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The Mad Theorists are one of the bosses in Freddy In Space 2, they are a secret boss on Galactic Factory, they reward the player with the Cupcake Trophy.



Matpat is a man, with short brown hair, a green shirt, light tan pants and black shoes.


Stephanie is a woman, with long dark brown hair, a green top, dark grey pants and black shoes.


Oliver is a baby, with blonde hair and a green diaper.



CONTACT Deals damage on full contact.
GREEN FIREBALL Turns both MatPat and Stephanie into green fireballs, bouncing around the screen. Deals damage on contact.
OLIVER Oliver falls down from the middle of the screen after Green Fireball finishes. Deals damage on contact.


Mad Theorists are an hard boss to fight at low levels, and should only be challenged if very well prepared. Only MatPat can be damaged, so the player should stay near the left platform at all times. While they are in fireball form, the player must try and avoid them at all times, and once it is ending, go away from the middle platform as fast as possible, as Oliver will fall down. It is recomended to use Freddy for this boss, as his damage and jump height are enough to beat the boss.



  • Mad Theorists are a reference to the YouTuber Game Theorists.
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