Remnant is used to power up your animatronics. Get ready for unstoppable fu-u-u-u-u-un, fun, fun.
HandUnit in the tutorial.

Remnant is one of the collectible items in Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery. It is used to power up the animatronics.



  • Light Remnant: Illuminating orb-like objects that come with different color. It has the ability to boost animatronics' power when inserted into them.
  • Dark Remnant: Swirling dark wisps in deep purple color. It causes the screen to be surrounded by dark aura when collected, which expands bigger when more are collected until it summons RWQFSFASXC.

When there are no animatronic encountered, the player can collect remnants in their room before one attacks. The player can use their Flashlight to attract the remnants. However, players should avoid the Dark Remnant, as they could summon RWQFSFASXC if too many are collected. They may surround the Light Remnant for a while before disappearing.

Below are the statistic of the Light Remnant in different colors (0 Speed is equal to the speed of Dark Remnant):

Color Quantity Value Speed
White 1 1 1
Red 1 4 -2
Green 2 1 -1
Purple 3 2 0
Yellow 1 9 -1
Rainbow 1 20 TBA


Other than collecting them, the player can also earn a small amount of remnants by defeating and capturing the animatronics.

Animatronics Earnings
Min Max
Freddy Fazbear 1
Bonnie 1
Chica 1 3
Foxy 1 3
Toy Freddy 1 4
Toy Bonnie 1 4
Toy Chica 1 4
Mangle 1 6
Balloon Boy 1 2
Springtrap 1 9
Plushtrap TBA TBA
Jack-O-Bonnie TBA TBA
Jack-O-Chica TBA TBA
Circus Baby 1 5
Ballora TBA TBA

On Lose

When defeated by animatronics, the player will lose some of their remnants. The amount depends on the animatronic and the way they are encountered: wandering, PVP (sent by other players), and rampaging (caused by defeating them on streak).

Animatronics Remnants on Lose
Wandering PVP Rampaging
Min Max Min Max Min Max
Freddy Fazbear 1 3.25 1 4.5 1 7
Bonnie 1 3.25 1 4.5 1 7
Chica 3 7.75 3 11.5 TBA
Foxy 3 7.75 3 11.5 TBA
Toy Freddy 4 10 4 15 TBA
Toy Bonnie 4 10 4 15 TBA
Toy Chica 4 10 4 15 TBA
Balloon Boy 2 5.5 2 8 TBA
Springtrap 9 21.25 9 32.5 TBA
Plushtrap TBA TBA TBA
Jack-O-Bonnie TBA TBA TBA
Jack-O-Chica TBA TBA TBA
Circus Baby 5 12.25 5 18.5 TBA


  • Remnant's depiction in Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery contradicts earlier descriptions in Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator and the novel Five Nights at Freddy's: The Fourth Closet. It is described as behaving like a molten metal able to be manipulated as such so long as it was kept at specific temperatures.
  • Dark Remnant is a brand new substance never seen before AR.
    • Some theorize it has to do with the newly introduced Agony from the Fazbear Frights book series, though there is very little backing this up.
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