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Illumix (previously named Looking Glass) is an artificial intelligence video game developer team. They are the developers for Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery.


Illumix is an integrated gaming and technology company, transforming the future of mixed reality with enviromentally-intelligent, world-scale AR games. We're dedicated to making your wildest dreams and darkest nightmares come to life.

We exist for the sole purpose of making unforgettable games, period. No novelties or companion experiences. We build powerful user experiences that drive our core technology.

Our custom AR gaming technology unleashes the full potential of your mobile device. By integrating across both technology and content, we can be more targeted and optimized in our approaches, leading to unparalleled player experiences.

Our process, pipeline, and infrastructure combine the best-in-class AAA gaming practices and performance with cutting-edge R&D in computer vision, deep learning, and mobile AR. The result: dynamic games that understand and interact with your environment in real-time. Our games adapt on the fly – share the excitement with your friends at home or anywhere else.''

Team Members

  • Kirin Sinha - CEO
  • Marianne Dang - VP Product
  • Alex Fu - VP R&D
  • Jesse Helton - Director of Engineering
  • Daniel Frank - Principal Software Engineering
  • Michael Fang - Computer Vision Lead
  • Chris Talbot- Senior Software Engineer
  • Jeremy Mua-Valaris - Senior Server Engineer
  • Nicolas Kent - Senior Gameplay Engineer
  • Michael Carpenter - Senior Gameplay Engineer
  • Adam Merrill - Senior Software Engineer
  • Ken Liu - Software Engineer
  • Kadet Kuhne - Principal Sound Designer
  • Anthony Mars - Art Director
  • Rich Okimura - Senior UI/UX Designer
  • Lateef Allen-McDowell - UI Artist
  • Adrienne Pugh - UI Artist
  • Tim Scott - Senior Character Artist
  • Zhuo Huang - Senior Technical Artist
  • Ying Chia - Senior Animator
  • Benjamin Gross - Senior Game Designer
  • Chaz Donovan - QA Lead
  • Luis Contreras - Head of Marketing
  • Michael Flippoff - Marketing Artist
  • Morris Callegari - Marketing Artist
  • Geoff Tuffli - Design Director
  • Lorena Villegas - Senior People & Operations Manager

Games Developed

Year Title Platform(s) Release Date
2019 Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery iOS, Android October 2019

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