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The last event was the Festive Frights.

Events are activities and challenges hosted by the game for certain reasons, namely, seasonal events. Some events feature new time-limited animatronics, and players will be given prizes when certain goals are made if challenges are given. Events are first introduced in the franchise in Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery.

Get Your Streak On Challenge

AR Thanksgiving19.png

The event was hosted on Thanksgiving 2019 (November 29th). In this challenge, the player must get their streak up by capturing animatronics without dying on that day. The player will be given Faz-Coins if they reach a certain number of streak. The players will also be rewarded if a number of participants log on.

The goal of 250,000 is reached at last, and the players are all given 50 Faz Coins regardless of streak level.

Goals and Prizes

  • Anyone who achieves a new current streak of 7 (or higher) on the challenge day will receive 75 Faz Coins.
  • Anyone who achieves a new current streak of 10 (or higher) on the challenge day will receive 150 Faz Coins.
  • If 100,000 people log on and participate in this event, everyone who participated will be given 25 Faz Coins.
  • If 250,000 participants is reached, the number will be upped to 50 Faz Coins.
  • If 375,000 participants is achieved, the number goes up to 100 Faz Coins.
  • If half a million players is hit, 150 Faz Coins will be given out.

Terms and Conditions

  • The event will occur from 12:00 AM PST - 11:59 PM PST on Friday, November 29th.
  • The player must log on and participate during the event time frame to receive a prize.
  • The player must increase your streak during the event to count towards the 7-streak or 10-streak prize.
  • The player will be qualified to receive only one of the tier prizes - whichever is highest (7 or 10).
  • Prizes will be delivered in game within a week of the challenge closing.

Winter 2019 Event

Frostbear Teaser 1.png

An event is held on Winter 2019, and has introduced two new time-limited animatronics: Toy Chica and Freddy Frostbear. Throughout the event, the player is able to encounter them and purchase and obtain items related to them, such as Plush Suits, CPUs, and lures.

The UI of the game is also decorated to fit with the theme of Christmas, such as map having snows, and the shop being decorated with Christmas lights. This is also the first event to have a new feature, where player can receive gifts every 4 hours.

In January, just before the event came to a close, Toy Bonnie was added on the 24th and stayed until the 29th.

Valentine 2020 Event

DailyGift Val.png
AR Toy Freddy.png

The event is on Valentine 2020 (14 February). This event is first teased on Dawko's WWF Charity Stream when CEO of Illumix is being interviewed. The event has brought in Toy Freddy as an event-exclusive animatronic. Throughout the event, the player is able to encounter him and purchase and obtain items related to him, such as Plush Suits, CPUs, and lures.

Similar to the Winter 2019 Event, the game is decorated in the theme of Valentine, such as map color change to pink, hearts used to decorate user's icon, and the look of the Shop section has been changed as well.

St. Patrick Day 2020 Event

DailyGift StPat.png
Shamrock Freddy Render.jpeg

The event is on St. Patrick Day in 2020 (March 13rd). This event introduced a new Skin system for the animatronics, with a new Shamrock skin for Freddy Fazbear. The overall UI of the game is also decorated in the theme of St. Patrick Day.

Easter 2020 Event

Easter daily gift.png

Starting from April 10th, the game is updated to coincide with the Easter 2020 Event. As usual, the UI of the game is decorated with the theme of Easter. And in this event, two brand new skins of Bonnie are introduced: Chocolate Bonnie on April 10th, and Easter Bonnie on April 17th.

Arcade Mayhem Event

DailyGift Arcade.png

The Arcade Mayhem Event was hosted on the month of May 2020, with the theme being video games. Three new skins for the Toy Animatronics and a new character are brought to the game for the event, all of them being VR Toy Freddy (on May 7th), Highscore Toy Chica (on May 15th), System Error Toy Bonnie (on May 22nd), and lastly 8-Bit Baby as the new character (on May 28th).

Wasteland Event

DailyGift Waste.png

The Wasteland Event was an event hosted on the month of June 2020 based around the idea of radioactive creatures and beings. Two new skins are brought to this event, both of them being Radioactive Foxy (Added on June 11th) and Toxic Springtrap (Added on June 18th).

