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Silver Parasol Games logo.

Silver Parasol Games is a fictional game company that plays a role in the backstory of Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted. They are the first company to work on The Fazbear Virtual Experience for Fazbear Entertainment before it.


Not much is known about Silver Parasol Games, with the little information coming from Tape Girl.

Silver Parasol Games were hired by Fazbear Entertainment to create The Freddy Fazbear Virtual Experience. They were told to use their old circuit boards and other technology from, presumably, decommissioned animatronics to help with pathing for characters in the game, so that the development of the game would be faster. However, an incident occurred when an anomaly entered the game's code through old animatronic computer chips and tried to escape through an employee, Jeremy. Jeremy started to act unwell and disturbed, and eventually he used a guillotine paper slicer to cut off his own face.

Jeremy's death prompted a lawsuit against the game studio which was then bought out by some other company, potentially an attempt by Fazbear Entertainment to discredit the studio and shut it down. At some point, the emails between Fazbear Entertainment and "a certain indie developer" were leaked to the development team, revealing the true motives behind Fazbear Entertainment's push for a VR game. During this time, Tape Girl was tasked with finishing Jeremy's work on the game. This is where she started seeing Glitchtrap in the game. The new character made her curious as it didn't behave like other characters in the game and almost seemed to have some sentience behind it. Over the coming days, Tape Girl worked to isolate and delete this anomaly, eventually referring to it as malicious. This code would eventually merge with the logs that Tape Girl had been hiding in a protected areas of the game, making it impossible to delete.

The fate of Tape Girl is unknown and it is revealed in unused emails for Special Delivery that Vanessa tricked the company into giving her full access to their company's system to get rid of the virus, only for her go into the VR game, and telling Glitchtrap that no one suspected anything about their plans or that he is trapped in the plush. After believing that Vanessa eliminated the virus, Silver Parasol started working on the The Freddy Fazbear Virtual Experience again, only for Vanessa to give unauthorized commands to their system, gaining full control over their system. She locked every employee out of their account.


  • Tape Girl - Member of the Quality Assurance team
  • Jeremy - Member of the Quality Assurance team
  • Dale - Manager
  • Mark Cho
  • Raha Salib
  • Daniel Rocha
  • Anna Kwento - Project Manager
  • Steven Wilson


  • Scott Cawthon planned to have a real-world website for Silver Parasol Games, but decided not to do it because he did not want to blur the line between fact and fiction.
    • Unknown to Scott, someone at the company, who Scott was originally going to work with, created a mock-up of the fake game company’s website and put it on their personal graphic design page. This is how the mock up, seen in the gallery below, had the logo, names of two characters working for the studio, and even Scott Cawthon's phone number listed as the contact (which has since been changed).
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