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Robo Chica WIP is one of the bosses in Freddy In Space 2, she is the first boss fought in Galactic Factory.


Robo Chica WIP

Robo Chica WIP is a robotic version of Chica, but she only has her head completed. Her head is light gray with dark gray around her eyes and beak. She has a pink tongue lolling out the side of her head and her eyes are all red.

Robo Cupcake


Robo Cupcake is a robotic version of Chica's cupcake. Its head is light gray with dark gray near the eyes and middle of the jaw. Its eyes are all red, and the candle has a blue flame on it. The bombs the cupcake drops are similar to Chica Defense Network's Alien Cupcakes, however they're smaller and lack a candle.



CONTACT Deals damage on full contact with Robo Chica WIP.
CUPCAKE DROP Robo Cupcake will continously drop angry cupcakes.

Robochica WIP's rolling attack.


Robo Chica WIP isn't a very difficult boss to fight, while Robo Cupcake is undestructable by itself, Robo Chica WIP doesn't have the defense capabilities to defend herself very well. All she does is roll around, trying to hit the player. Keep jumping over her and hitting her to win. Marionette and Freddy are very good options on dealing with her.


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