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The Freddles are miniature versions and companions of Nightmare Freddy from Five Nights at Freddy's 4. They returned as minor antagonists in Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted.


They have a similar appearance to Nightmare Freddy. They have two toes and three fingers, and wear small black top hats on their head. They have black eyes and beady white pupils. Only one has a bow tie on its chest, and each has unique withering.


FNaF VR: Help Wanted

Freddy Repair

The Freddles made their first appearance in the hard mode of the Freddy Repair mini-game in the Parts and Service section. In this section, they're colored monochrome to fit with Dark Freddy. However, they only float around the player and make noise, as well as causing distraction to the player.

Hallway Crawl

The Freddles appear in the "Hallway Crawl" level in Spooky Mansion where they are attached to Nightmare Freddy. They do not do anything by themselves, but they let out high pitched whines that become louder as Nightmare Freddy nears the player, giving them a sense of how close he is.


The Freddles appear on the conveyor belts in the Build-a-Mangle minigame in the Spooky Mansion section. The player must shock them and throw them into the component chute before they are put into the fire pit, or they will block the player's view briefly and make noises.


Burned Freddle.

  • Strangely, the Freddles never made their appearance with Nightmare Freddy until the Curse of Dreadbear DLC.
  • The Freddles already had their own model in the gallery before the DLC, even though they didn't have their own mini-games which they act as antagonists.
  • The only time the Freddles appear outside of Curse of Dreadbear is in Freddy's hard mode Parts and Service level.
    • In this level, the Freddles take on a similar appearance to Dark Freddy, being completely black in color with glowing white eyes and teeth.
  • In the game file of Curse of Dreadbear, there is an unused texture for Freddles that was supposed to be for Build-a-Mangle in Spooky Mansion section (presumably Hard Mode). The texture looks burnt, thus the name Burned Freddles was given.
  • In the main game, similarly to their original appearance they appear attached to Nightmare Freddy when in The Gallery.
    • Despite this, they still have their very own gallery spot.
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