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It's Me
— Golden Freddy's infamous line, and one of his hidden lines in FNaF AR.

Golden Freddy is a recurring antagonist in the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise, first appearing as an Easter egg in the original game. He returns as an enemy in FNaF AR: Special Delivery and as a playable character in Freddy In Space 2.


Golden Freddy is a yellow colored Freddy reminiscent of the character Fredbear, with a black hat and bow tie, instead of Fredbear's purple hat and bow tie with a lighter color on his stomach and snout. He has empty eye sockets, which sometimes have white dots as pupils, and he’s always appears slouched over.

In his teaser for FNaF AR, he keeps his normal appearance. However, he is now made of a metallic material, making him look like as if he is made of actual gold. Within the game itself, he does not appear this way however. Within the game, his arms are disjointed, and dangle below him.


Freddy In Space 2

Golden walk.gif

Golden Freddy does not seem to make a physical appearance in the game's story, making him more of an additional playable character. Golden Freddy can be unlocked in the game upon completing certain tasks. The player must first rescue Puppet in Stellar Pit, then head to Galactic Factory and fight Robo Chica WIP. After her boss arena, there is a gray box, which the player can only destroy with Puppet. Enter the small area until a sound effect plays. Upon that, go back to Robo Chica WIP's arena, and Golden Freddy will appear at the gate, slouched over. Go over him to make him join the crew.

Golden Freddy's attacks, up until level 4 are very weak, so it is recommended to level him up as soon as possible. This can be achieved by destroying Giant Terminator Chica, which can only be destroyed by Golden Freddy, and after that, she will give a total of 2500 EXP Points, enough to make a character go to level 4. His "IT'S ME!" attack becomes very deadly at max level, becoming one of the highest damage output weapons in the game, although, it lacks range, so it is very risky.

FNaF AR: Special Delivery

Golden Freddy's jumpscare.

Golden Freddy was added to FNaF AR on December 20th as a reward for the Community Quest. All of his items in the shop could be purchased using the very event tokens that lead to his arrival, except for his Lures, which used Faz-Coins.

Within the game, Golden Freddy acts as a sort of combination various characters. His footsteps are like metallic springs moving, however they can change dependent on what mode he's in. Despite having different modes, he can only haywire while in Springtrap mode, possibly due to a glitch. At the start of the encounter, the phrase "It's Me" and his face will flash up on screen. The player is given a tablet that allows them to rotate between multiple different mechanics, being the flashlight, the mask, the shocker and the timer.

The battle acts in 3 phases, all being picked completely at random. Below are the 5 modes he can use in each phase:

Freddy Fazbear Mode

Golden Freddy prefers to move while cloaked and charge at the player when they least expect it, his static is somewhat easy to track without the use of the flashlight. He cannot haywire in this phase. He decloaks from a mediocre distance from the player, shock to move onto the next phase or win.

Toy Freddy Mode

Golden Freddy gains the power drain ability, where the player's power will quickly start depleting when a warning goes off. The player must use the mask to stop it. He cannot haywire in this phase. His static is medium at best and can be somewhat tracked without the flashlight, however it is recommended. When he decloaks, shock to move onto the next phase, or win.

Mangle Mode

Golden Freddy will now drop his top-hat, his microphone and his limbs onto the floor, which the player must collect quickly. During this, his footsteps become much faster. When he charges, he can decloak, use it to win or move onto the next phase. He cannot haywire in this phase. If he uses Mangle mode as his first phase, he will use Mangle's fast footstep patterns in conjunction with all following phases. Vice versa, if he uses the Mangle mode as a later phase, he will still step like normal despite dropping parts.

Springtrap Mode

Golden Freddy is now capable of haywiring, chaining haywires together in random locations. The first haywire of a chain will be at the center of his locational static, the player must look at him while he has white eyes; but look away when red, the mask not affecting it. His static is now almost impossible to keep track of without the flashlight. His charges occur from closer than normal.

Ballora Mode

Golden Freddy now keeps track of the player's movement speed, and the player must move slow to avoid a jumpscare. During this, his footsteps become much faster. Collecting three objects he drops will make him charge at the player; either stare at him or shock him to end the phase. As well as this, the Minireenas return and act the same way; crawling up the screen needing to be knocked off. Similarly to Mangle mode, if you get Ballora mode as his first phase, he will use her fast footstep pattern in conjunction with all following phases, and vice versa. Due to a glitch, his encounter will be softlocked if you get Ballora mode as his first phase. If you get the Ballora mode as a later phase, he will be capable of charging and decloaking at any point regardless of how many Minireenas you have collected, so always be ready to swap to your shocker.

Note, it was originally believed that he could mimic almost all characters. In later updates, it's now been shown that these were due to glitches, for example, he was only meant to haywire during his Springtrap phase. Most of the other modes that were believed to exist were made based off his behavior being slightly different, such as not power draining during Toy Freddy, or not haywiring chaining during Springtrap.


Description Audio
Golden Freddy's ambiance.
His ambiance, slowed down & decoded, revealing Golden Freddy's voice.
Golden Freddy's Haywire.
Golden Freddy's Jumpscare.
Alert.png(Warning: Loud)


A list of Golden Freddy's quotes, all but two of which are reused from all the other characters that speak, minus 8-Bit Baby.

