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As an editor of the wiki, note that this page holds large amounts of spoilers for Security Breach. If you have not seen the game fully, it is suggested you look away from this page until you do.
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Security Breach is the largest FNaF game to date, and as a result as a more complex story than the previous games. The full story, all endings, as well as certain gameplay elements, is documented here. The game has a total of 6 main endings, 5 of which are animated in a comic-book style cutscene.

Main Route

Security Breach opens up with a fully animated cutscene featuring the Glamrocks getting up on stage and performing. The cutscene ends with Glamrock Freddy collapsing on stage, and later waking up in his photo room. Glamrock Freddy then meets Gregory, who reveals that he’s hiding from Vanessa, the night guard.

Glamrock Freddy decides he’ll help Gregory escape, which leads the player to crawl through the vents and locate a photo pass to release Freddy and enter the utilidoors. Freddy leads Gregory through the utilidoors and to a medical station, where Gregory proceeds to hide from Vanessa. Vanessa proceeds to scold Freddy before walking off, and after a bit more travel with him, Freddy’s battery dies and Gregory is left on his own.

This then leads into a minor tutorial on how to sneak around animatronics, before leading into a chase sequence with the other three Glamrocks. Afterwards, Gregory enters the main lobby area, where the night officially begins, and now must sneak around Glamrock Chica and multiple S.T.A.F.F. After finding both an entrance pass and a Mr. Hippo magnet, the player is tasked with upgrading their pass to a Daycare Pass. Once the player has used the magnet to do this, they then must meet Glamrock Freddy in the entrance to the daycare.

Once in the daycare, Sun, the Daycare Attendant, will attempt to play with Gregory, forcing the player to distract him and find a key at the front desk. After doing so, the power in the Daycare will fail, leading Sun to transform into Moon and hunt Gregory down to “punish him”. To turn Moon back into Sun, the player must locate five generators and turn the lights back on. After turning on the lights, Sun will kick you out for breaking the rules and proceed to call for a security alert, alerting the Glamrocks back to the player. After getting inside Freddy, the player must locate the recharge station. When entering, the player sees Vanny for the first time, but it appears that Glamrock Freddy didn’t see her, and claimed that there isn’t a rabbit in the Pizzaplex “anymore”.

Afterwards, Glamrock Freddy will lead the player to the next floor so the player can locate a Faz-Map for the Faz-Watch. When arriving at the second floor, a Map S.T.A.F.F. Bot will jumpscare Gregory before giving him a map. The map reveals that there are four floors, a ground floor and two basement levels. After getting the map, the player can go through El Chip’s to get into the Arcade and find the security office & to the Prize Counter fire escape, or via the vent near Salads & Sides & to the Loading Dock.

If he chooses to go through El Chip's & the arcade, Gregory is instructed to find the prize corner. However, every door to it is locked, and the whole area is infested with Security S.T.A.F.F. and Roxy. After finding both doors locked, the player must crawl through a vent, where a small Wind-Up Music Man will chase after them. Once the player makes it through the vent, escaping the Wind-Up Music Man, they can enter the security office and get the Security Badge. Obtaining the badge proceeds to set off an alarm, alerting Monty and Roxy to the office. The player must hide in the office until Freddy shuts off the alarm, luring the two away. After that, the player must make their way to a fire exit, only to find it’s locked. After a close-encounter with Roxanne, the player heads to an elevator.

If Gregory chooses to escape via the Loading Dock, he has to go, as mentioned earlier, a vent near Salads & Sides, while also evading Wind-Up Music Man. He will land in some sort of kitchen control room, being chased by Glamrock Chica by the catwalks & to the kitchen office. When getting the badge, Chica blocks the right door, which was the only way out because the left door has a bunch of stuff in the way.

Freddy suggests to use Fazbear Entertainment's Pizza Delivery service to deter her. Gregory needs to be quick, since Chica will deplet the door power. Once the task is done & Gregory gets to the Loading Dock, he needs a higher security access, then leading him to evade multiple S.T.A.F.F. Bots & Chica. Gregory will then find a door behind the laundry room segment where the S.T.A.F.F. Bots are.

