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Hey, kids! Do you want pizza?! Well, Fazbear Entertainment has spared no expense developing the world’s most extreme family fun center – Freddy Fazbear’s Mega Pizza Plex! At three stories tall, it’s the flashiest, raddest, rockingist, safest* pizzeria the universe has ever seen. Of course, Freddy and the band are excited to meet you! Utilizing the latest in animatronic technology, you can actually party with the stars themselves. So, on your next birthday, let Freddy Fazbear’s Mega Pizza Plex make you a SUPERSTAR!

* Disclaimer: Fazbear Entertainment cannot guarantee guest safety

— Playstation Blog

Freddy Fazbear's Mega Pizzaplex is the main setting of Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach. It is Fazbear Entertainment's newest entertainment center/pizzeria restaurant, and features brand new animatronics.

The location first appeared in Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted, where the player is able to view the building's construction site if they exit the door on the right side of the final room in the Pizza Party level.


The Mega Pizzaplex is broken up into 7 different floors, having 4 regular floors, the Ground Floor, and the two Basement floors. While a majority of these floors are simply attractions accessed from the Atrium, a good number of them lead to various other locations throughout the Pizzaplex.

Mutli-Floor Locations

The Lobby


The Lobby is the central area of the Ground Floor in the Pizzaplex, and leads to the Daycare, Faz-Pad and Glamrock Gifts. The lobby has a tiled floor that swaps between a checkered pattern, and a more stone-like pattern. The walls are a dark pink, decorated with neon lights and signs, and many posters of the Glamrocks. In the center of the lobby is a large gold Glamrock Freddy statue, with fake palm-trees to the left and right of it, and a nonfunctioning elevator behind it. The lobby also holds the exit, which is a set of automatic doors that get covered up be a large security cover decorated with Glamrock Freddy on it. A small security office can be found in the Lobby, this office being the Lost and Found room, which is a small area with many toys and shirts piled around the room.

The Atrium


The Atrium is the largest location in the Pizzaplex, and acts as the central hub for the player, and is accessible on almost every floor. The Atrium leads to every location in the complex, excluding the basement floors. It's a gigantic room with tiled floors, red walls and sub-sections all around based off the attractions that the atrium leads to. The center area of the atrium is a large eating area where guests can eat, and watch the Glamrocks perform on-stage, which is seen in the middle of the room against the furthest wall. Said stage also acts as a giant elevator that leads down the the lowest basement level. On the third floor, a small control station is set where showtime sequences are started. When the player uses this area to start a showtime sequence, giant purple-tinted holograms of the Glamrocks appear and begin performing.

Utility Tunnels

The Utility Tunnels, otherwise called "Utilidoors", are a set of tunnels that run throughout the Pizzaplex. There are multiple sets of tunnels that run through both basement levels and are accessible in multiple areas, like Rockstar Row. Each tunnel is mostly dingy and undecorated with some exceptions, such as navigational decals or safety posters. S.T.A.F.F. Bots can commonly be seen in these tunnels doing various activities, but most are normally broken. The most notable utility tunnels are East Utilities, Theater Utilities and Backstage Utilities. Theater Utilities is the most unique, as it acts as more of a large storage room, with areas for recording, rehearsal, and preparation, as seen by a blue-screen and make-up station.

Ground Floor

Superstar Daycare


The Superstar Daycare is a large play-area for young children, and the area in which The Daycare Attendant resides. The area is separated into two floors, with the upper floor holding many party rooms and the entrance to the Fazbear Theater, and the lower floor holding a Gift Shop and the Daycare itself. The Daycare area is a large brightly-colored area featuring a giant jungle gym, a castle area with a ball-pit moat, multiple sitting areas and cubicles for smaller children, and a large security desk next to the exit door. The daycare is encased via tall walls, and large netting that comes down from the ceiling. When the power in the area goes out, the player must find 5 back-up generators, all of which are oddly located within the jungle gym.