  • "It's Me"
  • "I hope you enjoyed my visit. I got a special delivery, just for you." (Freddy Fazbear)
  • "Arrrrrrrgh you scared yet?!" (Foxy)
  • "Hello?" (Balloon Boy)
  • "If you keep your eyes closed, nothing bad will happen to you. I promise." (Circus Baby)
  • "You will not be spared. You will not be saved." (Springtrap)
  • "I just love parties." (Toy Chica)
  • "What do we have here, someone hiding from me?" (Toy Bonnie)
  • "Did someone order a new friend?" (Toy Freddy)
  • "I really thought you would look a lot happier to see me..." (Mangle)
  • "Greetings, from the fire!" (Jack-O-Chica)
  • Screaming (Possibly "NOOOO!")


Golden Freddy currently only has one skin in FNaF AR.

Great freddy by Scrappyboi.png

Great Escape Golden Freddy, or for short simply Great Escape Freddy, is the first skin Golden Freddy got in FNaF AR. He recieved this skin as a part of the special Mixed Reality DLC gamemode Dark Circus: Encore, that released on December 13th, 2021. He is available exclusively through purchasing and beating the DLC content.


Great Escape Golden Freddy is identicle to Golden Freddy in coloration, still being yellow, but is now a much duller shade, with black and green sploches on his head, legs and feet. His head is severely withered in multiple areas, with most of it detrriorated or missing, including half his top-hat. His eye sockets are also completely empty, with holes going through the endoskeleton head, and a chain is running through his mouth. He wears a brown straight jacket with multiple golden chains running across it, with many locks, boxes and a giant black metallic collar around his neck. These chains also run down to his upper legs, with some hooks dangling from them. Finally, his legs and feet have shriveled, and his ankles have two giant ball and chains on them, keeping him from moving his legs (as seen in his workshop animation).


Main Series

  • While Golden Freddy hasn't made a physical appearance in Help Wanted, the game has had a reference of him in Curse of Dreadbear.
    • If the player hits three clown posters in the Prize Room with darts, the room will turn into blacklight color scheme, and the "Game Won" banner will be replaced as "IT'S ME" in pixelated text.
  • Markiplier called him by "Golden Freddy", even though his name in the files is "Yellow Bear", however it stuck to the rest of the games, which could mean that Mark gave him the name "Golden Freddy".


  • In the launch trailer for Special Delivery, there is a scene where the television will frequently show the letter "C", before the text "IT'S ME" appears above the television. While this isn't confirmed to be Golden Freddy, it's implied to be the case.
  • As of his release, every character from the original Five Nights at Freddy's is in FNaF AR as an enemy.
  • Despite the teasers showing as such; Golden Freddy is not made of actual gold within the game.
  • FNaF AR marks the first time ever that Golden Freddy has "properly" moved while standing up.
  • Within his animations, Golden Freddy acts as if his limbs are disjointed or broken.
    • This is most likely in reference to how he's always been depicted as sitting down in previous games.
  • Golden Freddy's mechanic takes elements from 5 different characters in FNaF AR.
    • It was originally believed to be all characters, until recent bug fixes.
  • During his encounters, the player can actually use the Freddy Fazbear Mask successfully in any one of the character modes.
  • Golden Freddy is the third character in FNaF AR to gain a voice.
    • The first two being Freddy Fazbear himself and Toy Bonnie.
    • Despite this, most of his lines are recycled from the characters that he mimics, with the only two unique to him being "It's Me" and his screaming.
  • During Golden Freddy's Jumpscare, his body can be found stored in his head. This is for animation purposes, to hide his body from view so it properly looks like his head is floating alone.
  • Despite joining along side the event, Golden Freddy is not part of the Winter Wonderland Event.
  • Unlike most characters, Golden Freddy only has 2 distraction poses rather than the usual 3.
  • Golden Freddy's first skin, Great Escape Golden Freddy, was leaked on November 28th 2021 via his assets and model being dumped in Illumix's server.
    • Due to the assets and model being the their servers rather than the game itself however, this lead many to believe that he was a hoax, and not a real character.
    • This was the earliest a skin's ever been leaked, being found over two weeks before his release.
  • Great Escape Golden Freddy's design is mostly inspired by the outfits worn by magicians and illisuionists when performing the "Chinese Water Torture Cell" trick, in which the performer is chained up in a straight jacket to keep from using his arms, and must escape a large glass container filled with water.
    • This inspiration is made obvious when looking at Great Escape Golden Freddy's level in the Mixed Reality Gamemode.
    • This is also the inspiration for the "Great Escape" portion of the skin's name.
  • Great Escape Golden Freddy's name in the files is simply "Great Escape Freddy", which was most likely done to shorten file names.

Freddy In Space 2

  • Despite being on the title screen, Golden Freddy plays no role in the story, is absent in both ending images, and is treated as a secret character.
  • Golden Freddy is the only character to keep his animatronic appearance while everyone else looks human.
    • Example: Freddy has muscles while Golden Freddy's arms are joints.
    • Another exception to the more human-like appearance is the Puppet, who keeps their normal look but in a more stylized art style.
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