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The Skin System is a new mechanic introduced in Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery. It introduces new look for different animatronics, and is overall used in Seasonal Events.

These skins are only available through limited time, and the player can encounter them randomly or with their lures. Their individual plushsuits and lures will rarely be given as rewards for defeating them. The player can also purchase their character packs in the store with Faz Coins or in-app purchases.

Animatronic Skins Catalog

St. Patrick's Day 2020

Name Plush Suit Based On Appearance Date Introduced
Shamrock Freddy ShamrockFreddy-ARIcon.png Freddy Fazbear A metallic green-colored Freddy with a golden microphone and chain. March 12th 2020

Easter 2020 Event

Name Plush Suit Based On Appearance Date Introduced
Chocolate Bonnie Atfrzun3dnr41.png Bonnie A chocolate Bonnie with candy buttons and multiple bites taken out of him. April 10th 2020
Easter Bonnie EasterBonnie-ARIcon.png Bonnie A white Bonnie with a yellow bowtie and an easter egg pattern on his chest. April 16th 2020

Arcade Mayhem Event

Name Plush Suit Based On Appearance Date Introduced
VR Toy Freddy VRToyFreddy-ARIcon.png Toy Freddy A dark purple Toy Freddy wearing a VR headset. When the headset is removed, he turns red and his cracked face can be seen. May 7th 2020
Highscore Toy Chica HighscoreToyChica-ARIcon.png Toy Chica A dark blue Toy Chica who has "HIGH SCORE" written on her bib. She turns red when her beak falls off, with 8-Bit Cupcake being her companion. May 14th 2020
System Error Toy Bonnie SystemErrorTB PlushsuitIcon.png Toy Bonnie A red-colored Toy Bonnie with "SYSTEM ERROR" written on his chest. May 21st 2020

Wasteland Event

Name Plush Suit Based On Appearance Date Introduced
Radioactive Foxy Alpine ui plushsuit radioactive foxy.png Foxy A neon green-colored Foxy with a translucent body and a dual hook. June 11th 2020
Toxic Springtrap ToxicSpringtrap PlushsuitIcon.png Springtrap A purple Springtrap covered in fleshy growths and bubbles. June 18th 2020

Summer 2020 Event

Name Plush Suit Based On Appearance Date Introduced
Plushsuit Firework Freddy.png Freddy Fazbear A July the 4th-themed Freddy with a torn outfit, sunglasses and a large firecracker. June 25th 2020
Liberty Chica F0855E12-1BDC-4E11-ABFA-F2CE6AABE407.png Chica A carbon-made Chica that is reminiscent of the Statue of Liberty, with Torch Cupcake being her companion. July 2nd 2020

Sizzling Summer Event

Name Plush Suit Based On Appearance Date Introduced
Flamethrower Bare Endo Alpine ui plushsuit bareendo flamethrower.png Bare Endo An orange endoskeleton with welding mask and a flamethrower hooked to two gas canisters on its back. July 23rd 2020
Broiler Baby BroilerBabyPlushsuitIcon.png Circus Baby A soot covered Baby with red eyes and a large Broiler attached to her stomach. July 30th 2020
Scorching Chica ScorchedChicaPlushsuitIcon.png Chica A badly burnt Chica with lava scorches covering her body, with Scorching Cupcake as her companion. August 6th 2020
Flaming Springtrap FlamingSpringtrapPlushsuitIcon.png Springtrap A coal colored Springtrap with orange accents and flames shooting out. August 13th 2020

Dark Circus Event

Name Plush Suit Based On Appearance Date Introduced
Ringmaster Foxy RingmasterFoxyPlushsuitIcon.png Foxy A silver colored Foxy dressed as a circus ringmaster. September
3rd 2020
Magician Mangle Alpine ui plushsuit mangle magician.png Mangle A Mangle dressed as a magician holding a saw, with knifes floating around. September
10th 2020
Clown Springtrap ClownSpringtrapPlushsuitIcon.png Springtrap A white Springtrap dressed up as a clown wielding a large malltet. September
17th 2020
Great Escape Golden Freddy GreatEscapeFreddyWorkshopIcon.png Golden Freddy A withered and chained up Golden Freddy wearing a straight jacket. November 2021

Halloween Event

Name Plush Suit Based On Appearance Date Introduced
Toy Chica
Alpine ui shop item skin toychica catrina skin.png Toy Chica A greenish-grey Toy Chica dressed to fit the role for the Day of the Dead, with Calavera Cupcake as her companion. October
22nd 2020

