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Plushtrap is a minor antagonist in Five Nights at Freddy' s 4 that returns in Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted and Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery.


Plushtrap is a small, greenish, formerly yellow animatronic-plush toy based on Spring Bonnie that bears a resemblance to Springtrap. Plushtrap is an off yellow/green color with darker accents on his belly and in his three-segmented ears. He has white eyeballs with beady black pupils, a small muzzle, and small white blunt teeth on his upper and lower jaw. Unlike the other Nightmare Animatronics, he is relatively undamaged, only a few small tears along his body, face, and ears. He has four jointed fingers on each hand and three toes on each foot.


Plushtrap was one of the animatronic doll toys created by Fazbear Entertainment in early 1980s, based on Spring Bonnie and designed to walk in darkness and will be halted when lights are turned on. In Help Wanted, Plushtrap made his appearance in The Freddy Fazbear Virtual Experience along with the other Nightmare Animatronics. In Special Delivery, a rebuild version of Plushtrap is made by the Fazbear Entertainment for the Fazbear Funtime Service, along with other animatronics.


FNaF VR: Help Wanted

Plushtrap's jumpscare.

Dark Rooms

Plushtrap appears for the first time in Dark Rooms. His behavior is almost identical to the "Fun With Plushtrap" minigame in Five Nights at Freddy's 4. He begins the game sitting on the small white whicker chair at the end of the hall. He will run around the hallway, slowly progressing toward the player. Shining the flashlight at him will cause him to freeze or hide in the nearest doorway. The player must stop him on the X in front of them. Failure will result in a run ending jumpscare.

He will also rarely pop out of the gift box after beating a minigame, giving the player a non-fatal jumpscare.

Pizza Party

Plushtrap has a minor appearance in the Night Terrors Hard Mode, Pizza Party. When the player enters a room similar to the room in the Plushtrap level in Dark Rooms, Plushtrap will appear in front of the player and slowly approaches them. The player must leave the room as soon as possible before he jumpscares the player.

FNaF AR: Special Delivery


Plushtrap did not make a physical appearance in FNaF AR: Special Delivery until October 29th, however, he did appear in promotional material for the game and in the trailer for the game. In the interview between Dawko and the CEO of Illumix, it was confirmed that Plushtrap would be appearing in the game in a future update, now revealed to be the Halloween Event. On May 18th, Plushtrap was added into character rotation and could be encountered normally as long as the player was at least level 55. Despite this, Plushtrap is still not purchasable in the shop.

Plushtrap has an extremely unique mechanic to most, as instead of appearing in the player's home, he takes the player to a brand new environment. Plushtrap's CPU is incompatible with other characters due to this reason. In this environment, Plushtrap will slowly make his way to the player; teleporting when the light flickers and string at the player when it's on. There are two generators to the side of the player. The player must face them and hold down the shock button to fill up a meter behind them. Once both meters for both generators are green, the player can shock and defeat Plushtrap when he gets close enough. If Plushtrap gets too close before this however, he will jumpscare the player. Occasionally, the generators will close and the player will be unable to shock them for a short amount of time. As well as this, if the meter gets above green and fills all the way up, the generators will break.


Plushtrap currently has a total of two skins in FNaF AR: Special Delivery.

Frosttrap2 byScrappyboi.png

Frost Plushtrap is Plushtrap's first skin in FNaF AR, and was the last skin to arrive in the Winter Wonderland Event. He arrived on December 24th.


Frost Plushtrap has an identical appearance to that of Plushtrap, with the main difference being that he is now made entirely out of a light blue colored ice. Is eyes have become similar to that of Freddy Frostbear, and his eye sockets have more tears coming out of them. Finally, he has multiple icicles sticking out of his arms, head & back.

Frost Plushtrap's environment is also different to that of Plushtrap. His environment is now covered in snow, and in the back there's a large gaping hole that allows the player to see large Pine Trees outside. As well as this, the electronics are all frosted over; with icicles sticking off of them.

Piranha PlushtrapRender.png

Piranha Plushtrap is Plushtrap's second skin in FNaF AR and the third skin in the Wicked Tides event. He released on June 7th after being delayed by three days.


Piranha Plushtrap changes a lot from the original Plushtrap, now being made of a more organic flesh-like material, even having realistic gums. His mouth is littered with long, thin, sharp teeth and his eyes are extremely small and glow an ocean blue color. On the sides of his head are two glowing orange gills, and his feet glow that same orange. His hands have orange webbing in between them that stretches when his fingers move. His ears are covered in small barnacles, and his mouth, stomach and right leg are covered in string-like algae. Finally, his body is covered in spikes and his torso is split open revealing ribs.

