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The front view of the token.

The back view of the token.

Faz Tokens is one of the collectibles in Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted, There are a total of 30 tokens in Help Wanted.


In Help Wanted, Faz Tokens can be found in various locations. While in the main menu, a monitor on the right will keep track of the number of tokens the player has found. Collecting these and reaching certain thresholds can unlock certain prizes in the prize corner. With collecting all the coins, the player can unlock Exotic Butter in the Prize Counter. It contains a button that switches on the monitor at the counter. Collecting Faz-Tokens also seems to increase how solid Glitchtrap appears, changing from a transparent green outline to a fully-formed rabbit mascot.

In Special Delivery, Faz-Coins can be used to purchase special items, such as lures, plush suits, CPUs and more. However, they can't be obtained in any way throughout the game other than buying them with IRL currency and some Events. The player is also given 150 Faz-Coins at the start of the game.


Faz Tokens unlock prizes found at the Prize Corner under the Special tab. These are as follows:

  • Basketball (Available from the beginning)
  • Cockroach (5 Faz Tokens)
  • Plastic Cup (8 Faz Tokens)
  • Fan (10 Faz Tokens)
  • Rolled Paper (15 Faz Tokens)
  • Freddy Mask (20 Faz Tokens)
  • 8-Ball (22 Faz Tokens)
  • Helpy (25 Faz Tokens)

By collecting all 30 tokens, the player can unlock a basket of Exotic Butter, which appears on the counter. Inside hides a button that can switch on the monitor in Prize Counter. Different images will show up on the monitor depending on the version of the game.



  • Under the cup in the lower drawer of the office desk.
  • Below the cupcake on the smaller monitor at the player's right.
  • In the smaller monitor at the player's right (Only appears around 3 AM).


  • Between the camera buttons and the camera monitor.
  • On a piece of paper behind the clock on the player's desk (Only appears when Freddy Fazbear's mask is worn).
  • In front of the telephone on the player's desk (Only appears when Marionette is walking down the hallway).


  • Near the bobble heads on the left side of the monitor.
  • Above the vent monitor (Only appears when the player enters 395248 using the keypad hidden on the wall behind the vent monitor).
  • On the opened lowest drawer at the right side of the player's desk (Only appears when there is ventilation error).

Dark Rooms

  • In Nightmare BB level, above the fan on the ceiling of the room (Will drop down if the player stares at the fan for a while).

Parts and Service


  • At the corner of the desk near the player (Only appears when the player strums Bonnie's guitar 3 times).
  • Under the Bonnie plushie.
  • At the right side of the cleaning receptacle at the player's right side.


  • In the trash can.
  • Behind the can near the food box on the desk.
  • On the desk in front of the pizza box (Only appears when the player feeds Chica a pizza after finishing the repair session).


  • Above Freddy's left ear.
  • Under one of the music boxes in the downer part of the table.


  • Under the bigger gear on the desk at the player's right.
  • On the left table where Foxy's mask is located (Only appears when the player wears Foxy's mask unless playing in flat mode).

Vent Repair

  • In Mangle's level, inside a small space at the right vent where some gears can be seen.
  • In the second group of puzzles in Ennard's level, in a box at the left side of the player where the gears re-spawn.
  • Between the first and second group of puzzles in the Hard Mode of Ennard's level, inside Bonnet's left eye, on the player's right.

Night Terrors

Circus Baby

  • On a wooden box behind the player.
  • Behind one of the Plushbabies' head.
  • On the left side of a box where the same Plushbaby mentioned sits on.

Pizza Party

  • On the floor behind the player when in the hallway outside the FNaF 3 office.
  • On a gift box at the player's right after the player enters the left door in Plushtrap's room.

Prize Counter

  • At the right side of the "Return to Menu" button on the counter.

The Gallery

  • In the drawer of a table at the player's left where the "Return to Menu" button is placed.


  • One of the coins in FNAF 3 that requires the keypad is a reference to the original Five Nights at Freddy's 3, where the player can also use the keypad on the wall with the same code to access one of the mini-games.
  • The front view of the token reveals the year of establishment for Freddy Fazbear's Pizza: 1983.
    • It is interesting to note that is the same year displayed on the TV in the Minigames in Five Nights at Freddy's 4.
  • The Faz Token appears to be a reminiscent to actual tokens to use in the Chuck E. Cheese's pizzeria.


See also: The Shop for the different purchasable items and the amount of Faz-Coins needed.

The front of a Faz-Coin.

Faz-Coins are one of the currencies in Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery.

Ways to Obtain


In Special Delivery, the Faz-Coins can be bought with real life currency.

  • Roll of Faz-Coins (x500) - $1.99 USD
  • Stack of Faz-Coins (x1200) - $9.99 USD
  • Cup of Faz-Coins (x2600) - $19.99 USD
  • Tub of Faz-Coins (x5400) - $39.99 USD
  • Sack of Faz-Coins (x8700) - $59.99 USD
  • Truck of Faz-Coins (x15000) - $99.99 USD

With the Faz-Coins, the player can buy different items to help player throughout the game.

An option to watch ads for extra Faz-Coins is given in the Shop Section as well as the game over/game won screen. The player can earn 10 Faz-Coins for each ads. This feature is only available in 3.0.0 or later version of the game.

Gift Box

In every 4 hours, the player can obtain a random gift from the gift box. These gifts include lures, CPUs, as well as Faz-Coins.

Special Events

In Dawko's WWF Charity Stream, Tub of Faz-Coins (5400 Faz-Coins) are given away to 5 lucky winners who donated at least $3 AUD.


Event Tokens

The Winter Wonderland Event Token.

In the Winter Wonderland Event of FNaF AR, a new kind of token was introduced, being the Event Tokens. Event Tokens are special coins that can be collected via daily rewards, defeating animatronics and finding them in random balloons. The tokens are styled to match the current event, and are used as an alternative to the microtransactions within the shop. The tokens were apart of the Community Quest, where if enough players gather enough event tokens, Illumix will end off the Winter Wonderland event with the early release of a new character. Once the bars for the quest fully filled up, it was found that the tokens would be used to buy the lures & plushsuits for the new character, who was later revealed to be Golden Freddy.

After the Winter Wonderland event, the tokens became a staple in the events that followed, becoming the primary currency needed to unlock things such as skin plushsuits, avatar icons and more.

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