Haunted Forest Event

Name Plush Suit Based On Appearance Date Introduced
Woodland Toy Freddy Alpine ui plushsuit toyfreddy woodland.png Toy Freddy A forest-themed Toy Freddy made entirely of wood, covered in moss & mushrooms and holding a large walking stick. November
12th 2020
Boulder Toy Bonnie BoulderToyBonniePlushsuit.png Toy Bonnie A Toy Bonnie variant made of stone and covered in moss and and vegetation with hollow eyesockets. November
19th 2020
Swamp Balloon Boy SwampBBWorkshopIcon.png Balloon Boy A swamp themed Balloon Boy made entirely out of mud with moss & roots growing throughout him holding a balloon & a sign that says "ROT". November
26th 2020

Winter Wonderland Event

Name Plush Suit Based On Appearance Date Introduced
Black Ice Frostbear BlackIceFrostbearPlushsuitIcon.png Freddy Frostbear A darker colored Frostbear who is now more frozen-over, also holding a large ice-spear rather than an icicle. December
4th 2020
Arctic Ballora ArcticBalloraIcon.png Ballora A Ballora made entirely out of ice wearing pink make-up & jewelry along with a large tu-tu & crown made out of icicles. December
10th 2020
Frostbite Balloon Boy BlizzardBalloonBoyPlushsuit.png Balloon Boy A snow-man Balloon Boy with icicles sticking out of him and a terrifying smile. December
17th 2020
Frost Plushtrap Alpine ui plushsuit plushtrap frost.png Plushtrap An icy Plushtrap with icicles sticking out of him who hunts in a large snowy environment. December
24th 2020

Heart Stoppers Event

Name Plush Suit Based On Appearance Date Introduced
Heartsick Baby HeartsickBabyWorkshopPlushsuit.png Circus Baby A black cupid themed variant of Baby who carries a bow & arrow. February 4th 2021
Black Heart Bonnie BlackHeartBonnieWorkshopPlushsuit.png Bonnie A black glass Bonnie with a beating pixelated heart on his chest. February 4th 2021

Ancient Equinox Event

Name Plush Suit Based On Appearance Date Introduced
Serpent Mangle Alpine ui portrait mangle serpent.png Mangle An aztec themed skin of Mangle. March 5th 2021
Curse Alpine ui portrait curse.png Springtrap An aztec themed skin of Springtrap. March 5th 2021

Hop Chocolate Event

Name Plush Suit Based On Appearance Date Introduced
Chocolate Bonnie
MeltedChocolateBonniePlushsuitIcon.png Bonnie A melted variant of Chocolate Bonnie. April 1st 2021

Scary Tales Event

Name Plush Suit Based On Appearance Date Introduced
Little Red Chica LittleRedChicaPlushsuitIcon.png Chica A skin of Chica dressed as Little Red Riding Hood with glowing yellow eyes. April 19th 2021
Big Bad Foxy Alpine ui shop item skin foxy bigbad skin.png Foxy A Foxy dressed as Big Bad Wolf in his grandmother disguise with glowing red eyes. April 22nd 2021

Wicked Tides Event

Name Plush Suit Based On Appearance Date Introduced
Dark Water
Bare Endo
Alpine ui plushsuit bareendo darkwater.png Bare Endo An angler fish-like Endoskeleton with white eyes covered in a watery-case. May 20th 2021
Sunken Toy Bonnie Alpine ui portrait toybonnie sunken.png Toy Bonnie A barnacle-ridden wooden Toy Bonnie with a scallop bowtie and multi-colored eyes. May 27th 2021
Piranha Plushtrap Alpine ui plushsuit plushtrap piranha.png Plushtrap A piranha-like Plushtrap skin with luminesecnt aqua eyes, orange fins and a new habitat. June 7th 2021

Screampunk Event

Name Plush Suit Based On Appearance Date Introduced
Clockwork Ballora Alpine ui plushsuit ballora clockwork.png Ballora A Ballora made entirely out of gears and cogworks with victorian-style gold plates. June 24th
Aeronaut Toy Freddy Alpine ui shop item skin toyfreddy aeronaut skin.png Toy Freddy A steampunk pilot Toy Freddy with a large wrench, iron goggles, and an arm canon. July 1st
Jetpack Balloon Boy JetpackBBIcon.png Balloon Boy An aviator pilot themed Balloon Boy with a jetpack, a sign that reads "Let's Fly!", and a large hot-air balloon. July 8th

Unused Skins

Easter Chica is the only unused skin within the games files. The skin has no information on it other than it's name and the fact it was replaced by Easter Bonnie, evidenced by the fact that 'EasterChicaSkin' was the name of Easter Bonnie's attack profile in the code for a short time. Easter Bonnie's tag could likely have belonged to Easter Chica, evidence for this is that if you remove the blue s from the tag, it reads 'Happy Eater', similar to Chica's bib that reads 'Let's Eat!.' In the teaser released after Easter Bonnie was out showing a destroyed sweets shop, a Chica head icon can be seen near the bottom right on a pillar, fans believe it is Easter Chica's icon. The name shows the skin could possibly be Chocolate Chica, a merch exclusive skin that has yet to be added to the game.



