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Don't worry, I'll visit you in your dreams tonight!
— A line of Jack-O-Chica's from FNaF AR.

Jack-O-Chica is an antagonist of Five Nights at Freddy's 4 Halloween DLC. She returns in the DLC pack of Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted, Curse of Dreadbear. Her design is based on a jack-o-lantern and she is a non-canon reskin of Nightmare Chica.


Jack-O-Chica's model is almost identical to Nightmare Chica's, the only differences being her orange coloration, lack of an endoskeleton head, and jack-o-lantern in place of a cupcake. The inside of her body glows a bright, fiery yellow-orange. In FNaF AR, Jack-O-Chica has a more yellowish coloration, which is most noticeable on her beak.


Jack-O-Chica also holds a large orange Jack-O-Lantern which serves as a replacement for Nightmare Cupcake. Interestingly, her Jack-O-Lantern is nearly identical to the actual pumpkin from the Five Nights at Freddy's 3 Halloween update where it can be seen on The Office desk. It has triangular eye-sockets with round eyes emitting a white glow and a nose like that of a stereotypical jack-o-lantern, as well as a typical zig-zag mouth and an orange glow emitted from the inside.


In Special Delivery, Jack-O-Chica is cold-hearted and ruthless. She is also shown to have a vengeful, yet mocking disposition. Her voice is low-pitched and edited with television-like static noises. She claims that she is friendly, despite her being obviously cold-hearted, ruthless and having aggressive behavior.


FNaF VR: Help Wanted

Danger! Keep Out!

Jack-O-Chica's jumpscare.

Similar to Chica in the first Five Night's at Freddy's, Jack-O-Chica will wander the pizzeria and approach the player from the right hall. To deter her, the player must flash the light at her. If she reaches the doorway, she will begin bashing down the wooden doors. If the player fails to deter her before she breaks all of the wood in the door, she will end the player's run in a jumpscare.

Pirate Ride

If the player enters the secret backstage areas of the ride, they will go through several rooms before returning to the main area. They will encounter Jack-O-Chica in several of these rooms. The player must shoot the red door buttons to progress and avoid a jumpscare. The player can also attempt to gain a higher score by shooting the other targets before progressing, though this will require the player to have good aim and quick timing.

FNaF AR: Special Delivery

Jack-O-Chica's jumpscare

Jack-O-Chica was added to FNaF AR: Special Delivery on October 9, 2020.

Jack-O-Chica is much more aggressive than her normal counterpart, with behavior much like Freddy Frostbear. Along with covering the screen in static, she will cover the player's screen in a cloud of smoke that will disable your shock button, forcing the player to shake all of the smoke away before they can act again. When she haywires, the player must not be looking at her face, or else she will jumpscare them almost instantly. The player must look down and look away when she goes haywire. She will fake charge the player on different occasions, staying invisible. When Jack-O-Chica materializes during her charge, the player must shock her. Failure to shock her in time will result in a jumpscare.


FNaF VR: Help Wanted

Jack-Os' alternate names.

  • Similar to Nightmare Chica, Jack-O-Chica is also missing her 3rd pair of teeth. The same error also happened in Ultimate Custom Night.
  • In the game files, Jack-O-Chica along with Jack-O-Bonnie are given a few alternate names when in Pirate Ride. These names are Security Bonnie and Security Chica, and Engine Bonnie and Engine Chica. This is probably done so that they could differentiate them from other Jack-Os' in different locations.
    • The Jack-O's could sometimes spawn missing their textures and being one solid color. These same ones used the "Security Chica" and "Security Bonnie" names in the files.

FNaF AR: Special Delivery

  • FNaF VR marks Jack-O-Chica's first canonical appearance.
  • Jack-O-Chica was the first FNaF 4 character to make it into FNaF AR.
  • Jack-O-Chica's mechanic is very similar to Freddy Frostbear's in the sense of using an alternate way to cover the player's screen.
  • Jack-O-Chica is the first character in AR to speak when defeated.
  • When tapping the beak of her shop render, a honk noise will play.
  • When Jack-O-Chica haywires, she makes the same moaning sound that Chica makes, with the only difference being the coupled metallic sounds.
  • Unlike most events, Jack-O-Chica arrived on a Friday instead of the normal Thursday.
    • This was most likely not intended, as Jack-O-Bonnie arrived on a Thursday just a week later.
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