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Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Place is a destroyed and disheveled pizzeria located underneath the Mega Pizzaplex. The location first appeared in Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator, and acts as the final boss location for the Afton Ending in Security Breach.


The location is extremely small, being made up of very few rooms. The entrance to the Pizzeria is a small room with a counter and cash register, which leads into the main area. The location is mostly empty, outside of a few tables, as well as two show stages, one being much larger than the other. The room is littered with rubble, barrels, barriers, and a a Recharge Station can be found in the corner. In the middle of the location, near the wall, is a large pit with a staircase built from rubble leading downwards into a room where The Blob can be found sleeping. After the wooden palette on the floor breaks, the player is dropped down into an office with two doors, a vent, three desks, each with a monitor and button, and a bed next to a broken arcade machine, rubble and a candle. Down the hallways are three different rooms with vats and metal floors with burners that shoot fire, and the Recharge Station that Burntrap had been kept inside. Outside of Pizza Place is a large tunnel filled with generators and what looks to be the remains of a large Freddy Fazbear statue. Right in front of the entrance is the disheveled Sewer Bot, patrolling the area as well as a deactivated Glamrock Endo.


To enter the location, the player must have shattered each Glamrock and fully upgraded Freddy. Then, the player must go to Roxy Raceway and find the door hidden away. After going through a long hallway filled with metal sheets, rubble and large blocks of concrete, the player can enter the elevator leading them down to the tunnel and Pizza Place.


The Pizza Place is home to the final bossfight between Gregory and Burntrap, where the player must continuously set Burntrap on fire using the buttons on the desks. During this fight, the Glamrocks and the Blob will attack, with Monty coming down the vent, Chica coming down either hall, Roxy running into the room forcing the player to hide, and the Blob attempting to grab the player with it's tentacles that come up through the pipes on the floor and roof. All the while the player is set on a sort've timer, as Burntrap will attempt to take control over Freddy, and if the player isn't fast enough, Freddy will kill them.


  • The tables and stages in the location come directly from the original Pizzeria Simulator, having the Deluxe Concert Stage and Star Curtain Stage.
  • As seen by the state of the main dining area, it's suggested that the fire in FFPS only happened in the Labyrinth.
  • Some have speculated that the office in the final fight may have been Cassette Man's, as it holds the controls for the fire systems.
  • Many messages point towards the Pizza Place being underneath Roxy Raceway, as it's often the attraction has pits or cave-ins happen due to being built over it.
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