Fazbear Theater

The Fazbear Theater is an area located off to the side of the Daycare. The area is a large theater with a small stage in-front of the theater screen for performances, such as Comedy Bot's comedy act. The theater opens up to a concession stand to get food and drinks before leading into the actual theater area. The area is decorated with decals of the characters from Freddy and Friends: On Tour, and has a large poster of Captain Foxy's Pirate Adventure, which is actually a doorway to the Daycare Attendant's room, which ic cluttered and messy with broken S.T.A.F.F. Bots, various prizes and arcade machines, and trash.

Fazer Blast

Fazer Blast is a large laser-tag arena decorated with green, red and pink neon walls. The area mostly acts as a maze, with a few sections that are more open as they hold the flags the player needs to capture to beat the game. The arena also holds many elevated areas, technically having smaller floors within the room. The upper cat-walk leads to an office, and a hideout that Vanny resides in. One of the walls holds a giant decal of L.O.L.Z.H.A.X above the exit door, which leads to the Superstar Lounge. The Superstar Lounge is a small room with a table in the middle, couches around the wall, dimmed lighting, and a disco ball hanging from the ceiling. The Lounge is meant to give out the prizes for the winning team of the game.

Monty's Gator Golf

Monty's Gator Golf is a large golf course, and the main place that Montgomery Gator resides when not on-stage or in Rockstar Row. Monty Golf is themed around a large swamp, with dark greens taking up most of the walls and floors, and multiple alligator heads in both the water and on the wall. The course has multiple fake trees scattered around, as well as foliage, ponds, and a large lake in the middle that's closed off with radioactive waste barrels floating inside it. The course also holds multiple smaller areas, such as concession stands, gift shops, and a tree-house. Parts of the course are decorated to look like the player is walking through the inside of an alligator, with dark red, flesh-like walls and rib-like structures along the walls and roof.

Floor 1

Faz-Pad and Glamrock Gifts


The Faz-Pad and Glamrock Gifts are smaller areas only accessibly in the Lobby. The Faz-Pad is a small cafe/lounge area decorated with warm colors, and lanterns for lights. Meanwhile, Glamrock Gifts is a somewhat small gift shop featuring primarily plushies and clothing. The shop has dark purple walls, with pink lights and a dark blue carpet. In the middle of the shop is a small blue stand that features a free-prize, which ends up being a Mr. Hippo Magnet.

Kid's Cove

Kid's Cove is a small, ocean-themed area that acts as the entrance area to the Daycare from the Atrium. The area holds a lighthouse with a slide, a ship being attacked by a sea monster, and a large statue of Captain Foxy. The doorways to the Daycare are shut, with large signs that read "Banned", as by this point in the game Gregory has been banned from entering the Daycare again.


The majority of the first floor is the Atrium, however it also features the lobby areas for Fazer Blast, Monty Golf, and Roxy Raceway. Fazer-Blast's lobby is separated into two sections, with one section being the actual lobby with a gift-shop and front desk, and the other section being a preparation room for players, with the equipment near the entrance to the arena, and a stage with the Instructor Bot in the front half of the room. Monty Golf's lobby is a large area that features decorations similar to the course itself, as well as a ball-pit and a large golf-ball carousel. Finally, Roxy Raceway's Lobby is simply a closed-off and under-construction hallway with a large sign for Roxy Raceway outside of it.

Rockstar Row

Rockstar Row is a long hallway with the animatronic's greenrooms in it. The area acts as a place for guests to visit their greenrooms, take photos with the animatronics, and walk through a museum that features parts, suits and props from old animatronics from Freddy's past. The area also features four large golden statues of each Glamrock. Rockstar Row also holds the largest security office in the game, having multiple monitors, desks, and even four entrances. Behind Rockstar Row is the Rehearsal Room, which features multiple chairs and a small stage for the Glamrocks to practice their performances. Finally, it also features the S.T.A.F.F. Lounge and Backstage Storage areas, which are both inaccessible to the player.

