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— The unexplained amalgamated Glitchtrap like sprite from Princess Quest.

Glitchtrap, also referred to as The Anomaly by Tape Girl, is the main antagonist of Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted. He is a digital virus who is confirmed to be William Afton that lies within the Fazbear Virtual Experience. While in the Fazbear Virtual Experience, his main goal is to merge with the player in order to escape the digital world. Although confirmed to be William, it's still unsolved if he's some sort of copy, simply remnant or William himself.


Glitchtrap is mainly golden yellow in color with lighter accents on his ears, torso and snout. His face is egg shaped with bright purple eyes, short eyelashes, and long, thin eyebrows. He has two black whiskers on either side of his snout and a large, grinning mouth sporting off-white teeth with two larger ones on top. He has a deep purple bow tie and a matching star speckled vest. He has two dark buttons below his bowtie. In the main lobby, he glows a ghostly green.

Unlike most of the animatronics, he appears more like a proper costume with no visible electronics. There's stitching along his hands, joints, and ears.

After the first tape is found, Glitchtrap's first form seems to be ghostly translucent, with a choppy animation, making his appearance hard to make out, other than having a completely green palette and glowing purple eyes. Collecting more tapes brings him closer, and collecting coins makes his appearance more solid and his animation more fluid.

Behavior & History

FNaF VR: Help Wanted

Glitchtrap's appearance throughout the game.

Glitchtrap lurks within majority of the game, though data about his presence is very scarce at early stages. At this time, there is little explanation for Glitchtrap's appearance other than the small pieces of information scattered throughout Help Wanted. As the first tape is collected on the game, Glitchtrap randomly appears at the doorway at the right side of the player when in the Level Select Room, either waving at the player, or standing and staring. As the player collects more tapes within the segments, he goes closer to the player. As the player collects more Faz Tokens, he starts to become less transparent, revealing his golden appearance.

According to the tape's audio when played, Glitchtrap is said to be some sort of malicious code that entered the game through scanning old animatronic computer chips.

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According to Tape Girl, the malicious code attached itself to her log tapes, which she was keeping in a separate, protected part of the game's code. Once this happened, she could not delete it and had to fragment it among her sixteen logs. This explains why it materializes more as more tapes are collected. Once all sixteen logs are reassembled, Glitchtrap can fully materialize and will attempt take over the player's body in order to leave the game.

Pizza Party Ending

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In one of the ending's most notably the "Pizza Party" Minigame on Night Terror's Hard/Nightmare Mode, if going to a certain room, there will be a tape and a show stage of some sort with Bonnie and Chica sitting on one side of it, with Bonnie missing his face. After being in there for a couple of seconds, Glitchtrap will come out of the stage and give the player a signal to follow it. Upon following it, he seems to have transferred the player into a Freddy Fazbear suit, in which we perform in as the credits roll. In the background, Glitchtrap is seen dancing near the prize corner.

16 Tapes Ending

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Once all the tapes have been collected, Glitchtrap will randomly attempt to merge with the player and escape the game in their body. When this happens, Glitchtrap appears on the main stage and the player has access to the Blacklight Switch, the Showtime and Prize Corner Buttons, and a button on the left side of the level select monitor. The correct sequence seems to be pressing the Showtime Button, then flipping the Blacklight Switch, and finally pressing the button on the side of the monitor.

If the instructions from Tape 16 are not followed the player's vision will slowly fade into a glitchy, purple screen. Once it clears, the player will be standing on the stage as Glitchtrap. The game will then fade to black and the player arrives in the game over room with the option to return to the menu.

If the instructions from Tape 16 are followed the player appears before a metal door with a sliding lock. When opened, Glitchtrap will look through the hold, place a finger to his mouth and shush the player before walking back into the darkness. When the player appears back in the main area, a Glitchtrap plush will be on the floor to their right.

The Curse of Dreadbear

While Glitchtrap doesn't have much of a role within the Curse of Dreadbear DLC, background information on the events of VR surrounding him is revealed. It is revealed that Glitchtrap has possessed the mind of the beta tester Vanessa, who is implied to be the player character, and that she has become his minion and vessel to continue killing. Glitchtrap also appears as a minor easteregg, where he can be seen dancing in the distance.

FNaF AR: Special Delivery

The 8-bit sprite that appeared in the trailer.

Though never appeared in-game, Glitchtrap was mentioned in the E-Mails. In the e-mails, Steven Wilson, one of the employees in Fazbear Funtime Service, stated that he got kicked off the system and is now locked out after finished scanning the last set of circuit that his co-worker Daniel Rocha gave. Dan later realized it was not a glitch but instead a virus, and informed all crews to stop the virus. This "virus" is most likely Glitchtrap, as this event parallels to the event mentioned by Tape Girl where circuits boards are scanned for The Freddy Fazbear Virtual Experience.

