dangling out.

Ennard also seems much larger and bulkier than conventional animatronics. He has blue eyes (purple eyes in the real ending) and very sharp teeth like Ballora. The right eye of Ennard has wires wrapped around it, making the eye useless. There is also a hanging eye off of Ennard's head.

Several eyes from his body are eyes of the other animatronics, which is confirmed that all the Funtime animatronics' endoskeletons formed to create Ennard.

  • A yellowish-orange eye on the right bicep belongs to Funtime Foxy.
  • A green eye on the lower portion of the left leg belongs to Circus Baby.
  • A pink eye on the left side of the waist belongs to Bon-Bon.
  • A blue eye in Ennard's left eye socket and another one hanging from the right side of his head both belong to Funtime Freddy.
  • The purple eyes in the Real Ending belong to Ballora.

By looking at Ennard's body, one can determine which animatronic's endoskeleton makes up each part of Ennard.


Ennard is formed by combining the Funtime Animatronics including Circus Baby, Funtime Freddy, Bon-Bon, Funtime Foxy and Ballora together. They are formed to look humanoid. Ennard then tricks Michael Afton (the player in Sister Location) into the Scooping Room, to scoop all the player's organs out and took over his body. They escaped the facility with Michael's skin. However, the skin slowly rotted and turned purple, which makes the skin not usable anymore. At last, Ennard was ejected from the skin V.I.A. the mouth, and hid inside the sewer.

Between the end of Sister Location Custom Night and Pizzeria Simulator, Circus Baby seemed to have a disagreement between the other parts of Ennard (according to the source code in and[1]). At last, Baby is kicked out from the group, and as Funtime Freddy takes over the lead, Ennard becomes Molten Freddy.


Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted

Ennard's jumpscare in Help Wanted.

Vent Repair: Ennard

Ennard appears in the second Vent Repair level. He will also appear toward the end of the first level, visible through the occasional flickers of lights. The player must quickly complete the button sequence correctly to avoid Ennard's attack. He has a scripted jumpscare before the player moves on to the next section, where his attempts and fails to enter the player's elevator.

Similarly to before, the player must solve the gear puzzle before Ennard reaches them.

The last level involves rotating pipes to connect the beginning to end. The minigame will end with the player starting a fire in the boiler room, Ennard's screams echoing out as the player's elevator rises back up to the surface.

In his hard mode level, Ennard will instead jump onto the elevator and scream as it quickly ascends back up at the end of the mingame.

Pizza Party

In the Pizza Party level in Hard Mode of Night Terrors, Ennard also makes an appearance. When the player arrives at a room with several floating doors and an elevator in front, the elevator will starts coming down from the top floor. If the player doesn't make a choice and leave the room with one of the doors before the elevator arrives and opens, Ennard will come out from the elevator and attack the player.


  • Strangely enough, throughout the entirety of the game, Ennard's right eyebrow is absent. This was also an error in its debut game, Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location, in which during the Fake Ending and his appearance in the Extras Menu, his right eyebrow was again absent. This was most likely a technical oversight by Scott and/or Steel Wool or it's a small detail about his right eye being closed.
  • Ennard is one of two characters to only appear in Pizza Party mode in the mobile version of Help Wanted.


  1. ScottGames - You are crowding us.
    FNaFWorld - Be Quiet.
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    FNaFWorld - Yes, I can. You will do everything that I tell you to do.
    ScottGames - We outnumber you.
    FNaFWorld - That doesn't matter, dummy.
    ScottGames - We found a way to eject you.
    FNaFWorld - You would be lost without me.
    ScottGames - Ha, ha! Say goodbye to our friend!
    FNaFWorld - I can put myself back together.
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