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The Fazbear Fanverse Initiative is a project dedicated to bringing the spotlight to multiple fangames. The fangames each include multiple characters within the games as the primary antagonists. Note: Despite all games in each individual franchise being included, this page will only cover the 5 primary games being funded in the Fanverse. No characters from other games like FNaC 1 or Popgoes Arcade will be included.

Five Nights at Candy's 4

Name Image Notes
Forgotten Candy FNaC4Teaser1.jpg An advanced version of Candy the Cat that's been forgotten.
Candles CHASEMiniCandiesTeaser.png Four miniature robotic Candies that crowd around Forgotten Candy.
Forgotten Cat FNaC4Teaser3.png An alternate version of "The Cat".

The Joy of Creation: Ignited Collection

Name Image Notes
Ignited Freddy TJoCIgnitedFreddyModel.jpg A burnt and heavily damaged version of Withered Freddy made to kill Scott Cawthon.
Ignited Bonnie NiksonBanner2Inverted.png A burnt and heavily damaged version of Withered Bonnie made to kill Scott Cawthon.
Ignited Chica TJoCIgnitedChicaModel.jpg A burnt and heavily damaged version of Withered Chica made to kill Scott Cawthon.
Ignited Foxy TBA A burnt and heavily damaged version of Withered Foxy made to kill Scott Cawthon.

Popgoes: Evergreen

Name Image Notes
Popgoes the Weasel Popgoes.jpeg A large weasel animatronic made from a 3D printer who acts as the head singer for the Popgoes Pizzeria band.
Sara the Squirrel SaraRef2.jpeg One of two twin squirrel animatronics made from a 3D printer who act as the guitarists for the Popgoes Pizzeria band.
Saffron the Squirrel SaffronModelShowcase.jpeg One of two twin squirrel animatronics made from a 3D printer who act as the guitarists for the Popgoes Pizzeria band.
Stone the Crow NewStonetheCrow.jpeg A large crow animatronic made from a 3D printer who holds a sign pointing customers to the drive-through and the entrance.
Blake the Badger BlakeWallpaper.png A large badger animatronic made from a 3D printer that acts as a tech-based animatronic helper.
Black Rabbit Popgoes-BlackRabbit.png A black colored Toy Bonnie made from a 3D printer by Popgoes.
Evergreen Endo NewLogo.jpeg A background prop of the endoskeleton the animatronics use that Kane Carter loves to post about.
Manora the Mouse ManoraValentinesCard.jpeg A minor character with a fangirl personality that exists within the Popgoes: Evergreen universe through primarily posters and artwork.

One Night at Flumpty's 3

Choking hazard.jpg

We at Triple A Fazbear and the other Sister Wikias do not support nor condone the actions of this creator. All Flumpty's content made by said creator is being kept due to it being a part of the Fanverse, but will be removed if the trilogy is dropped from the Initiative.

Name Image Notes
Flumpty Bumpty FlumptyBumptyDisplayImage.png A sentient Egg Man who traps people to play his "game" for seemingly no reason other than his own amusement.
Birthday Boy Blam BBBDisplayImage.png A humanoid character with a box-shaped head that acts as the main secondary antagonist.
Grunkfuss the Clown GrunkfussDisplayImage.png A creepy clown who can travel through walls.
The Beavowl BeavowlDisplayImage.png The Beaver and Owl now stitched together after both dying of toilet-related accidents.
The Red Man TheRedmanDisplayImage.png A skeletal creature made of a man who drank lava and lived (kinda).
Golden Flumpty GoldenFlumptyDisplayImage.png A large cracked variant of Flumpty who appears randomly.
Eyesaur EyesaurDisplayImage.png An dinosaur-like creature made entirely out of the dead bodies of Flumpty's victims.


Name Image Notes
Plus Freddy FreddyRedesign.jpeg The redesign for Freddy Fazbear made for FNaF+.
Plus Bonnie & Plus Chica PlusChica&BonnieTeaser.jpeg The redesign for Bonnie and Chica & Mr Cupcake made for FNaF+.
Plus Foxy FNaFPlusFoxy.png The redesign for Foxy made for FNaF+.
Plus Endo-01 PlusEndo.png The redesign for Endo-01 made for FNaF+.
Plus Marionette PlusMarionette.png The redesign for Marionette made for FNaF+.
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