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Fully Loaded Rabbit is one of the bosses in Freddy In Space 2, he is the final boss of Cosmic Freeway. Upon defeating him for the first time, Bonnie joins the crew.


Fully Loaded Rabbit is an organic purple rabbit that is rather muscular, he wears brown overalls, black boots with the tip made of metal, and red cyclops glasses. Fully Loaded Rabbit also has a machine gun, with what appears to be a secondary weapon on his back.



CONTACT Deals damage on full contact.
ROCKETS Fires several rockets from the current position.
BULLET BARRAGE Fires several bullets in small intervals.


The top platform in Fully Loaded Rabbit's arena is great for avoiding damage, simply stand still and jump over the rockets. When Fully Loaded Rabbit stops firing, quickly do some damage to him, before returning to the platform. It is recomended the player uses Chica or Freddy for this battle, as Foxy's high jump could make the player take damage when returning to the platform.

Another way to defeat Fully Loaded Rabbit is by abusing his projectiles. There is a small area near him which he cannot do any damage. The player can abuse this, and just keep firing at him until he is defeated.


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