Both paths end with a Map S.T.A.F.F. Bot stopping him from leaving by offering a map, leading Vanessa to capture Gregory. He's then locked in lost and found, where Vanessa tells him off before Vanny asks him if he’s “having fun yet”. The player must quickly get the screwdriver and leave through the vent before Vanny shows up and kills him. After escaping, Vanny will proceed to chase the player. After escaping, Glamrock Freddy contacts Gregory, informing him to go to Roxy Raceway.

Once in Roxy Raceway, Gregory will find Glamrock Freddy lying on the ground, glitching, as he missed the hourly recharge after Gregory was taken. Gregory then needs to help him get to Parts and Service by getting a backstage pass and opening the lift on the stage to allow him in. After going through a storage facility while being hunted by Roxanne, the player finds themselves in what appears to be a band-rehearsal room, with the backstage pass sitting on a bench.

After exiting that room, the player finds themselves in the very first area in the game, with the backstage control room now available for exploration. Once inside, Gregory finds another security pass and a performance DVD. Glamrock Freddy then contacts Gregory, telling him the signal’s fixed, and informing him on how to escape the room now that Monty and Roxy are outside. The player must guide Freddy as well as shock the other glamrocks in order to escape, all before Vanny makes it there or one of the other glamrocks break into the room.

When meeting up with Freddy, he still appears to be damaged, but can walk again. He informs Gregory that the showtime disc can be used to start a showtime sequence and activate the lift. After making it onto the stage, Freddy points you in the right direction but decides to wait on the stage. Meanwhile, Monty is operating a spotlight, making sneaking around the S.T.A.F.F. harder. Once inserting the disc, a holographic show will begin on the stage. When trying to make it back however, Vanny will show up, adding more threats. Once making it back to Freddy, the lift can be activated, and the two will head down to Parts and Service.

However, Moon, The Daycare Attendant, will quickly appear, and Freddy will run you to the recharge station to avoid him. Once making it to the station however, Freddy will collapse just before getting inside, and Moon will drag him away. While exploring, the player will encounter another Map Bot, who will give him a map to the area. After exploring more, the player will encounter an Endoskeleton, who acts as a weeping angel enemy. After going inside a vent, another Wind-Up Music Man begins to chase the player.

Afterwards, Gregory continues onwards, finding more Endos and having to maneuver around them to find his way through. Eventually, Gregory finds an office and gets a card to get to Parts and Service, and makes his way there. When arriving, Vanessa is seen with Freddy strapped down. Freddy acts as if he knows nothing about the situation, but Vanessa makes it clear she’s suspicious of him, and decides to leave him behind as she continues her search for Gregory. Gregory must reattach Freddy’s head by hitting a series of buttons in a simon-says esc minigame.

After repairing Freddy, he informs Gregory that he must do the following: Gregory must use Roxy’s service elevator to get to Rockstar Row and find a Party Pass in Chica’s room. Then, the player must go to either Fazer Blast or Monty’s Gator Golf to get a Fazerblaster or Faz Cam respectively. From this point onwards, Freddy will kill you when he runs out of power. After sneaking into Chica’s room and obtaining the Party Pass, Moon will appear and begin to chase the player. Once the player escapes Moon, they must then make the choice to go to either Monty Golf or Fazer Blast.

If the player chooses to go to Monty’s Gator Golf, they must avoid Montgomery as they search for a Faz-Cam. Making your way to the office will help you find a way to prevent Monty from hunting Gregory. When obtaining a new security pass, a Mazercise ticket, and the Faz-Cam, Monty will be alerted to the office, and the player must quickly escape and make their way to Mazercise. Once in there, Freddy will then inform the player to head back to the Daycare, as a S.T.A.F.F. Bot took the key there. Once inside the Daycare Theater, the player will find more Endos standing around, deactivated. Whilst exploring, the player will find the Mazercise control key, and must head back there to go through a vent to the catwalks in Monty’s Gator Golf. Before leaving however, all the endos will activate, and another sequence of avoiding them will commence. Once escaping and getting back to Mazercise, the player can use the key to open up the maze to get to the vent. After crawling through the vent, the player can use the canon sitting outside to start up the tracks for the lift system. Once jumping down onto the catwalk, Monty’s boss fight will begin, with him jumping onto the catwalk and destroying a cannon. The player must use the cannons around to shoot the target and fill up the splash bucket. Meanwhile, Monty will break any guns he runs past, forcing the player to keep running. After the bucket is filled completely, Gregory must dump the bucket, decommissioning Monty. This will allow the player to gain his claws, which the player can use to upgrade Freddy back in parts and service.