Summer Event 2020

DailyGift Summer.png

The Summer Event 2020 was hosted on the months of June and July. Despite the name, the theme of this event is focused moreon America's Independence Day. The skins added for the event are Firework Freddy (Added on June 26th) and Liberty Chica (added on July 2nd).

Sizzling Summer Event 2020

DailyGift SizzelingSummer.png

The Sizzling Summer Event 2020 was hosted on the months of July and August. The skins added are Flamethrower Bare Endo (added on July 24), Broiler Baby (added on July 30), Scorching Chica (added on August 6) and finally, Flaming Springtrap (added on August 13).

Dark Circus Event

SequentialRewards DarkCircus2020.png

The Dark Circus Event is a circus themed event hosted on the months of August and September. This event is the first event in a long while to bring back characters from previous games along with skins as well. The first character to be added was Ballora alongside the Minireenas (added on August 27), followed by the Ringmaster Foxy skin (added on September 4) followed by the Magician Mangle skin (added on September 10) and the Clown Springtrap skin (added on September 17).

Halloween Event

The Halloween Event is an event for the famous holiday hosted in the month of October. This event started out with the new character addition of Jack-O-Chica (added on October 9) followed by Jack-O-Bonnie (added on October 15), and then a skin character in the form of Catrina Toy Chica (added on October 22) and finally Plushtrap to end it off (added October 29). Despite ending on Plushtrap, the event actually continued until November 11th in celebration of Plushtrap's exclusive merchandise line.

Haunted Forest Event


The Haunted Forest event is a forest-themed event that was hosted in the month of November. The event started off with the new skin of Woodland Toy Freddy (added November 12) followed by Boulder Toy Bonnie (added November 19) and finished off by Swamp Balloon Boy (added November 26).

Winter Wonderland Event


The Winter Wonderland event is the 2020 Christmas event taking place in the month of December. Originally, the event was gonna air on the 3rd, following the trend of events starting on a Thursday, however, it had to be delayed by a day because of bug fixes. The event started out with Freddy Frostbear's very first skin in the form of Black Ice Frostbear (added on December 4th) followed by Arctic Ballora (added on December 10th), then followed by Frostbite Balloon Boy (added on December 17th) and finally rounded off by Frost Plushtrap (added December 24th). The event is unique in the sense that it also brought back Freddy Frostbear as a part of the event.

Heart Stoppers Event

DailyGift Val.png

The Heart Stoppers Event took place in February as a celebration for Valentines Day. The event started with two new skins, being Black Heart Bonnie & Heartsick Baby (added February 4th). This event also saw the permanent return of Toy Freddy on February 19, 2021. During this event, the first Photo Booth Challenge was held from February 12 to February 17.

The Ancient Equinox


The Ancient Equinox took place at the beginning of March, celebrating the Aztec gods and culture. The event started off with two new skins, being Curse and Serpent Mangle (added on March 5th). During this event, the Spring Photobooth Challenge was held from March 10 to March 21, with this being the first themed challenge; requiring you to use the newly added frames. The event lasted the entire month of March, ending on March 31.

Hop Chocolate Event

Easter daily gift.png

The Hop Chocolate Event was the Easter event for 2021 that took place in April, starting on the infamous April 1st, otherwise known as April Fool's Day. The event introduced the new skin of Melted Chocolate Bonnie, a new version of the original Chocolate Bonnie. The event ended on April 14th.

Scary Tales Event

SequentialRewards ScaryTales 2021.png

The Scary Tales Event was an event based around the classic Fairytale Little Red Riding Hood. The event was initially meant to begin on April 15th, but had to be delayed due to bug issues, and ended up beginning on April 19th. Before the event started however, the skins Little Red Chica and Big Bad Foxy (eventually added on April 22) were prematurely leaked and revealed. The event suddenly ended on April 29th 2021.

