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Rocket Fox is one of the boss enemies in Freddy In Space 2. He is the first boss in the Lunar Mines.


Rocket Fox

Rocket Fox is a metal, robotic version of Foxy. He has orange-colored eyes with a brown T-shirt and a black belt. He has a rocket on his back to fly around, and he holds a remote with his clawed right hand, while his left hand is replaced with a hook.


Rocket Fox also has a robot parrot as his assistant. He is covered in metal and has orange-colored eyes as well, and has sharp claws on his legs.



CONTACT Deals damage on full contact.
ROCKETS Drops rockets from the current position.
ROCKET BARRAGE The Parrot drops several rockets in rapid succession. Only occurs if Rocket Fox is resting.


The player is suggested to stay at the far left side of the room when Rocket Fox is attacking, and only start attacking him when he is resting. The Parrot cannot be damaged. It is recommended the player uses Chica or Freddy for this battle. If the player has Foxy already and is facing Rocket Fox, this allows the player to attack it while he's flying, and avoid the damage from the dropping rockets.

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