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The player's noise meter (when full).

Noise Meter is one of the mechanics in Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery. This mechanic first made its appearance in Ultimate Custom Night. With the noise meter, the player is able to keep track of the noises being made, whether from the player or the opponent.


FNaF AR: Special Delivery

The Noise Meter will appear and is required to be used when encountering Ballora.

With the noise meter, the player is able to keep track of two things: the noise made from player's movement (the right bar) and the animatronic's movement (the left bar). By keeping track of the animatronic's movement, the player is able to tell how close they are to the player. The noise meter will become higher when the player is facing closer to the opponent. Thus, the player should avoid them as far as possible, or else the animatronic will attack the player once the noise bar is filled completely, resulting in a jumpscare followed by game over.

With the right noise bar that keeps track of the player's movement, the player needs to stay as quiet as possible. The noise will become louder if the player moves too fast, and will be emptied when the player stops moving. Once the bar is filled completely, the animatronic will detect the player and will attack them, resulting in a game over. Thus, the player must move as slow as possible, especially when trying to shake off the Minireenas on the screen (when encountering Ballora).


  • The mechanic of noise management first appeared in Pizzeria Simulator, where the player must reduce the noises in the office so that the animatronics would not find the player and attack them.
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