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Photo Booth Mode (sometimes referred to as "Photobooth") is a part of FNaF AR that allows the player to take photos of the animatronics they've obtained. It was initially added during the Winter Wonderland Event, but was swiftly taken down due to fans finding it lack-luster and rushed. It was re-added with the Heart Stoppers Event and was purchasable for 4000 Event Tokens.


Within Photo Booth Mode, the animatronics can be put into the environment whilst looping their workshop animations. The characters will latch onto any solid surface so they look as if they're standing in front of the player. The player can increase the size of the animatronic and even look at them from alternate angles. The primary function of photo booth mode is, of course, taking photos of the animatronics, which will then be saved to the camera roll of the device.

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Within the mode, multiple frames can be purchased using Faz-coins. Frames give a design around the photo to look as if it was put in a themed picture frame.

Photo Booth Challenge


On February 12th, 2021, Illumix announced the Photo Booth Challenge that would last until the 17th. In this challenge, players were encouraged to use Photobooth to take pictures of their animatronics and post them to Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag "#fnafarlove". Ten winners would be chosen and each would gain the following as their prize:

  • Their photo featured across our social media
  • A Lure Value Pack of their choice
  • Stack of Faz-Coins
  • Official FNAF AR Merch Store 20% coupon (US only)

The Challenge would be held again, multiple times, each with different theming and requirements (such as animatronics and frames used).


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Unused Frames

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  • When it was first released, Photo Booth mode simply features the animatronics floating in mid air rather than latching on the ground.
    • This was the primary complaint with the mode, which lead to Illumix taking down the mode to rework it.
  • When it was first taken down, Illumix ended up refunding the Event Tokens to those who purchased it.
  • Every event up to July ended in a photo booth challenge with the exceptions of Shamrock Shakedown, Hop Chocolate, Scary Tales and Freddy Festival.
    • The Heart Stoppers event also technically did not end with the photo booth challenge, as two days later the game saw the permanent return of Toy Freddy.
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