An 8-bit sprite version of Glitchtrap also appeared in the launch trailer of the game for only a split second.

FNaF: Security Breach

While he does not keep his antagonistic role, Glitchtrap has multiple references towards him scattered throughout Security Breach. Before the game's initial release, Glitchtrap is also seen multiple times within teasers and trailers, where one trailer holds him speaking to Vanny, preparing her, and the other shows a silhouette of Glitchtrap appear through purple and yellow glitches found within the final Freddy and Friends episode. In game, he is mainly references via his custom Arcade game cameo, as well as a spray-painted silhouette of him on one of the Glamrock Endo posters.

Glitchtrap is also somewhat referenced in the Retro CDs, where Vanessa is described to been tampering with the Pizzaplex's computer systems, causing the animatronics to become "eerie", suggesting that Glitchtrap's virus was being spread throughout the systems, hence the hostility shown by the animatronics within the game. Outside of these cameos however, Glitchtrap makes no physical appearances within the game, as by this point Burntrap is present as the new vessel for Afton.

Princess Quest

Help Wanted

Within the mobile port of FNaF VR: Help Wanted, a new mode called "Princess Quest" was released. Within this mode, there are multiple enemies within that resemble Glitchtrap.

One enemy is a floating rabbit head with a singular eye. It's coloration is black with a green outline. When getting too close to it, it'll open it's jaw and bite at the player. The other enemy is a more humanoid rabbit with a corrupted face and the same coloration as the previous enemy. It'll walk towards the player and sing at them when they get close.


Finally, at the end of the minigame, a large amalgamation appears before the player. It's completely black in coloration, with purple eyes and teeth all over it's distorted body. It has many arms and hands reaching out of it, as well as two large rabbit ears. Finally, it wears a glowing purple bowtie that is slightly angled downward. When it appears, it spouts a distorted noise, which when decoded says "I always come back. Let me out."

Security Breach

Security Breach holds two more additions to the Princess Quest game series, with the Glitchtrap enemies appearing in them, accompanied by a smaller sentry version of them that sometimes flies. While Glitchtrap makes no appearance in either, the ending of the third game shows the Princess unlocking his door from VR, before a loud scream is heard. Due to the third Princess Quest game causing the Princess Quest ending, where Vanessa is shown to be free from Glitchtrap's control, it is speculated that this was meant to be Glitchtrap screaming as the Princess kills him.


Description Audio
The garbles produced by Glitchtrap when nearby, when decoded it's revealed to be pieces of Tape Girl's lines.
When it appears behind the monitor, before attacking the player.
Alert.png(Warning: Loud)
The decoded garble made by the Amalgamation Glitchtrap.


FNaF VR: Help Wanted

  • Glitchtrap is the first canon, fully three-dimensional non-withered representation of Spring Bonnie in the series.
  • Glitchtrap's name[1] is revealed in the save file of Help Wanted.
    • Though never named in-game, the Tape Girl referred him as "The Anomaly".
    • Before his official name was known, people referred him as VRabbit (combined from the words "VR" and rabbit) and Malhare (combined from the words "Malware" and hare). These names are still often used by fans of Five Nights at Freddy's in favor of his official name.
    • The file for his model refers to him as "SpringBonnieMan".
    • The name "Glitchtrap" is in-keeping with the tradition of Afton/Spring Bonnie's iterations using the suffix "trap".
      • The unused "Glitchtrap"

        This has caused controversy between fans of Five Nights at Freddy's, as there is another file labeled Glitchtrap which is a silver-textured model of Springtrap, a model many assumed to be the Springtrap seen in Ennard's Blacklight Vent Repair level. However, it is entirely possible that this model was improperly named or is a leftover file that had another use somewhere in development.
  • His distorted warbles in the level select area are distorted clips of Tape Girl speaking. It is unknown if this is intentional or just because the sound clips were readily available.
  • Glitchtrap is the only new character in Help Wanted to not feature a jumpscare or to not directly attack the player in a level.
  • As the player collects tapes, Glitchtrap will slowly come closer to them.
    • As well as this, collecting Faz Tokens seems to make him more visible and makes his animations smoother.
  • When in Hardmode, Glitchtrap's colors shift from green to a brownish color, and his eyes go from purple to blue.
    • As well as this, closer inspection would show that Glitchtrap's eyes look more "human like" in shape.
  • Glitchtrap can be sometimes seen dancing like in the ending of Pizza Party in the background of the Curse of Dreadbear DLC next to the Five Nights at Freddy's 4 house.
  • In Princess Quest, he as several garbled voice lines, so far only one has been decoded and says "I always come back. Let me out."


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