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No, no! Wait, I'm still here!
— Gregory after the security doors close.

Gregory is the child protagonist of the game Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach.


Gregory is a short boy with a white complexion and messy brown hair. He wears a blue collared T-shirt with grey stripes, tan shorts, and white socks. He is shown to have a band-aid on his cheek, implying some sort of injury. He also has large brown eyes. Finally, he's seen wearing a special watch called a Fazwatch that is connected to the Pizzaplex, giving him access to cameras, maps, notes, and more.


In the game, Gregory is given a headstrong, almost bratty personality. He is seen insulting things about the pizzeria and even gets snappy with Glamrock Freddy when the latter asks why he won't go see Vanessa. Moreover, sometimes Freddy would notice he seems impatient. He insists that he is fine when Glamrock Freddy shows concern for his safety when he gets injured, even telling him he doesn't need help, he just needs a way out of the Pizzaplex.


As seen in the first gameplay trailer, Gregory can use his watch to connect to the camera system and see where the animatronics are around the location. As well as this, when Gregory crouches and is out of sight, the animatronics won't detect him when walking. Also, Gregory can use games and items around the map to cause noise and distract animatronics. He also has access to the Faz-Cam, a flash photography camera that can be used to blind any animatronic in the area besides Montgomery Gator before his boss battle, and Roxanne Wolf after her boss battle. The last tool at his disposal is a Fazerblaster, a laser weapon used in Lazer Tag that he can shoot animatronics in the eye and blind them, it has a charge of five shots before it has to recharge. The Fazerblaster cannot be used on Monty before his boss battle or Roxy after her boss battle, similar to the Faz-Cam. Finally, there are things placed around the pizzeria such as trams, photo booths, lockers, and trollies that Gregory can hide inside to avoid detection from S.T.A.F.F. Bots, animatronics, and Vanessa, as well as get away if he is spotted. The only exception to this is Glamrock Chica, who can check hiding spots.


  • Gregory is the second human character in the franchise to be given an appearance outside of minigame sprites.
  • Gregory's design was first seen showcased via a 12" tall statue made by Funko.


  • It is believed that the "GGY" seen on various arcade screens as the highest score may be Gregory.
  • In the ending where you leave the Pizzaplex after 6 AM, Gregory is revealed to be homeless, sleeping in a cardboard box beside a building. It is unknown if he is a orphan or a runaway and snuck into the Pizzaplex to live in it.
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