Wicked Tides Event

SequentialRewards WickedTides 2021.png

The Wicked Tides Event was an underwater themed event that took place in May of 2021, two days after the Big Spring Gameplay Update. The event was initially teased in a similar fashion to one of AR's first teasers, with bits and pieces of the teaser slowly being shown off like puzzle pieces. This trend continued throughout the event. The event started off with the skin Dark Water Bare Endo (added May 20, 2021), followed by Sunken Toy Bonnie (added May 27, 2021). The next skin, Piranha Plushtrap, was delayed to Monday, June 7th due to fixing bug issues with its environment. The event ended off with a Photo Booth challenge surrounded around using the new water-themed frames.

Screampunk Event

SequentialRewards Screampunk 2021.png

The Screampunk Event is a steampunk themed event that took place in June of 2021. The event, along with it's first skin, was initially teased on June 16th, however it was delayed by a week due to that same day being the day that Scott Cawthon announced he'd be retiring, and Illumix wanting to "give everyone time & space this week". On June 24th, the event started with the addition of the Clockwork Ballora skin followed by Aeronaut Toy Freddy (added on July 1), then followed by Jetpack Balloon Boy (added on July 8). The event ended with the "Up, Up & Away!" photobooth challenge, starting on July 9 and ending on July 14.

FNaF AR has had it's fair share of events, but it has also included some very short events, that center around old characters and skins returning, whether it be to celebrate a new line of merchandise, or to just be simple filler to allow Illumix to focus on other upcoming events.

Frostbear in Spring Event

Freddy Frostbear Teaser 2.jpg
This Frostbear in Spring Event featured Freddy Frostbear reappearing in Special Delivery in Spring 2020. The event lasted from April 3rd to April 8th, which is a week long.

Chocolate Bonnie returns Event

For a short few days, Chocolate Bonnie returned to FNaF AR to celebrate his merchandise wave that released with the first wave of Special Delivery merch. He arrived on June 23rd and only stayed for about 3 days before leaving to give the spotlight to the also ongoing 4th of July Event.

Toy Bonnie's Back Event

On July 16th 2020, Illumix held a mini event celebrating the permanent return of Toy Bonnie, who was the first character to join the normal rotation after previously being an event exclusive.

Blast from the Past Event (October 2020)

The Blast from the Past Event was a week long event that centered around the return of characters and skins. The returning cast included Freddy Frostbear, Toy Freddy, Mangle, Chocolate Bonnie and Flaming Springtrap. The event started on September 25, 2020 and ended October 1, 2020.

The event had a second half of The Mashup began the day the first half ended. This batch of characters included Shamrock Freddy, Radioactive Foxy, Toxic Springtrap, Broiler Baby and 8-Bit Baby. The second half started October 1, 2020 and ended October 8, 2020.

Arcade Mayhem Merch Celebration

As a celebration for their recent merchandise line, the Arcade Mayhem skins and 8-Bit Baby make their grand return to the game. The event lasted from August 23 to August 25, 2020.

Community Quest

During the Winter Wonderland event, a Community Quest was announced by Illumix. The Quest is built around as many players collecting Event Tokens. If enough players gain enough Event Tokens, a brand new animatronic character will be released early to round off the Winter Wonderland event. The Community Quest character was later revealed to be Golden Freddy, who was added on December 20th along with a massive update. However, this Community Quest, despite taking place at the same time, is not part of the Winter Wonderland event.

Blast from the Past Event (January 2021)

The Blast from the Past event gained a part 2 that would last three weeks starting on January 14, 2021. The third part started off with the Arcade Mayhem Skins & 8-Bit Baby's return. The second third of Blast from the Past part 2 saw the return of the Sizzling Summer skins, which arrived on January 21, 2021. Finally, the event ended off with the Dark Circus returning on January 28.

Shamrock Shakedown Event

DailyGift StPat.png
The Shamrock Shakedown Event was a Blast from the Past style event that took place in March 2021. The event saw the return of Shamrock Freddy, Radioactive Foxy and Toxic Springtrap.

Character Centered Blast from the Past Events

Freddy Festival

SequentialRewards FreddyFestival 2021.png
Blast from the Past gained a third part that began on July 16th, 2021 and was called the "Freddy Festival". The event saw the return of Golden Freddy, VR Toy Freddy, Black Ice Frostbear, Woodland Toy Freddy, Freddy Frostbear, and Shamrock Freddy. Each of the following weeks would be dedicated to at least one of the Freddy's. The event ended abruptly on August 12th with neither Frostbear or Shamrock Freddy getting their own section in the event.

