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Spring Bonnie is a reoccurring character who was scrapped from FNaF VR: Help Wanted. Spring Bonnie was first mentioned in FNaF 3 and has been infamous for being one of few characters to never appear in a game as a modeled antagonist.


Spring Bonnie is an animatronic rabbit and also an unwithered version of Springtrap. He's got yellow fur and his FNaF World appearance shows that his eyes are colored green and that he wears a large purple bowtie. In his early appearance in VR, his eyes were seen glowing purple. Due to FNaF World being his only appearance outside of an 8-bit sprite and VR's teasers, not much else can be said about what the character looks like.

When the Ultimate Guide Book was revealed, it showcased an image showing the unused model of Spring Bonnie, showing it was very similar to Springtrap's model, but with a thicker head and smaller jaw, as well as using Plushtrap's endoskeleton rather than a simple edit of Springtrap's. The model seems to also use the unused textures of Spring Bonnie found in the files.


Spring Bonnie's behavior in the game is heavily implied to be the exact same as Glitchtrap's, as many early files and video footage[1] imply that Glitchtrap took his place once he was scrapped from the game.



  • Spring Bonnie's origin is very strange, as he was first mentioned in FNaF 3, appeared as a background character in FNaF 4, and got his only 3D appearance in FNaF World (if VR's teasers are not counted).
  • A majority of Spring Bonnie's design aspects, such as eye color and his bowtie, originate from his appearance in FNaF World.
  • In the first few teasers for VR, Spring Bonnie was shown. In a later teaser Spring Bonnie was swapped out in favor of Nightmarionne.
    • Before being swapped out, Spring Bonnie's head looked noticeably different in comparison to the "Remember Jeremy" teaser. This was likely done due to the model being traced.
  • The unused Spring Bonnie texture matches that of Plushtrap's. This, coupled with the unused Pizza Party icon implies that Steel Wool attempted to use an edited version of Plushtrap's model to keep Spring Bonnie in the game before he was inevitably replaced.
  • Spring Bonnie's design in the cover art was traced from a fanmade model in the FNaF fangame POPGOES Memories.
  • While the entity in the early footage isn't confirmed to be Spring Bonnie, it is very likely as it is clearly not Glitchtrap.


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