  • Although Freddy Frostbear may seem like Freddy's skin at first glance, he was introduced before the Skin System is introduced and gained his own CPU, thus, he is counted as an individual character.
    • The same can be said about 8-Bit Baby, who while being introduced after the skin system, was given her own CPU and is not counted as a skin, despite the similarities to Circus Baby's mechanics.
    • This is further proven by Black Ice Frostbear, who is a skin for Freddy Frostbear.
  • Strangely, despite being in the Arcade Mayhem merch line, System Error Toy Bonnie was the only character to not feature his own shirt.
  • From Radioactive Foxy onward, skins began to have unique workshop animations instead of sharing the same animation as their normal counterparts.
    • Similarly, Firework Freddy and Liberty Chica were the first skins to have different charging animations than their normal counterparts.
    • Similarly, the Sizzling Summer skins were the first to have different haywire animations.
  • Flaming Springtrap and Woodland Toy Freddy are the only skins to have unique jumpscare noises.
  • The Arcade Mayhem skins, Radioactive Foxy and Swamp Balloon Boy are the only skins that don't change appearance when damaged.
  • Magician Mangle was initially revealed due to Illumix's instagram account accidentally putting a hastag with their name on a post the day prior to their release.
  • Clown Springtrap marks the first time a character has received three skins.
  • Almost all skins before Dark Circus returned in a Mashup Event which lasted two weeks.
  • Woodland Toy Freddy is the first skin to have completely unique sound effects, apart from his voice.
  • Swamp Balloon Boy's assets and model were leaked a day before his initial release due to being added early.
    • This was probably done so staff could spend the following day, being Thanksgiving, at home with family instead of adding his assets to the game.
    • The same thing happened to both Arctic Ballora and Frost Plushtrap.
  • In an unexpected turn of events, the 2020 Winter Event started off with a skin for Freddy Frostbear.
  • The only skins to not be featured in any merchandise are the Haunted Forest skins and the Winter Wonderland skins.
  • Heartsick Baby and Black Heart Bonnie are the only skins to be released on the same day.
  • Oddly, Curse is not called "Curse Springtrap" despite being a skin for him.
  • Shamrock Freddy is the only skin to have an event named after him, being the Shamrock Shakedown mini event.
  • Melted Chocolate Bonnie is the first and only skin to be an edited version of a previously added skin.
    • Black Ice Frostbear is somewhat similar in the sense of him being very similar in concept to Freddy Frostbear, however Freddy Frostbear is not a skin.
  • Little Red Chica and Big Bad Foxy were the first skins to be revealed before their event aired, as the Scary Tales event had to be delayed due to bug issues.
    • Similarly, Plushtrap's skin from the Wicked Tides event was also revealed before being delayed, but this was mostly due to the puzzle-piece teaser style that the event used.
  • Big Bad Foxy is the first skin since Arcade Mayhem to have two separate appearances based off what gameplay section the player views him in.
  • Dark Water Bare Endo is the first fish based animatronic in the whole franchise.
    • Piranha Plushtrap being the second.
  • Despite not gaining one with Arctic Ballora, Minireena gained their first skin in the Screampunk Event with Clockwork Ballora.
    • The skin in question is Clockwork Minireena.
  • Illumix strangely used two different art pieces for Aeronaut Toy Freddy's release, showing the usual teaser on Reddit and Twitter, but on Instagram, they showed the promotional artwork for him that they'd normally post a few days later.
  • Despite being a skin of Freddy, Firework Freddy is completely absent from the Freddy Festival Event.
    • The same goes for Aeronaut Toy Freddy, though this was expected as he was released just a few weeks prior.
  • Great Escape Golden Freddy is the first skin to be associated with a previous group of skins despite not being released with them, in this case, the Dark Circus skins.
  • The attack modes of the Arcade Mayhem animatronics did not have an official name, leading to the fan names "Attack Mode Toy Freddy" and "Game-Over Toy Chica".
    • Eventually however, with the release of the Arcade Mayhem merchandise, Funko gave the name "Livewire Toy Freddy" to Toy Freddy's attack mode.
      • Toy Chica's attack mode still lacks an official name however, as she did not get merch.
  • The only animatronic characters that don't have a skin are 8-Bit Baby, Jack-O-Chica, Jack-O-Bonnie, and Funtime Freddy.
    • While RWQFSFASXC also lacks a skin, he is an encounter-only character and therefore does not count.
    • Despite not having skins currently, code within the game does show that the Jack-O's are planned to gain skins in the future.
  • Multiple skins reappear in Security Breach Fury's Rage as enemies in the game.
    • Each one is given a slight redesign to fit the style of the game along with brand new names.
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