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Puppenator is a boss in Freddy In Space 2, he is the first boss encountered in Stellar Pit.


The Puppenator resembled Marionette, having a black and slender body with white stripes on his shin and wrists. He also has the three white buttons on his chest, running down to his torso. His face has red, glossy cheeks and a wide smile. He has purple markings on his forehead and his eyes have black sockets with yellow pupils.



CONTACT Deals damage on full contact.
SPIN Quickly spins around in the bottom of the arena, dealing damage on full contact.
FLAME BOX Quickly spins around the arena, droping gift boxes which are on fire.


Puppenator is a tricky boss to fight at low levels, but after every move, he will stand still in the right side of the arena, the player should use that chance to deal damage to him. Using Foxy or Bonnie for their high jumps, and then using Chica or Freddy for their damage is a good strategy to avoid most damage. If the player is having a rematch and has Golden Freddy, due to his high damage output he can damage Puppenator easily.

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