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The Monty Golf AR-Cade is a playable minigame accessed via an arcade cabinet seen within Monty Golf in Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach.


Monty Golf AR-Cade is made up of 9 different golf holes. Each hole features a different theme and overall difficulty. All but the first hole hold a par of 3, with the first hole having a par of 2.

Hole Descriptions

Hole 1

The first hole is just a simple pathway with the overall theming of the Monty's Gator Golf attraction, with multiple moss & vine covered trees and one of the hissing alligators. At the end of the hole are the four Glamrocks, with Freddy slightly further away from the other three.

Hole 2

The second hole is themed around the Freddy Fazbear's Pizza that the first Five Nights at Freddy's game is set in. The hole has a checkered floor with tables to the side, and a large stage in the middle. The stage is lit up with purple, orange and yellow lights to highlight Freddy Bonnie & Chica, who all stand on the stage, with Foxy standing to the side behind the hole itself.

Hole 3

The third hole is styled after the Freddy Fazbear's Pizza that FNaF 2 is set in, with the hole itself taking primary inspiration from the hallway that leads to the office. The walls are decorated with multiple posters of the Toy Animatronics and plastic pizza decorations. In the middle of the hole are two Cupcake pendulums, as well as two pipes that act as shortcuts to the end of the hole. The end of the hole looks identical to the FNaF 2 office, with a miniature version of the office desk as well as the two shortcut pipes sitting in-place of the vents.

Hole 4

The fourth hole is a reference to Help Wanted's Vent Repair levels, having a very industrial-like area with multiple vents and pipes littering the walls. In the middle is a large fan that must be avoided, and at the end of the hole is Mangle, who stands idly whilst staring at the player.

Hole 5

The fifth hole is a sweet-themed hole, having lots of heart-shaped lollipops, regular lollipops, candy canes, ice cream and cake around it. The floor of the hole has an arcade-style carpet with Glamrock Chica's face. In the middle are two rotating cakes with gaps in the bottom for the hole to pass through. At the very end of the hole sits Mr. Cupcake, who is mostly shrouded in darkness.

Hole 6

The sixth hole is a large hallway with glowing walls that display static, and many orangish-red lights. To both the left and right are two large statues of Circus Baby, and below them the walls are lined with Plushbabies. In the middle of the hole is a large crusher, and at the end is an area that looks reminiscent to the FNaF 4 house, with Baby peaking out of the closet.

Hole 7

The seventh hole is themed around the Superstar Daycare, with stary-patterned floors, and multiple cloud and rainbow decorations. The two forms of the Daycare Attendant also rotate around the hole, both idly standing in the same poses as their in-game action figures. The hole itself is protected by multiple circular blockades.

Hole 8

The eighth hole is a balloon-filled hole featuring multiple colorful balloons, number balloons and Glamrock balloons. Underneath the balloons is a massive ballpit that Balloon Boy and Nightmare Balloon Boy will occasionally pop out of.

Hole 9

The final hole goes back to the Monty's Gator Golf theme, now with multiple small stringed lights and a giant stage at the end. The stage features Monty, Chica & Roxy performing with a large Monty hologram behind them. In front of the stage is a dumpster where Glamrock Freddy lays.

Unused Holes

With the files, there are 9 unused holes for Monty Golf, most of which are actually finished and fully textured. These were likely scrapped due to Golf Courses normally having 18 holes, and the developers not wanting to have an odd number, deciding to cut it in half instead.

Unused Hole 1

The first unused hole was once the original Hole 4. The hole is a simple ramp downwards that's blocked off by a rotating gear-like structure blocking the pathway to the other side. Leading up to said gear is a small pipeline that runs above the course while also leaking steam.

Unused Hole 2

The second unused hole was once the original Hole 5. This hole was themed around Fazer Blast, with multiple lit-up pillars and walls similar to the Fazer Blast Arena. Behind the walls are Monty & Freddy's Fazer Blast cutouts, a large model rocket shop and a giant sign that has the Fazer Blast logo. In front of the hole itself is a rotating platform that'll drop the player in a random spot around the hole.

Unused Hole 3

The third unused hole was the original Hole 6. The hole is themed around Roxy Raceway, with multiple ston-like structures that are seen in the Raceway, as well as a large sign holding Roxy's decal for the Raceway. In between Roxy's flags is a hole that if successfully shot into will have the player go down a pipe that leads them directly to the hole. Underneath the starting platform is a blocked-off tunnel reminiscent of the multiple blocked-off locations in Roxy Raceway.

Unused Hole 4

The fourth unused hole would've been Hole 12, and is themed after Monty's Gator Golf. The hole has the player start on a platform set in the middle of a river with two large alligator heads chomping up and down. The river will constantly push the player's ball forwards towards the hole, which is set up on the side of a hill.

Unused Hole 5

The fifth unused hole would've been Hole 13, and is another one themed around Monty's Gator Golf. The hole is extremely simple, having the hole itself sitting atop a small hill located in the middle that the player must try to maneuver on top of.

Unused Hole 6

The sixth unused hole would've been Hole 14, and is themed entirely around Pizza. The floor is styled to look like pizza cheese with the walls being the brown crust. Sitting around outside the hole are multiple monitors that display animated banners for Pizza, and underneath the hole are multiple giant pizzas. The hole holds a few fake holes that'll knock the player out-of-bounds, and set them back in progress.

Unused Hole 7

The seventh unused hole is another Monty Golf themed hole, and would've been Hole 15. The hole starts out with a steep ramp with a pipe next to it that would act as a shortcut if successfully entered. The hole also holds more running water, but now with multiple large logs and rocks sticking out of the water acting as blockades.

Unused Hole 8

The eighth unused hole would've been Hole 16, and is the only entirely unfinished hole. The lighting is incomplete, and the entire hole is untextured. The hole itself is a simple tunnel with blocky obstacles that leads to a dimly lit platform.

Unused Hole 9

The final unused hole would've been hole 17, and is another hole based around the Superstar Daycare. The hole has a very bumpy and curvy layout, with a large ball pit and multiple plush toys taken from the Daycare sitting around, as well as a large spiral slide.



  • The first and final holes of Monty Golf hint at a possibly rivalry between Monty and Freddy.
    • Though this is unconfirmed.
  • Due to the minigame being an arcade game in-universe, none of the holes exist within the actual Monty's Gator Golf attraction.
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