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Way to go superstar! I knew you could do it!
— Glamrock Freddy when congratulating the player.

Glamrock Freddy is one of the new Glamrock Animatronics who appears as a secondary protagonist in Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach, acting as a guardian for Gregory. He is the Glamrock version of Freddy Fazbear, and the lead singer of the Glamrock band.


Glamrock Freddy is based off the original Freddy Fazbear, but with an early UK 1970s vibe. Similar to Toy Freddy, he has a top hat, now with a thin blue stripe just above its brim. His microphone is now on a stand in which Glamrock Freddy holds, and is a more rectangular shape. A light blue stripe is seen in the center of his bottom jaw. Around Glamrock Freddy's eyes is sky blue face-paint with a thinner bright red outline. Glamrock Freddy's teeth also resemble those of real bears, including 4 sharp canine teeth. Additionally, he has a red earring on his left ear and a light blue lightning bolt on his chest.

Glamrock Freddy holds a compartment inside his chest cavity that can be opened via his stomach plate. Just like all the other Glamrocks, his eyes can be seen glowing red at times. When fully upgraded, his hands are replaced by Monty's, gaining his purple gloves and green fingers, and his bowtie oddly becomes purple due to the damage he took throughout the first three hours. His eyes also become yellow due to belonging to Roxy, however outside of a few of the comic book endings, his eyes remain glowing white in-game, with some endings reverting them back to being blue.


Unlike the previous animatronics in the series, Glamrock Freddy is a naturally very friendly and caring character, as well as being somewhat naive at times. He expresses great care for Gregory, as well as the other Glamrocks, claiming them to be friends. He will even express concern for them following any Parts and Service upgrades, as the parts used are taken directly from the others. On top of this, when being brought to the Bonnie Bowl stage, Freddy expresses that he misses Bonnie.


A Recharge Station

Glamrock Freddy within the game is Gregory's protector attempting to help him survive until 6am and escape, with the player being able to climb into his stomach's Birthday Cake hatch and take control of him to hide from and evade the other Animatronics in certain sections. However, his usage is limited, as he will lose power and need to be recharged before being used again. His power can be replenished by entering a recharge station. If the player presses "Q" or "L1" while away from Freddy, he'll quickly run over to wherever the player is standing. Freddy will even teleport closer to the location if he is too far away. For example, if Freddy is left behind on the stage, but is called whilst in Fazer Blast, he will walk into the room from around the nearest corner).

Glamrock Freddy's jumpscare.

After Glamrock Freddy is taken away by The Daycare Attendant, he is found in Parts and Service, where the player must complete a color matching Simon Says minigame to reattach his head. From this point onwards in the game, Freddy will kill Gregory when his battery runs out of power. Whenever one of the other Glamrocks is decommissioned, their parts can be taken and used to upgrade Freddy, prompting a similar Simon Says minigame. The upgrades done will give Freddy new abilities; Monty's claws allow Freddy to break down certain fences, Chica's voicebox allows Freddy to create a vocal pitch that will stun animatronics and open other fences, and Roxanne's eyes allow Freddy to see collectibles through walls.

During the final bossfight, Freddy is hacked by Burntrap, and stands in the middle of the room as a hazard. If Burntrap hacks him, he will kill Gregory, either by chasing him down or pulling Gregory out of his stomach if the player had entered beforehand. Gregory can still lure Freddy out of the way by calling him over to a different spot.


  • Glamrock Freddy's design got leaked on a 2021 calendar along with Roxanne Wolf and Montgomery Gator, but Scott later confirmed the designs on it were early concept art.[1]
  • Glamrock Freddy's voice was revealed at the end of the Security Breach trailer.
    • This is further proven by the 12" figurine showing Glamrock Freddy holding Gregory inside of his chest cavity, implying that he was the one speaking to Gregory at the end of the trailer.
  • Kirin, the CEO of Illumix, confirmed in her interview with Dawko that they have plans to add the four Glamrock Animatronics to FNaF AR after Security Breach is released.
  • Glamrock Freddy has taken Freddy's role as the face on Fazbear Entertainment's logo.
  • Glamrock Freddy's movements and poses during the intro cutscene take heavy inspiration from similar ones done by Freddie Mercury.
  • Despite being upgraded with Roxanne's eyes, Freddy's eyes are only ever yellow in the VIP Ending, as his eyes glow white during gameplay.
    • All other endings show him with his usual blue eyes, despite his eye upgrade being required for each ending.


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