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Jeremy is one of the beta testers who works for Silver Parasol Games. He participated in the development of the Fazbear Virtual Experience game.


Jeremy, while never appearing physically in the game, is mentioned multiple times in Tape Girl's tapes.

He's described to look pale and that he hadn't eaten in a long time. He's also described to be fairly paranoid at times, and completely void of emotion at others.

From what her tapes tell us, it's made clear that Jeremy was the first to find The Anomaly, and on many occasions tried warning the game development team that something was wrong. In other tapes, it was explained that Jeremy was on his way to being fired, due to "knowing something".

Later on, it's revealed that Tape Girl took over Jeremy's job. It's hinted at that Jeremy killed himself, presumably with a paper slicer mentioned in the 4th tape.



  • Sometimes in the Hardmode Death Room, the phrase "Remember Jeremy" will appear on the monitor.
  • Jeremy is the third character in the franchise to have the name "Jeremy".
    • The other two are the nightguard from Five Nights at Freddy's 2, and one of the murdered children, specifically the one who presumably possesses Bonnie.
  • Its massively believed among fans that Jeremy killed himself due to going crazy from Glitchtrap attempting to merge with him.
    • It's believed that he used the paper slicer mentioned in one of tape girl's tapes, as the tape has little connection with the others.
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