Springtrap Spree

Springtrap Spree is a mini Blast from the Past style event centered around the return of 3 of Springtrap's skins, Toxic Springtrap, Flaming Springtrap and Curse. The event started on August 13, and would dedicate each of the following weeks to one of the three skins.

Plushtrap Party


Plushtrap Party is a mini Blast from the Pasty style event that began on September 2nd 2021, and saw the return of Plushtrap's two skins, Piranha Plushtrap and Frost Plushtrap. The event was the third character centered event, and follows the same theming as the two that came before it.


  • The teaser for the "Get Your Streak On Challenge" event is actually a reference to one of Norman Rockwell’s famous paintings, “Freedom from Want”. It was made in 1942 and it shows a turkey being placed on a table for Thanksgiving dinner.
  • After the St. Patrick Day Event, Character Skins became a staple in events; appearing in every event afterwards.
  • The Sizzling Summer event was the first event to introduce more than 3 skins.
  • The first event to introduce a new character alongside a skin was the Arcade Mayhem Event, introducing 8-Bit Baby as a separate character.
  • Originally, the Dark Circus event was going to house 5 members, however, the final member was cut in favor of the Mashup Event.
  • The Blast from the Past Event is oddly known as the "Mashup Event" within the files.
  • The teaser for the Blast from the Past Event oddly reuses old renders for characters instead of making new ones.
    • This trend would continue with all it's future iterations.
  • Originally, the Halloween Event was seemingly going to house 4 new characters, however, one of them had to be cut in favor of the Catrina Toy Chica skin.
    • Illumix, in response to fan's reactions towards the skin, claimed that in the future the term "character" would be used to describe both animatronics and skins.
  • The 2020 Winter Event was delayed by 1-2 days because of bug fixes backing up Illumix's schedule.
  • The Blast from the Past Event is the first event to ever return for a second time.
    • While there were holiday events in both December 2020 and December 2019, both were drastically different and are considered separate events.
    • Blast from the Past is also the first event to return with a new name, with the Shamrock Shakedown, Freddy Festival & Springtrap Spree events all being categorized as variations to Blast from the Past.
  • The three events returning in Blast from the Past part 2 were actually leaked on the day the event started, revealing that Arcade Mayhem, Sizzling Summer and Dark Circus would be the returning events.
  • Blast from the Past part 2 oddly has a pop-up for each portion of the event explaining Event Tokens, despite Event Tokens not being accessible during the event.
  • The Ancient Equinox event was the first event in 2021 to not reuse a previously used theme.
  • The Hop Chocolate event is the first event of 2021 to introduce one new skin at the beginning of the event rather than two.
  • The end of the Scary Tales Event confused many players, as Illumix had seemingly set up the event to follow all the story beats of the original fairytale, leaving the "story" unfinished.
    • However, this was mostly likely done due to the Big Gameplay Update being close to completion.
  • After Scary Tales ended, the Winter Wonderland skins returned in the shop for a limited amount of time, and had an in-game teaser exclusively for it. Many believed it to be a third part to Blast from the Past, however this was not the case.
    • Strangely, the return of the four skins was never acknowledged by Illumix's social media team.
  • All skins in the Wicked Tides Event were teased via puzzle pieces in a similar fashion to FNaF AR's first teaser.
    • This trend would later continue in following events, excluding Springtrap Spree.
  • After the introduction of Photo Booth Challenges, every event onwards except Hop Chocolate, Scary Tales and Freddy Festival ended with a Photo Booth Challenge.
    • Heart Stoppers didn't technically end with one, as Toy Freddy was added to character rotation afterwards, however it was one of the last things the event did.
  • Despite the first part of the third Blast from the Past being called the Freddy Festival, Firework Freddy is strangely the only Freddy skin missing from the event.
    • While Aeronaut Toy Freddy was also absent, this was expected as he had just released two weeks prior.
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