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The FNaF: Security Breach tech demo revealed a brand new Sun Animatronic of unknown origin.


This animatronic's appearance almost perfectly mirrors that of Moondrop's, however is colored almost entirely out of various shades of yellow. It wears two leather wristbands with ribbons coming off them, and yellow baggy pants covered in brown stripes. Finally, it has large yellow triangles protruding out from its head to emulate that of a sun.



  • The Sun Animatronic was actually first teased in Security Breach's first trailer, where a cartoonish version can be seen in a poster.
  • The character was seen in the window of a Gift Shop.
  • It's name has been speculated to be "Sunrise" or "Sunrays" (as in to raise up) as an opposite of Moondrop.
    • This however, is purely speculation, as "Sunrise" has yet to be confirmed.
    • This is unlikely that this is the case however, considering that Andrew Dayton has confirmed that the character does not currently have an official name.
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