However, if the player instead made their way to Fazer Blast and entered, they’d get a different path. Once inside, the player can get the Fazer Blaster, which can stun enemies when shot in the face. The player must then capture all the flags in the area without dying or being caught by Chica. After winning the game, the player must go to the tower to receive their prize, the prize in question being the Fazer Blaster, which the player can use outside the arena. Once exiting the Fazer Blast arena, Gregory finds a room that Vanny has been hiding in, informing him and Freddy of her name. Once leaving, Gregory must head to Bonnie Bowl. Inside is an Ice Cream parlor, an arcade, and of course, a bowling alley. The bowling alley in particular is infested with more Endos, and the player must avoid them to get to the kitchen. There, once the generator is turned on, Gregory must find the Trash Compactor controls to crush Chica and decommission her. After this, Chica pulls Gregory into the sewers, where the player may collect her voice box and find their way out. While exploring the sewer system, the player must turn on generators whilst avoiding the (now shattered) Glamrock Chica. Continuing onwards finds the player in tunnels of trash, and the S.T.A.F.F. bots have converted to their scarier AlphaZ looks, with the drawn-on smiles and glowing eyes. After turning on three generators, Gregory can escape the sewers, but not before Vanny begins to chase him. The player will then find themselves in a room covered in colored papers with drawings and text on them which appear to be made by children. After leaving the room, the player can then reunite with Freddy and head back to parts and service.

Once back in Parts and Service, another upgrade sequence will begin, this time adding Monty’s claws or Chica’s voice box (depending on which location the player entered) onto Freddy. The player must do another simon-says esc game to do this. Afterwards, Freddy will be able to smash through fences if he has Monty’s claws, or stun animatronics if he has Chica’s voice box. After Freddy’s upgrade, the player must make their way to Roxy Raceway to decommission her. Once inside, the player must look around and find the broken Driver Assist Bot to take his head. Once obtaining it, Freddy will inform Gregory that to repair it, he must find a Dance Pass in the Party Garage to get inside the Fazcade and find the S.T.A.F.F. repair machine. Once obtaining the pass, the player must make their way to the repair machine to fix the head. Freddy cannot follow you inside due to a programming bug, and stays behind in the elevator.

Inside the room, the player will find an asleep DJ Music Man, and many Security S.T.A.F.F. After locating the machine in a security office, the power shuts off, and Gregory must turn it back on. But when doing so, DJ Music Man suddenly disappears, and begins crawling around on the walls like a spider, and going through the various tunnels built into the walls. After turning on three more switches, Music Man will attempt to crush Gregory through the bathroom door, and the player must run out the other door while Music Man’s hand is inside. Afterwards, the player must turn on one final switch in the maintenance hall, which after doing so will cause a chase sequence with DJ Music Man, where he’ll knock things over forcing the player to weave through the various props. After escaping Music Man through the security office, the player can then repair the S.T.A.F.F. head. Once repairing the head, the player can then put it on an Assist Bot to drive the kart. Once driving, Roxy will jump in front of the kart, leading Gregory to jump out and crash the kart into her, decommissioning her, and giving Gregory her eyes.

After the player takes her eyes, Roxy will proceed to charge towards the player, however without being able to see, so the player can simply step aside and allow Roxy to break the wooden doorways open. The player must distract her in order to get her to open up the other passageways. After doing so, the player must lead her to a passageway with a fire behind it, and trick Roxanne into jumping into the fiery room. The player then must weave through the fire and into a vent, all while avoiding Roxanne, and thus ending her boss fight, after which the player must head back to Parts and Service, and upgrade Freddy once more. After another upgrade sequence, Freddy will now have Roxanne’s eyes, and will inform Gregory that the Daycare Attendant is loose one final time, and the doors will reopen soon. Vanessa will prompt Gregory to come to the main stage, giving the player the choice to do that or leave the building once the doors reopen. If the player decides to go to the security doors, Freddy explains that he must stay behind and that Gregory could never return.

Gregory is then given a choice; will he stay with Freddy, or leave. Gregory staying would lead to all save stations being shut down for the remainder of the game. If the player decides to leave, then they'll get the leave ending.

