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Princess Quest is an exclusive mode to FNaF: Help Wanted's mobile port. It can be unlocked by zooming in and out on glitched objects throughout the Hub World and the different levels. Princess Quest saw a return in FNaF: Security Breach along with two sequels, aptly named Princess Quest 2 and Princess Quest 3.

Help Wanted Mobile Port


In Princess Quest, you play as The Princess; a small yellow princess holding a lantern. The Princess acts as the player, and is controlled via user input. The goal of the game is to light all the torches with the lantern to find your way through the dungeon. Eventually, the player will be forced to search for a chest that holds the key to a large door covered in a strange black goop. Throughout the level, many glitched rabbit-like enemies will be actively attempting to kill the Princess. The enemies only deal one heart of damage, which can be restored by finding hearts inside chests throughout the map. Once the Princess obtains the key, she can open up the door and enter the room.


Once the Princess goes through the door, she will enter a dark room. In the middle is another torch that she can light. When lit, the torch reveals a giant amalgamation rabbit surrounding her. The amalgamation will utter a strange distorted noise, and the screen will fade to black. If you decode what the amalgamation says it decodes to "I always come back. Let me out.".


Description Audio
The Princess Quest Castle Theme.

Security Breach

In Security Breach, Princess Quest returns with its two new sequels, & to an extent, as arcade games. While the first remains the same with only slight adjustments to sprite art, the other two are completely unique and introduce new mechanics. Beating all three will grant the player a secret ending in which Gregory frees Vanny of Glitchtrap's control.

Princess Quest 2

In Princess Quest 2, the player starts out with the scrapped content from the original gamemode, with the Princess having a sword that was gifted to her by the Old Man, and the game starts off in the unused area. The game plays out the same, with the Princess exploring a run-down castle, having to turn on lanterns and such. A new mechanic is introduced with a shadow princess who mimics your movements from afar, but inverts them. The game ends with the Princess entering a office similar to the one from FNaF 1, minus the left door. The game also introduces a new enemy type, being a small blob-like rabbit that shoots out of it's one eye.

Princess Quest 3

Princess Quest 3 is the most unqiue one, taking place in a Freddy's-style location filled with conveyor belts and tight walkways. While searching around and completing puzzles, the player can find Vanny's mask and the Glitchtrap Plushie, both from Help Wanted. The mask is found in a replica of the Corn Maze level from Curse of Dreadbear, even going as far as to feature Grimm Foxy as an enemy. As well as this, a flying version of the enemy introduced in Princess Quest 2 is present throught the game. Finally, once the player, after getting the mask and the plushie, makes their way to the stage and unlocks it with a key, the player is then met with the door that Glitchtrap hides behind in Help Wanted's ending. After hitting the door to open it, the screen fades to black as screaming is heard before the game ends.


VR Mobile Port

Security Breach

Possible Lore Implications

Princess Quest can potentially be a metaphor of the events of FNaF Help Wanted, with the Princess taking the role of Vanny. This is made clearer with the addition of the second and third entries in Security Breach, especially with the ending of the third with the plushie, mask and door.

Once all three games are played in Security Breach, it frees Vanny from Glitchtrap's control, this could suggest that the games were somehow linked to Glitchtrap's control over her. and The Princess, a character inside the game, broke her way out of her own game and arrived at main virtual space of Help Wanted as the game became more and more unstable. by retracing the path the Vanny stepped, she managed to re-encounter with Glitchtrap as she unlocks the door that was containing it. She presumably battled with it after the game screen turned off, cutting Glitchtrap's control over Vanny.


  • The Castle theme for Princess Quest is actually a remix of "Through the Cracks" from Freddy In Space 2.
  • All the enemies were recolored in the Princess Quest trilogy in Security Breach, with all the enemies except the basic walking one having white features instead of green, and the walking ones having yellow.
  • A pair of eyes that look like Chica's are seen below the floor in one room in Princess Quest 3. Though it is unknown as to why they are there.
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