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That's Right! With the Fazbear Funtime Service, you'll never be alone again. It's guaranteed with our exclusive animatronics, you'll always have someone watching your back. They'll provide you with hours of fun, fun fun, entertainment and companionship! You can't hide from a future of fun! Our special delivery will make you jump with excitement! Subscribe today, don't miss the opportunity! And remember, we're always watching out for you!

Fazbear Funtime Service is a company that appears in Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery. The company delivers animatronics to the subscribers.

Known Employees

  • Tristan - Compliance Team
  • Nora - Research & Development
  • Brenda Tanaka
  • Stanley Howse
  • Luis Cabrera - IT
  • Greg Abernathy - IT
  • Dan Ximenez - IT
  • Aiden Jackson - IT
  • James Campbell - IT
  • Jerome Kahn - Accounting
  • Ivan Gagarin - Accounting
  • Cheryl M. - Office Staff
  • Todd C. - Office Staff
  • Anand G. - Legal
  • Shonda Ford - Legal
  • Kayla Stringer - Legal
  • Kenneth Freeman
  • Ben Pulley
  • Karen Soto
  • Stan Howser
  • Jack Sims
  • Jay Murphy
  • Karen Soto
  • Charles Ramirez
  • Unnamed spokesperson (from launch trailer)
  • HandUnit

Internal Transfers

  • Christie Buckley - Marketing to Social Media Content Management (Restructuring)
  • Paul G. - Office Administration to Executive Administration (Promotion)
  • Bettie M. - Internship program to Development (Permanent hire)
  • Timothy M. - Internship program to Social Media Content Management (Permanent hire)
  • Vanessa A. - Security to Security (Transfer Request)


  • Diannah Larimore - Marketing (Restructuring)
  • Maria A. - Marketing (Restructuring)

Animatronic Catalog



Skins Catalog


  • The unnamed spokesperson from the launch trailer is portrayed by the famous YouTuber named Markiplier.
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