If the player decides to stay with Freddy, he’ll express that he’s happy by Gregory’s decision, and will give Gregory a Party Pass to explore the areas the player hasn’t already seen. Going back to the main stage area, the player will find a Retro CD on the ground, which gets its own section in the inventory. This CD isn't required to continue onwards, but is important for lore related reasons. After obtaining the CD (or leaving it behind), the player then must go to either Monty’s Gator Golf or Fazer Blast (depending on which one hadn’t been done yet) and complete that section. Staying is the only way to get the all endings apart from the leave ending.


If the player decides to stay, they'll gain access to the other 5 endings (two of which can be unlocked beforehand however if the player had gone to Fazer Blast first).

The Alley

If the player leaves the building rather than staying with Glamrock Freddy, a comic-style cutscene will play, revealing that Gregory is homeless, and that multiple disappearances have happened. The cutscene ends with Vanny finding Gregory, and likely killing him off screen.

The Rooftop

If the player gets almost every single collectable in the game, they can head back to the Fire Exit near the point where Vanessa captures Gregory, and leave through it. A cutscene then plays showing Gregory leaving, and Freddy staring at the stack of plushies. Freddy then proceeds to use the plushies to burn down the location before sacrificing himself to save Gregory from Vanny, revealing Vanny’s identity to Gregory. After the credits roll, Vanessa is shown to be atop the roof surrounded by flames, strangely unharmed. It is not yet known how Vanessa was on the roof, although she was dead with Vanny's suit on many stories below.

The Getaway

After going through the entire Chica or Montgomery segment, the player must go through another Wind-Up Music Man vent chase before finding their way to the loading dock. If the player decides to leave rather than use the loading dock, it’ll give the player a new ending where Gregory drives away with Freddy before Freddy deactivates from lack of battery. But after Gregory jumpstarting him with the car battery, Freddy wakes back up and the two drive off into the sunset. After the credits are over, a newspaper is shown that Freddy was replaced by Monty, and Glamrock Mr. Hippo was added to fill in Monty's role.

Disassemble Vanny

This ending can only be unlocked if the player does Fazer Blast, finds Vanny’s secret room, and goes back to the front of the Pizzaplex. This gives the player the option of "Vanny" alongside Leave and Stay. Gregory and Freddy plan to attack Vanny by surprise, however this leads to Freddy being disassembled by a group of S.T.A.F.F. controlled by Vanny, and Gregory proceeds to be chased by her. All S.T.A.F.F. will be replaced with variants that look like the AlphaZ Group, and Gregory must dodge all the Glamrocks and S.T.A.F.F. to find his way onto the catwalk in Fazer Blast. There, Freddy, clinging onto life, will tell Gregory to go to the control room and turn the robots against Vanny. This will trigger the bad ending, where Gregory orders the S.T.A.F.F. to kill Vanny, and Freddy, with his dying breath, tells Gregory that he’s his “superstar”.


If the player had played the other two Princess Quest games, once they reach Vanny's room, they can then play the third game. After completing the third game, the Bad Ending won't happen, rather, a cutscene plays where Gregory leaves with Freddy's head in a duffle bag, and Vanny is seen without her rabbit suit standing in the doorway, implying that Gregory freed her from Afton's control. After the credits roll, an image of Gregory, Glamrock Freddy's head, and Vannessa is seen with the three sitting on a hill eating ice cream in the sunrise/sunset.

Burntrap Ending

To get the Afton ending, the player must use both Chica and Monty’s abilities to get to the hidden elevator shaft next to the exit of Fazer Blast. After going down the elevator, the player finds themselves being taken below the Pizzaplex with Freddy. Freddy explains that Vanny had brought everyone down there and forced them to clear the path, and that the other Glamrocks are down there, angry and confused. Freddy expresses that he didn’t have a choice before, but now does, claiming “I AM NOT ME.” After walking past The Blob, the player finds themselves in an office. Then, Burntrap is revealed, crawling out of a recharge station he was locked in. He then begins to try to take control over Freddy, and a boss fight commences in the style of the typical FNaF formula of sitting in an office and blocking out animatronics with doors. To beat the fight Chica must be blocked by a door, the player must hide from Roxy, shut the vent on Monty and avoid Freddy and the tentacles. Once the fight is beaten, a cutscene will play. Burntrap is taken by the Blob and Glamrock Freddy and Gregory escape the burning Pizzaplex. After the credits, the two are shown sitting on a hill, and the game ends.

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