Green Rooms

The Green Rooms are rooms located in Rockstar Row, and are small, decorated rooms, each belonging to a particular glamrock. Each room is color-coordinated to fit the character, and has a painting of said character on the wall. Glamrock Freddy's is red and blue with Freddy memorabilia scattered around the room. Monty's is green and purple with plants around it to stick with the swamp theme of Monty Golf, and the room's furniture is flipped over and the walls hold scratches, as Monty at the start of the game could be heard destroying his room. Roxanne's room is various shades of purple, with a bit of green, and is decorated with tires, checkered flags and a motorcycle ride, sticking with Roxy's racing theme. Finally, Chica's is pink and green, with trash and various food products scattered around the room. Each green room holds an arcade machine in the corner, a desk, chair and mirror in the opposite corner, a door leading to parts and service and a door that leads to Rockstar Row.

Floor 2

Roxy Raceway

Roxy Raceway is a large Racetrack with a wild-west theme, and the main place that Roxanne Wolf resides when not on-stage or in Rockstar Row. The area is filled with boxes, scaffolding and construction vehicles as the area is under construction during the game, due to the area's structure being unstable. The racetrack takes up a large majority of the main area, with an upper-area holding concession-stands. The lower area features an area to take photos, many garages holding go-karts, an area full of boxes for Driver Assists, and a few storage rooms and staff areas. The raceway also features the Glamrock Beauty Salon, which is a hair and beauty salon with a racing theme, and a large golden Roxanne Wolf statue. A secret door found in Roxy Raceway also leads to an elevator that'll take the player below the location and too Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Place.


The Bakery is a bakery that specializes in making cupcakes. The outside is decorated with candy decals, a giant "Let's Eat" decal and a large cupcake statue. Inside the bakery is a normal shop area with display cases filled with deserts, and a large golden Cupcake statue with plushies of Glamrock Chica and regular Chica sat around it. Off to the side of the shop is a factory-esc area, with conveyor belts and industrial-like decorations. The conveyor belts all feed out of the mouth of a large Cupcake, which is sat in-front of the kitchen.

Floor 3

El Chip's

El Chip's is a small Mexican buffet. The restaurant is decorated with orange checkered tiles for flooring, and many yellow and green lights. The buffet has multiple menus, drink machines and chip stands scattered throughout, and the main counter has a small kitchen behind it. Finally, as a large centerpiece, against the wall is a very large El Chip piñata.


The Superstarcade is a small arcade area filled with arcade machines, tables and a few prizes scattered around. The area is mostly decorated with white striped lights that come out of certain areas on the floor and are set around the walls and ceiling. During the events of Security Breach, the whole arcade is out of order. The arcade can only be accessed through El Chip's or the Prize Counter.

Prize Counter

The Prize Counter is another gift shop area, that seems to sell almost every collectable in-game. The area has multiple collectables, as well as a dome-shaped window that overlooks the lobby, and a hallway leading out of the gift shop that leads to the fire exit. In the middle of the shop is an elevator that would normally lead to the lobby.


Mazercise is a brightly colored exercise eatery, and the main place that Glamrock Chica resides when not on-stage or in Rockstar Row. The main lobby area is decorated with multiple places to sit, cubicles and vending machines. Mazercise itself is small maze made up of moving walls with multiple brightly colored patterns. The maze layout can be changed and edited via the control room which can be found in the hallway right before entering. The vent in the very back of Mazercise leads straight onto the catwalks above Monty Golf.

Monty Golf Catwalks

The catwalks above Monty Golf are a long set of metal platforms riddled with canons that the player can use to shoot the giant dump bucket that's used to shatter Monty. The catwalks also have a conveyor belt that constantly moves around Monty carts hanging from the roof.

Floor 4


The Fazcade is a giant disco-arcade, and the place where DJ Music Man resides. The area is a multi-floor arcade with tons and tons of arcade machines lined up in rows. One of the lower areas is a dance floor with DJ Music Man's booth and a light-up checkered floor, as well as a small sitting area. The entire Fazcade is covered in large, neon tunnels that are built to allow DJ Music Man to maneuver through the area. The security office in this area holds a giant machine meant for fixing S.T.A.F.F. Bots. Finally, there is a long maintenance hallway located near the S.T.A.F.F. Bot Repair room. The hallway features one of DJ Music Man's tunnels at the very end of it, where his final chase sequence commences.

