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Gregory, be still... I think she's found us.
— Glamrock Freddy's line at the end of the trailer.

Glamrock Freddy is one of the new Glamrock Animatronics set to appear as presumably a supporting protagonist in Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach. He is the Glamrock version of Freddy Fazbear.


Glamrock Freddy is based off the original Freddy Fazbear, but with an early UK 1970s vibe. Similar to Toy Freddy, he has a top hat, now with a thin blue stripe just above its brim. His microphone is now on a stand in which Glamrock Freddy holds, and is a more rectangular shape. A light blue stripe is seen in the center of his bottom jaw.

Around Glamrock Freddy's eyes is sky blue face-paint with a thinner bright red outline. Glamrock Freddy's teeth also resemble more of what actual bear teeth look like, having 4 sharp fangs and a lower row of teeth. Additionally, he has a red earring on his left ear and a light blue lightning bolt on his chest.

As seen in his 12" figurine, Glamrock Freddy holds a compartment inside his chest cavity that can be opened via his stomach plate. Just like all the other Glamrocks, his eyes can be seen glowing red at times.


While not much is currently known about gameplay, there are heavy implications from both the trailer and the 12" figurine that show that Glamrock Freddy will act as a protector for Gregory, with the trailer having him tell Gregory to "Be still" and the figurine showing him holding Gregory inside his chest cavity to keep him safe.


  • Glamrock Freddy's design got leaked on a 2021 calendar along with Roxanne Wolf and Montgomery Gator, but Scott later confirmed the designs on it were early concept art.[1]
  • Glamrock Freddy's voice was revealed at the end of the Security Breach trailer.
    • This is further proven by the 12" figurine showing Glamrock Freddy holding Gregory inside of his chest cavity, implying that he was the one speaking to him at the end of the trailer.
  • Kirin, the CEO of Illumix, confirmed in her interview with Dawko that they have plans to add the four Glamrock Animatronics to FNaF AR after Security Breach is released.
  • As seen in the Security Breach Tech Demo, Glamrock Freddy has taken Freddy's role as the face on Fazbear Entertainment's logo.


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