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The FNaF: Security Breach tech demo revealed three brand new animatronics, who seem to Service Robots who work in various restaurants in the Freddy Fazbear's Mega Pizzaplex.


These animatronics are much more humanoid, futuristic and sci-fi than previous characters. Their bodies look very segmented, with the torso being very small, and the "legs" being a tower with two large wheels. The robots also seem to have the word "Staff" painted on their backs. The color scheme of the robots seem to very depending on their jobs, with the Barista robot being off-white with blue accents and large orange cheeks, and the Waiter robot being white & black with pink accents.

As well as this, one waiter robot is seen wearing a large sombrero, implying that it works in a Mexican restaurant.


  • These animatronics seem to be extremely different in comparison to previous characters, looking somewhat out-of-place.
  • It's implied that there are multiple of these robots, as there are two differently colored ones in two sections of the trailer.
    • This also implies a lack of human employees within the facility, as they're seen as baristas & waiters.


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