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Glamrock Bonnie is a Glamrock Animatronic who is no longer present in the Pizzaplex. He is never seen in the game, though he is mentioned by both Freddy and a few of the various messages.


Due to Glamrock Bonnie being absent for the entire game, the only form he is ever seen in is the illustration for Bonnie Bowl. The artwork depicts him to be a dark indigo color with pink eyes. The artwork also depicts him in a burgundy and tan bowling shirt, though it's unlikely that this was the design of the glamrock animatronic as it does not fit in with other glamrock counterparts. Based off a drawing within the Pizzaplex, all that can be seen about the animatronic's design was that he would've had a star around his left eye, and possibly more along his face as well.


Glamrock Bonnie is only mentioned a few times throughout the game, twice by Glamrock Freddy. As seen in one of the collectable messages, Bonnie in the middle of the night would leave his room and head to Monty Golf for unknown reasons. In another collectable message, it's revealed that Bonnie was "out of commission" and that Monty would take his place as the bass player in the band. One final message reveals that staff in the Pizzaplex had been taking down all Bonnie-themed items, but despite their best efforts, many children continued to ask where Bonnie was, leading to Management requesting a re-theme for the bowling alley.

The only other times he is mentioned are by Freddy; the first being when Freddy alludes to his existence saying the Pizzaplex doesn't have a rabbit "anymore". The second time is if you walk up to a curtained stage in the Ice Cream parlor found inside of Bonnie Bowl. If you're inside Glamrock Freddy when approaching the stage, he'll express how he doesn't come here anymore as he misses Bonnie.



  • While it is unclear as to what happened to Bonnie to lead to his decommissioning, it's made clear by the messages that the employees at the Pizzaplex want to remove the artwork of the character from the Pizzaplex as he is no longer there.
  • Some speculate that Vanny destroyed Glamrock Bonnie in order to use his pieces for remnant to be used to be revive William Afton as Burntrap. Others speculate that it was Monty who demolished him to take his spot as the bass player.
    • Some pieces in the game seem to lead that it might've been Monty, as the last time Bonnie was seen operating was in Monty Golf, where Monty was originally located, and in the last course in Monty's Golf minigame, there is a stage with Roxy, Chica, and Monty performing, with Monty in Freddy's place and Freddy inside a garbage can.
      • This all remains unconfirmed, and is entirely speculation.
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