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Grimm Foxy[3] is one of the newly introduced antagonists in Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted's Halloween DLC, Curse of Dreadbear.


Grimm Foxy is a large, reddish-orange animatronic fox with fire pouring from his body. His face is similar to Withered Foxy's, but with a furrowed brow, smaller tufts of fur, and missing the suit on his snout, exposing his endoskeleton. He has two dented metal ears. His right eye is covered by a black eyepatch, and his left is hollow, exposing a glowing flame within. He has many sharp, needle-like teeth filling in his mouth. He has a thin torso with a gash down the center, exposing his endoskeleton, which glows yellow from the heat. His left hand has five fingers with long metal claws, and his right hand has replaced by a large metal sickle. He has the remains of brown pants torn away just above the knees, and calves and feet identical to Nightmare Foxy. He also appears to have two long, black spikes on each shoulder.


Grimm Foxy's jumpscare.

Afraid of the Dark

Corn Maze

Grimm Foxy will spawn around the maze near the player and wander around the maze, hunting the player. When he spots them, he will make a quick dash toward them. The player must quickly hide behind a cutout to avoid him. As the player collects keys, he becomes increasingly aggressive. He'll occasionally let out a deep, distorted hum. If the player fails to avoid his attacks, he will end their run with a jumpscare.

Danger! Keep Out!

Grimm Foxy is an antagonist to Nights 2 and 3 of Danger! Keep Out! He acts similarly to Foxy in FNaF 1. He will slowly peak out from his curtain, and eventually attempt to rush the player. Should he succeed, he will instantly break down the wooden barrier in the doorway and end the player's run with a jumpscare. To avoid this, the player must regularly flash him as he begins attempting to leave his cove in order to reset him or flash him while he’s running towards the office.


Grimm Foxy appears in the Game Over Room, behind a locked gate. He will occasionally scratch his sickle against the wall, letting out a loud noise and making sparks.


  • Grimm Foxy's song in the Corn Maze level is just Foxy's actual humming heard in the first game, only edited to be more demonic-sounding.
  • Grimm Foxy's overall aesthetic seems to be a nod to the Halloween-themed reskins of Nightmare Bonnie and Nightmare Chica from Five Nights at Freddy's 4, which are Jack-O-Bonnie and Jack-O-Chica, implying that he represents "Jack-O-Foxy".
  • Grimm Foxy was the first character introduced in FNaF VR to get merch.
    • Said merch was a Mcfarlane set.
    • Eventually Glitchtrap, Dreadbear and Captain Foxy all gained merch as well in a set of action figures that Grimm Foxy was included in.


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