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Rock and Roll!
— Monty before initiating his bossfight.

Montgomery Gator, or simply Monty for short is one of the Glamrock Animatronics who appears in Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach as an antagonist.



Montgomery is an animatronic based on an alligator. Just like the Glamrocks, he is designed to have a 1980s glam rock aesthetic. Monty is overall colored in green, with yellow color for the stomach, jaw, some segments for the tail, and spots on his reptilian-textured body and tail. He bears a red mohawk and green-colored suit armor. He has sharp teeth and claws painted in black. His eyelids, a streak-like paint on his muzzle, feet, and hands (excluding the fingers) are also tinted a purple color.

He wears a pair of star-shaped sunglasses, spiked bracelets, purple shoulder guards, and has his own yellow-colored bass with black stripes. Just like all the other Glamrocks, his eyes can be seen glowing red at times.


In his shattered state, Monty is missing his lower body, instead having a large mess of wires. As well as this, he no longer wears his shades, is missing the majority of his suit on both his arms, and the left side of his face is missing a large chunk. Finally, his shoulder pads are crumbling and his chest has a massive hole in it.


Montgomery Gator attends with the Glamrock Animatronic band as a bassist. He's the most aggressive animatronic out of the four glamrocks, as he is seen constantly roaring, destroying gates and cannons, and yelling at Gregory. In notes you find, it's stated that after Monty received his new claw upgrades, he began to use them to destroy things such as S.T.A.F.F. Bots, his own room, and gates seen in the lower levels, much to the technicians' annoyance. In Fury's Rage, he is shown to somewhat egotistical, stating that when defeated "How can I lose, I'm so handsome!".


Montgomery's jumpscare.

Montgomery wanders around the Pizzaplex aimlessly until spotting Gregory and charging at him. Monty is much faster than the other two Glamrocks, and cannot be stunned by the Fazer Blaster or the Faz-Cam, as he is wearing sunglasses. To decommission Monty, the player must shoot a target while avoiding Monty. Once the target's been shot enough times, the player can pour a bucket of plastic balls onto Monty, crushing him and shattering him. In his shattered state, due to the lose of legs, he crawls quickly on the ground, and can now be stunned with the Faz-Cam or Fazer Blaster. Shattered Monty can also leap forwards a certain distance, though it'll take him a moment to continue moving again. He can still jump, just not that far. When inside Glamrock Freddy, he doesn't notice the player at all, and will continue to wander aimlessly. During the final boss fight, Monty will crawl through the vent above the player's desk, and must be blocked out using the vent door.


  • He is the first animatronic based on a non-avian reptile.
  • His plushie has the face-paint under his eyes, but oddly, the figure and mystery mini don't.
  • Montgomery has taken Bonnie's original role in the band after the untimely decommissioning of the latter as seen in notes found around the Pizzaplex.
  • As revealed through a reddit post before the game's release, Montgomery Gator has his own Golf Course in the Mega Pizzaplex.
  • Kirin, the CEO of Illumix, confirmed in her interview with Dawko that they have plans to add the four Glamrock Animatronics to FNaF AR after Security Breach is released.
  • Andrew Dayton, the Co-Founder of Steel Wool, has stated that Montgomery was his favorite animatronic.
  • Some pieces in the game seem to hint that Monty wants to replace Freddy in the band, as two points in Monty Golf point to Monty having some sort of rivalry towards Freddy, with the first hole having Freddy set away from the other three and the final hole having a stage with Roxy, Chica, and Monty performing, with Monty in Freddy's place, and Freddy himself being set inside a garbage can.
    • This is further suggested by in one of the endings, where Glamrock Freddy leaves the location and Monty is shown to be the new lead-singer in the band.
    • This had led many to believe that Monty was also the reason for Bonnie's decommission, as Bonnie was last seen in Monty's Gator Golf before being decommissioned and replaced by him.
  • Shattered Monty's jumpscare references the act of "death rolling", where crocodilians, including alligators, will bite onto their prey and roll over multiple times in an attempt to tear apart their food.
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