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Freddy, there's something here!
— Gregory's reaction to the first Glamrock Endoskeleton.

The Glamrock Endos are a large group of unused endoskeletons found in the basement of the Mega Pizzaplex. They become a reoccuring group of antagonists throughout the game.


The Glamrock Endo is a very high-tech version of the original endoskeleton, being grey in color as usual, but having a much stronger build, with its torso being covered in copper wiring. The endoskeletons lack pupil casing on the eyes, revealing glowing red irises underneath.

When first encountering them, most are deactivated and slumped over, before waking up and hunting the player. However, there are many that are seen dangling from the ceiling by chains or wires. There is also an active yet harmless endoskeleton in Parts and Service.


The Glamrock Endos are weeping angel type enemies, in which they'll only move if the player isn't looking at them. They also have the unique quirk of each endo having a different speed, with some being faster than others and vice versa. In Parts and Service, the player only sees one at first, with more and more endoskeletons activating as they progress in the mission. In all following appearances, the endoskeletons will attack as a group, and will be much more aggressive.

After leaving the parts and service area, the endoskeletons will begin to appear in several areas throughout the game, specifically Bonnie Bowl, Underneath the Fazbear Theatre, and in the Sinkhole under the Roxy Raceway. Before the February patch, the endoskeletons in the sinkhole didn't actually attack the player, and were simply props.

Unused Content

The unused Frost Endo.

Within the files for the game, it can be found that originally, there was meant to be a Frost variant of the Glamrock Endoskeletons. They looked identical to the normal ones, with the exception being that they were covered in a sheet of ice. It is unknown what purpose they would've served originally. The endoskeleton would've sat in a cold boiler room and held a camera. Despite this being cut, parts of this model can be found in some boxes throughout the Pizzaplex.


  • The Glamrock Endoskeletons are suggested to have originally served the purpose of the S.T.A.F.F. Bots, as artwork around their location shows them interacting with and helping customers.
  • The Glamrock Endos being weeping angel type enemies is similar to The Joy of Creation, where the endoskeletons in that game were also weeping angel enemies.
    • It is unclear on if that game inspired this mechanic, or if it was a complete coincidence.
  • If the player uses the Faz-Cam or Fazerblaster on a deactivated endoskeleton, it can be "awakened" for a split moment, and the player can be killed in this small window.
  • The Glamrock Endos use the same run/walk animations as Chica, Monty & Roxy. They will stop when spotted by the player.
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