His environment changes entirely from the original, now being what appears to be a giant lobster pot, and is filled with coral, pirate ship parts and barrels. The entirety of the level is also underwater, and there's a bright light at the end of the map that makes Piranha Plushtrap extremely difficult to see.


Description Audio
Plushtrap's Jumpscare sound.
Alert.png(Warning: Loud)
Frost Plushtrap's Jumpscare sound.
Alert.png(Warning: Loud)
Plushtrap's ambience.
Frost Plushtrap ambience.
Plushtrap's unused haywire sound.
Frost Plushtrap's unused haywire sound.


FNaF VR: Help Wanted

  • He appears more yellowish than in Five Nights at Freddy' s 4.
  • On very rare occasions in Help Wanted, the player may receive as a prize as a jumpscare of Plushtrap, instead of another common prize.
  • Unlike in the original game, where his hands were all one solid piece, his fingers are jointed in Help Wanted.
    • As well as this, Plushtrap has five fingers, despite only having 4 in all previous games.
  • In the files, there is code for "Babytrap" who is implied to be the beta name for Plushbaby. Due to their mechanic being a mixture between Plushtrap and Plushbaby, it is believed that they were meant to be a hardmode variant for Plushtrap.

FNaF AR: Special Delivery

  • Before Plushtrap was present in-game, he appeared multiple times in promotional art dating way back in October 2019.
    • This also includes the official trailer for the game.
    • The reason Plushtrap was not included in the game for a long amount of time is because there was a disconnection between the marketing team and the design team, which caused him to be shown before he was supposed to be released.
  • Despite most of his assets already being in the files, when Plushtrap was added most of his assets were replaced by newer, updated ones.
  • Plushtrap's textures in the promotional material show him made out of patches of fabric sewn together.
    • As well as this his coloration is closer to a yellowish brown than his normal green coloration.
    • Plushtrap's textures in the promotional material also show him without his fur textures, which are applied along with his base textures in-game.
      • This has lead some to believing that the base textures were scrapped, but this is not the case.
  • Plushtrap, unlike all characters that came before him, was not revealed in the normal way, and was revealed alongside the announcement that Special Delivery would be coming to more Android devices.
  • Plushtrap is the only character who does not use the camera mode during his encounters, rather he uses a completely rendered environment.
  • Plushtrap is the only character to get two unique teasers exclusive to himself.
  • Plushtrap's CPU is .
  • Unlike the other CPUs, Plushtrap's CPU is the only CPU that is colored gold to signify that it is incompatible with anyone other than him meaning cannot be equipped to other animatronics and can only be equipped for Plushtrap himself.
    • In the update for the new gameplay one is able to add the CPU to other animatronics with seemingly no issues.
  • Plushtrap is one of two characters within AR who does not haywire.
    • The other is Ballora.
    • While he does have a haywire animation, it is only there for when he is equipped with a different CPU.
  • Plushtrap is the only character featured as an app icon who isn't a variant of Freddy.
  • Similarly to Swamp Balloon Boy, Frost Plushtrap was released on a holiday; being Christmas Eve.
    • Because of this, both skins were leaked early on due to Illumix adding the files early.
  • On Frost Plushtrap's plushsuit package, a bit of his hand is still showing, as Illumix forgot to crop it out.
  • When looking through the code, it can be seen that Plushtrap's droprates are all 0%. Oddly despite this, one can still obtain his Plushsuit and/or CPU when defeating him in an encounter.
  • Coming with the FNaF AR gameplay update, Plushtrap’s CPU could be put on other characters and skins.
    • However, the game was bugged to where the only way to put it on another character was to already have it equipped on Plushtrap, and then change the plushsuit.
    • Characters with the CPU were bugged to where they lack a defeat animation, and you will simply hear the shock sound before the encounter ends.
  • Frost Plushtrap was fixed in the Gameplay Update to finally drop his CPU and/or Plushsuit when beating him.
  • Piranha Plushtrap was delayed by three days due to bugs with his environment.
  • With the 14.5.0 Update, Frost Plushtrap and Piranha Plushtrap now use their respective environments with friends sends with the Plushtrap CPU.
    • Before this, both skins would use Plushtrap's normal environment when sent by friends.
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