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Come play with us.
— The Plushkins in Plushkin Patch

The Plushbabies are a group of at least three plushies that makes an appearance in both Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted and in the Curse of Dreadbear DLC as antagonists.


The Plushbabies' appearances seem to be based on the Circus Baby Funko plushie. They are white skinned clown-like plushies with light blue eyes and orange hair in pigtails. They have a red top on their stomach with an orange triangle on their belly. The orange triangle has a small fan printed on it. They have a red skirt and two small legs with red and a yellow circle at the tip of them, representing shoes. They have a red nose with a smile on their mouth with red cheeks connected to it. One has a red outfit, one blue, and one yellow. While the Plushbaby in the red outfit has no distinguishing characteristics, the other two have aspects unique to them. The Plushbaby in the blue outfit, referred to as "Stitch" in the files, has a faint red stitch running from her side to the middle of her chest. The Plushbaby in the yellow outfit, referred to as "Blind" in the files, has her right eye blacked out, with only the stitching of her eye being visible. They both share the same general behaviors as the red Plushbaby.


FNaF VR: Help Wanted

Plushbabies appear in two mini-games: the Plushbaby level in Dark Rooms and the Circus Baby level in Night Terrors.

Dark Rooms

In the Plushbaby level, the player must find them in the dark room and shine their flashlight at them to make them disappear. Before they attack the player, they will say something to the player to warn them that they are running out of time. If the player leaves their light on too long, it will go out, and they will have to wait for it to recharge. Should the player fail to find one before it reaches them, the Plushbaby will end their run with a jumpscare.

Night Terrors

In Circus Baby level, the Plushbabies sit in the closet with the player. When the player shuts the closet, the Plushbabies will start twitching and making distorted noises. If the player keeps the closet closed too long, the Plushbabies will end the player's run with a player's jumpscare.


FNaF VR: Help Wanted


In Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted's blacklight modes, the Plushbabies are replaced by their blacklight counterparts, the Scrap Plushbabies. They are plushies based on Scrap Baby.


In hard mode, their appearance is more based on Scrap Baby from Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator, with more greenish eyes. Their hair has red, blue, and gray stripes through it. They have a print on their right hand representing Scrap Baby's claw. While the red Scrap Plushbaby is very reminiscent to Scrap Baby, the blue and yellow Scrap Plushbabies have different appearances. The blue Scrap Plushbaby, referred to as "Stitch" in the files, wears a blue top, skirt, and shoes. A large stitch runs up her right side to her neck. Along this stitch and around her eyes, a black dust or sludge has collected. The yellow Scrap Plushbaby, referred to as "Blind" in the files, wears a yellow top, skirt, and shoes. Her right eye is completely blacked out, and black streaks run from both of her eyes down her face.


The hardmode variant of the Dark Rooms level functions almost the same, only all of the toys in the room are Plushbabies and the player must locate the Scrap Baby based Plushbabies advancing toward them. All of the other toys becoming Plushbabies make the true Plushbabies much harder to spot.


In the Curse of Dreadbear DLC, the Plushkins are the Halloween-themed counterpart of the original Plushbabies.


Plushkins are essentially Plushbabies, but they now wear the masks of Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, Balloon Boy and Mangle from the Trick or Treat minigame. Red eyes can be seen from the mask's eyehole.


In the Curse of Dreadbear DLC, a new variant of the Plushbabies is added called "Plushkins" will appear in the darkness wearing masks of other Five Nights at Freddy's characters (Freddy, Foxy, Chica and Balloon Boy) and run around in the minigame, but have the same behavior from the Plushbaby Level from the main game with the inclusion of a new environment and running around then hiding.


  • In the files, there is code for "Babytrap" who is implied to be the beta name for Plushbaby.
    • Their mechanic seems to be a mixture of Plushbaby's and Plushtrap's, having the "Stop on the X" idea.
      • Because of this, it is implied that they were meant to be a hardmode variant for Plushtrap at some point.
  • Plushbaby's design and further the Plushkins, heavily resemble the Funko Plushes.
  • The Mangle and Bonnie Plushkins are strangely unseen in the Plushkin Patch level.
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