Bonnie Bowl


Bonnie Bowl is a large Bowling ally themed around Bonnie. The bowling ally features a fairly standard bowling rink with some arcade machines scattered around, as well as an ice cream parlor added onto it. The ice cream parlor features checkered tiles on the floors and walls, with a standard kitchen equipped with ice cream makers set behind a bar-counter that customers can sit at. In the middle of the parlor is a closed-off stage that is suggested to belong to Glamrock Bonnie before his disappearance.

Basement 1

Dining Hall

The Dining Hall is a very large, mostly empty room with furniture knocked over and spread around. The room's lights make it incredibly difficult to see. Most of the furniture found within the room includes tables, kitchen appliances, large crates and boxes, trash cans and a few vending machines. One of the walls within the room show two large television screens that display nothing but static.

Kitchen and Loading Dock

The biggest room in the first basement level is made up of the giant kitchen area. The kitchen holds multiple rooms filled with basic kitchen supplies such as ovens, sinks, fridges and more. The whole kitchen is filled with multiple Mop Bots who continuously move around in lines. Also in the kitchen is the giant trash compactor that is used to shatter Glamrock Chica. Right outside of the Kitchen is the Loading Dock, an alternative exit for the player. The loading dock is a simple area for vehicles to enter and exit through the pizzaplex, with a control module and desk sitting near the exit.


The Locker area is a large employee locker room with showers and lockers set throughout. The area is accessibly through almost every room on the floor, and is made up of mostly hallways. The locker area is decorated similarly to the bathrooms found throughout the Pizzaplex, with posters that remind guests and staff to "Wash their Paws".

Basement 2

Parts and Service

Parts and Service is a large room with a protective dome in the middle. This dome is used to upgrade the Glamrock's parts. Inside the dome is a large chair with multiple robotic arms come off of it, which are used to interchange the parts. At the back of parts and service are four doorways, each leading up to one of the Glamrock's green rooms. Two hallways split off from the entrance to the room, with one leading to a staircase and the other leading to the Showstage Elevator.

The Warehouse

Around Parts and Service is a large warehouse filled with spare Endoskeletons and broken S.T.A.F.F. Bots. The warehouse has the Glamrock Endoskeletons in multiple places, with some being incased behind fences, some dangling from chains attached to the ceiling and some just simply standing around. The warehouse itself holds many different rooms, two of which being longer rooms with conveyor belts, a mint colored room and a security office that looks extremely similar to the Daycare. Each area is closed off by a large door, with each door having decals of the Glamrock Endos interacting with customers, suggesting that they were once meant to fill the role of the S.T.A.F.F. Bots, hence the large amount of them.

The Sewers

The Sewers are a large set of trash-filled tunnels that are located beneath the Kitchen. Portions of the sewers are filled with so much trash that it makes up the whole tunnel that the player walks through. Some tunnels also have small bridges made of wooden planks, as they're sat over large pits. The sewers are also littered with vandalized S.T.A.F.F. Bots, known as the Nightmarionne Bots, who mostly serve their normal duties, however will also attack the player if the player falls into any pits. The Sewers exit lead to the S.T.A.F.F. Bot Silo, a large silo filled with colored notes, broken S.T.A.F.F. Bot heads, and the S.T.A.F.F. Bot family.


  • The official logo of the restaurant was first leaked on a FNaF 16-month 2021 calendar.
  • Security Breach is the first time an official logo of a Fazbear Entertainment location is revealed.
    • Noticeably, it features the animatronic mascots in a more organic-looking appearance instead of a robotic look.
  • This is the largest location in the franchise thus far.
  • The name for the location was leaked in April 2020 because of listings for merchandise.
  • The Pizzaplex, despite being an entertainment center, is commonly mistaken by fans as a mall.
    • This is most likely due to the fans asking for a mall-like location as far back as FNaF 3.
  • The term "Pizzaplex" comes from the words "Pizza" and "Complex". While the origin for "Pizza" is obvious, it is unclear why the building is called a complex.
  • The Pizzaplex is single-handedly the largest location in FNaF history, spanning 7 floors including both basement levels.
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