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In Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery, each player has a custom profile for the Fazbear Funtime Service. The profile includes multiple features.

Main Features

The player's profile consists of the player's username, their best streak, current streak and current amount of Remnant. From the profile, the player can also view the Leaderboard, which shows the users with the highest streaks.


Each player can add other players to their friends list via a code on their profile. Having friends gives the player the option to send animatronics to their friends, which can award the player with some Parts if the attack is successful.


The Player profile has multiple different avatar icons that can be selected as profile pictures. The player only starts out with three; those being a male avatar, a female avatar and a cupcake avatar. Avatars of the other characters and skins can be unlocked through certain means, or purchased from the Store. The player can also unlock frames during certain events.

Character Avatars

Skin Avatars

Backgrounds & Frames

Backgrounds and frames are minor additions to the Avatars. While the backgrounds currently go unused, the frames appear during various holiday events.

Seasonal Exclusives

For the Winter Wonderland Event, each skin and Golden Freddy got exclusive profile icons with custom backgrounds; a snowy theme & a peppermint pattern. Afterwards, Seasonal Avatar Icons became a reoccurring theme in events.

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Beta Content

As revealed by an artist at Illumix, the profile icons are made via tracing the map icons for the characters and then piecing it together to make an icon. As well as this, beta icons for the three base avatars were revealed.


  • For a short amount of time, Plushtrap's unused avatar took place of Springtrap's.
    • Similarly, for a short time, Lefty's avatar was seen in a shop render instead of the intended Toy Freddy one.
  • Strangley, Toxic Springtrap uses Plushtrap's avatar as a base instead of Springtrap's.
    • On top of that, Flaming Springtrap oddly doesn't use Plushtrap's and uses Springtrap's as a base.
  • Within the files, Plushtrap, Funtime Freddy and Lefty's avatars were in the files from day 1.
    • Despite this, Plushtrap's was replaced with a newer version when he was released.
  • The Dark Circus icons were brightened greatly when they were released, making them somewhat hard to look at.
    • It is unknown why this was done.
    • Ballora's was also added alongside them, as it wasn't originally in the files with the other three.
  • Bon-Bon does not actually have his own normal 2D profile icon, only having the one with the ice background.
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