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S. Cotton is a secret boss from Freddy In Space 2 that is hidden in Lunar Mines. He is one of the two characters, the other being Giant Terminator Chica, that are required to beat in order to claim the Pizza Trophy.


S. Cotton bears a lot of resemblance to Scott's Head from FNaF World, albeit having more of a cartoonish look. He is a giant floating head of Scott Cawthon, he wears red shades and his head is placed inside a jar. The jar is shaded all red and is placed on a gray machine that has a pair mechanical arms. The machine is placed on a tank treadwheel.



CONTACT Deals damage on full contact.
SPIKES Spikes rise across the bottom of the arena, before disappearing.
CLAWS Flying claws spawn and follow the player around. They cannot be destroyed.


S. Cotton is a hard boss to fight at low levels, and should only be challenged if very well prepared. As the spikes and him moving prevent you from staying in the ground, and the destroyable claws following the player will definitely make you take damage. It is required to beat S. Cotton quickly, as the more time is spent, the more claws spawn. The player is recommended to use Foxy and Chica to go away and attack from the top platforms, and then jump away from the claws.



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